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									                                                                        Professional Curriculum Vitae for Isaya Emmanuel
                                                                                       P.O BOX 259, DODOMA, Tanzania
                                                                                             Cell phone: +255(0) 713073890
Personal Particulars/Information

Full Name                              : Isaya Emmanuel

Sex                         : Male

Date of Birth               : 10thth January, 1983.

Place of Birth              : ILALA, Dar-es-Salaam.

Religion                    : Christian

Marital Status              : Single

Nationality                 : Tanzanian

Isaya Emmanuel,
University of Dodoma,
P.O BOX 529, Dodoma, Tanzania
Cell phone: +255(0) 713 073890/+255(0)787202238

Carrier and Job Objectives

Aspiring to become expert in all aspects of Operations Management, Procurement Management and ultimately to become a
good Procurement specialist with much interest in community based development; it is my aspiration to work through a
multi-stakeholder consultation following national and international socio-economic development patterns through working
hard with Academic Institutions, Government organizations, Civil Societies and the Private Sector with the vision of
improving economic standards of the society and to develop my career as Procurement Personnel, so as to become competent
development practitioner. Moreover conducting researches and policy analysis is another way to attain and to develop my

Academic/Professional Background

 Year/Duration                    Level                   Institution                    Qualification/Award
 SEPT 2010-TO DATE                Masters in Business     University of Dodoma           To be awarded the MBA Degree
                                  (On Progress)
 JAN, 2009-NOV2010                Procurement and         Procurement and Supplies     Certified Procurement & Supplies
                                  Supplies Professional   Professional and Technicians Professional (CPSP) (T).
                                                          Board (PSPTB).
 SEPT2005-JULY2008                Degree level            Mzumbe University            BSc in Production and Operations
                                                                                       Management, BSc (POM).
 JULY2003-MARCH2005               Advanced Secondary      Tambaza High School.         Advanced Certificate of Secondary
                                  Education.                                           Education Examination.
 JAN 1999-NOV 2002                Ordinary Secondary      Magoto Secondary School      Certificate Of Secondary
                                  Education                                            Education Examination.

Workshop/Course/Seminar Attended

 Year/Duration                    Institution                               Packages/Award
 JULY 12- JULY 16, 2010.          Procurement and Supplies Professional  Certificate of Attendance.
                                  and Technicians Board (PSPTB).
 DEC 24-DEC 31, 2007              National University Of Rwanda (BUTARE) Certificate of Attendance.
                                  Students Congress

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                                                                          Professional Curriculum Vitae for Isaya Emmanuel
                                                                                         P.O BOX 259, DODOMA, Tanzania
                                                                                               Cell phone: +255(0) 713073890

Key Skills

         Procurement Management Skills

         Operations Management Skills

         Research Skills and Data Analysis

         Computer Application Skills

         Basic Business Consultancy Skills

         Business Plan and Project Write-Up Skills

         Communication Skills

Language Proficiency

 Languages                Speaking               Listening              Reading                  Writing
 Kiswahili                Fluent                 Excellent              Excellent                Excellent
 English                  Fluent                 Excellent              Excellent                Excellent

Key Competences

         Ability to Work Under Minimum Supervision

         Hard Working Spirit and Self Motivated

         Excellent Team Working and Interpersonal Skills

         Faster Learner, Problem Solver and Creative

         High Level of Integrity and Able to Mult-Task

Research/Publication/Paper Presentation

Emmanuel, I (2010), Value for money compliance in Public Procurement, A case of Dodoma University.
This report has been presented to the Procurement and Supplies Professionals and Technicians Board (PSPTB) for assessment,
In November, 2010 as partial Fulfillment for the Award of a Certified Procurement and Supplies Professional, (CPSP) (T).

Emmanuel, I. (2008), Assessment of Human Factors Influencing Operations Performance of an Organization , A case of Tanzania
Ports Authority- Dar-es- Salaam. A report has been presented at Mzumbe University in June, 2008 as Partial Fulfillment for the
Award of a Bachelor of Science in Production and Operations Management, BSc (POM).

