Do you want your child to become fluent in English and Italian by HC120916121612


									           Do you want your child to become fluent in English and Italian?
      Do you want him/her to be able to read and write in these two languages?
         How about giving him/her an advantage that will last for a life time?

                 Then think about enrolling your child in an



in the Glendale Unified School District

In Dual Language Programs :
      The entire curriculum is taught both in English and Italian from kindergarten
       through 12th grade
      Children do not need to know any Italian to participate
      They do not need to live in the Glendale area
      The program will be implemented in a public school, so there are no tuition and

If you are interested in this program and your child will enter kindergarten
next fall (he/she was born between 12/2003 and 12/2004), contact Dr. Simona
Montanari at with your child’s name, age and your
contact information. She will keep you updated on upcoming meetings and
new information with respect to the program, which will start in Fall 2009.

Give your child a bilingual education — a gift for a lifetime!

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