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					                       SAMPLE JOB DESCRIPTION – Pre-School Leader
                             Little Rascals, Anytown, Anywhere

Purpose of Post
        1   To manage the day to day running of the pre-school to include co-ordinating the
            provision of a caring, safe, secure and stimulating environment, meeting the minimum
            Ofsted requirements
        2   To plan a range of activities based on an observation and assessment cycle for
            children aged 2 – 4+ years
        3   Managing a staff team, working with management committee to ensure policies and
            procedures are implemented at all times
        4   Fulfilling duties as the Safeguarding Designated Officer for the setting to promote the
            safeguarding and welfare of the children, staff and parents/carers            (delete as

Key Areas
               o   Work with Children
               o   To lead the planning of safe, creative and appropriate opportunities
               o   Liaise with Parents/carers.

Hours of Work
Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 6pm

£XXX per hour/year

Responsible to
Head teacher/ Management Committee

Duties and Responsibilities
   1.       To ensure that staff comply at all times with pre-school policies, procedures and
            standards, including health and safety, hygiene, inclusion, confidentiality
   2.       To liaise with parents/carers to ensure that particular needs of children are met
   3.       To lead the planning of safe, creative and appropriate opportunities according to
            children’s needs and interests to fulfil the requirements of the EYFS
4.    To develop and maintain good relationships and communication with parents/carers to
      facilitate meeting the needs of each child, including organising meetings to update and
      involve parent/carers in their child’s learning
5.    To induct, supervise and contribute to performance management of staff according to
      policies and procedures
6.    To co-ordinate and chair staff meetings
7.    To manage staffing levels with required ratios
8.    To maintain effective personnel systems and ensure that files are kept up to date
9.    To actively promote and facilitate relevant staff training and development opportunities,
      including organising and monitoring Key Worker system
10.   To actively promote the pre-school to ensure that vacant places are filled, and that
      services are marketed and advertised so that the pre-school runs to full capacity
11.   To induct, supervise and contribute to performance management of staff according to
      policies and procedures
12.   Working creatively with children within the EY framework, in order to provide an
      enabling learning environment for all children.
13.   Ensuring all children have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop
14.   Liaising with Key Stage 1 teacher and Headteacher to share information and agree
      course of action
15.   Liaising with advisory and support staff in the development and improvement of the
      pre-school setting
16.   To act in accordance with current legislation, policy and procedures
17.   Leading the organisation of the availability and use of general and specialist play
      equipment and other resources, ensuring that they are clean, safe and secure.
      Carrying out risk assessments on a regular basis.
18.   Ensuring that Health and Safety policies are implemented
19.   Work requires bending, kneeling and crouching for periods of time and may also
      involve   lifting   or   holding   children   during   planned   activities,   and   changing
      nappies/toileting duties.
20.   Activities will occur both inside and outside.
21.   Promoting positive values, attitudes and good child behaviour, dealing promptly with
      conflict and incidents in line with established policy and encouraging children to take
      responsibility for their own behaviour
22.   Providing objective and accurate feedback and reports as required on child
      achievement progress
23.   Contributing to the overall ethos/work/aims of the school.
    24.     To actively promote and support the safeguarding of children and young people in the
            workplace, ensuring that all staff and volunteers observe Setting policies and
            procedures to keep children safe from harm.

Pre-School Leader – Person Specification:

                    Essential                                           Desirable
Skills, aptitude, knowledge and experience
                                                      o   Experience of supervising placements
o   Considerable, proven experience of working
                                                      o   Plan and lead the maintenance and
    within a childcare setting.
                                                          upkeep of resources in the setting
o   Experience of working with the Early Years
                                                      o   Awareness of developing technologies
    Foundation Stage and other relevant learning
                                                          and their place in the learning
    programmes/strategies eg contributing
    towards individual education plans
                                                      o   Ability to ensure the learning and care
o   Proven ability to lead action planning
                                                          environment is accessible for all children
                                                          and parents
o   Proven ability to take key decisions
                                                      o   Contribute ideas at school meetings for
                                                          developing the early year’s provision;
o   Understanding and recognition of the
                                                          this may include policy writing and the
    principles of equality and diversity
                                                          school development plan.
o   Knowledge of child development and learning
                                                      o   Knowledge and understanding of the
    processes with reference to particular barriers
                                                          type of external support that is available
    to learning
                                                          to support children’s development and
o   Proven and successful experience of working
                                                          how to access these services.
    with children of relevant age in an early
                                                      o   Ability to interact with children and
    learning environment
                                                          support their involvement in physical
o   Experience of working as part of a team
                                                          activities and outdoor play
o   Experience of working with other agencies
                                                      o   Ability to action plan and respond to local
    and professionals
                                                          and national initiatives
o   Ability to plan effective learning and care
                                                      o   Ability to set ethos and vision for the
                                                          setting and ensure all personnel adhere
o   Ability to lead the effective planning of
                                                          to it
                                                      o   Ability to effectively use ICT to support
o   Ability to work independently using own
                                                          learning or to undertake training to do so
                                                      o   Ability to use other technology to support
o    Ability to self-evaluate learning needs and
                                                          learning e.g. video, photocopier, etc.
    actively seek learning opportunities
o   Ability to relate well to children and adults
    including other professionals/carers/parents
o   Ability to set, demonstrate and promote good
    practice in line with the ethos of the school
    both indoors and out doors.
o   Ability to manage multiple tasks, whilst
    ensuring children, colleagues, parents and
    carers are respected and listened to.
o   Consistent approach with children and
o   Experience of having kept written records of
    children’s achievements including
Personal qualities

o   Ability to promote and market the service to
    the wider community
o Fluent English speaker
    Effectively communicate with adults and
o Enthusiasm for learning and working with
o Reflective approach and commitment to
    personal development
o Able to provide consistently high levels of
    quality care and education opportunities to all
o Caring, friendly, approachable, open,
    inclusive, welcoming, and personable
o Able to maintain confidentiality at all times

o   Completion of a CWDC recognised full and
    relevant Level 3 Childcare qualification, e.g.
                                                      o   Relevant Level 4 Management or Level
    Level 3 Diploma for the Children & Young
                                                          5 childcare qualification or higher
    People’s Workforce, NVQ Level 3 in
                                                      o   Completion of Safeguarding Awareness
    Children’s Care, Learning and Development
                                                          course (Group 2) within last 3 years –
o   Completion of Safeguarding Foundation
                                                          (where      not    holding    Safeguarding
    course (Group 3) within last 3 years – (for
                                                          Designated Officer role.)
    Safeguarding Designated Officer role.)
                                                      o   Full working knowledge of relevant
o   Willingness to participate in other
                                                          policies/codes of practice and
    development and training opportunities
                                                          awareness of relevant legislation
o   Working knowledge of Early Years
                                                      o   Requirement to participate in
    Foundation Stage national curriculum and
                                                          training/development as and when
    other relevant learning
                                                          identified by line manager as essential
                                                          for performance of the post.
                                                      o   Understanding of principles of child
                                                          development and learning processes
                                                          and in particular barriers to learning
                                                      o   Knowledge and/or experience of other
                                                          forms of communicating with children,
                                                          eg. Makaton

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