Working Experience/Practical Training

 Year/Duration                             Institution/Organization                  Position Held
 September2007-February2008                Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA)            I Worked as Field Attachment Student in
                                           Dar-Es-Salaam Port.                       Operations Department
 December 2008-March 2010                  World Oil Company Limited                 Purchasing Officer.

 March 2010-To Date                        University of Dodoma.                     Tutorial Assistant.

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                                                                        Professional Curriculum Vitae for Isaya Emmanuel
                                                                                       P.O BOX 259, DODOMA, Tanzania
                                                                                             Cell phone: +255(0) 713073890

September 2007-February 2008:

                                       : I worked as field attachment student, (Tanzania Ports Authority).

Roles/Duties and Responsibilities
     To attend loading and offloading activities.
     Verifying the manifest documents.
     Scheduling man power in various stations for loading and offloading cargo.
     Attending clearing and forwarding of cargo from the port and all customs clearance to TRA.
     Attending procedures pertaining transit cargo.
     Scheduling equipments for loading and offloading of cargo.

December ,2008-February, 2010:
                                       : Purchasing Officer, (World Oil Limited).

Roles/Duties and Responsibilities
     Verifying documents relating to Procurement.
     Responsible for choosing process and supply control.
     Coordinate with Accounts department to ensure availability of Procurement funds.
     Prepare tendering documents.
     Register bids.
     Investigate supplies records.
     Assists the secretary of the tender board in preparing agenda.
     Attend any other duty assigned to me by the company Purchasing Manager.

March, 2010 to Date                    : Tutorial Assistant, (University of Dodoma).

Roles/Duties and Responsibilities
     Teaching business related subjects mostly those of Procurement.
     Assisting students to undertake their field practical study.
     Conducting tutorial to students.
     Doing consultation in areas relating to Procurement.
     Setting examinations for the students that I teach.
     Attend any other task assigned to me by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, Research & Cosultancy.

Leadership Experience

February 2006-February 2007: I have been Tanzania Higher Learning Institutions Seventh-day Adventist Students Organization
(THISDASO) Leader-Mzumbe University Branch.

September, 2006-February, 2007: I have been a Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Food of the students Government of
the Mzumbe University,(MUSO).

Professional Membership

 Year/Duration                   Institution                             Organization/Membership
 November, 2010- to date         Procurement and Supplies Professionals Member of the Certified Procurement and Supplies
                                 And Technicians Board, (PSPTB).        Professionals, (CPSP) (T) Holders.

Hobbies/Personal Interest

        Watching Television

        Reading Magazine, News paper, Novel and Travelling.

        Sports and Games

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                                                                     Professional Curriculum Vitae for Isaya Emmanuel
                                                                                    P.O BOX 259, DODOMA, Tanzania
                                                                                          Cell phone: +255(0) 713073890

Professional Referees

 S/N    Name                    Position Held/Organization                Contact Addresses
 1      Dr Joseph Kimeme        Senior Lecturer,Mzumbe University         Faculty Of Commerce
                                and Dean of faculty.                      Department Of Business Administration
                                                                          Mzumbe University
                                                                          P.O BOX 6 MOROGORO,Tanzania
                                                                          Cell Phone:+255(0) 754 687 149

                                Assistant Lecturer and Head               Department of Business Administration,
                                                                          Collage of Social Sciences,
 2      Amani Tegambwage        Department of Business Administration.    The University of Dodoma.
                                                                          P.O BOX 259 Dodoma,Tanzania
                                                                          Cellphone:+255(0) 713 436 716

                                                                           Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science
                                                                          and Technology,
                                                                          P.O.BOX 447 Arusha, Tanzania.
                                                                          Cellphone: +255(0) 713 611 747.
 3      Tumsifu Onesmo          Senior Supplies Officer.                  E-mail:


I, ISAYA EMMANUEL, certify to the best of my knowledge that all the information contained herein is true, complete and
correctly describe me showing my experience and academic qualifications.

          ………………………………………….                            ……………………………………….
                Signature                                                 Date

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