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                     FOR AFRICA

Methodology     Specify whether (i)PB, (ii)IBA, (iii)BPET, or (iv) PPM (can select more than
   Type         one option as some SA initiatives do not fit neatly into these categories)

                                                    Independent budget Analysis, Budget and Public
                Name of Intervention
                                                                 Expenditure Tracking
                                                      Catholic Centre for Justice Development and
                Primary Agency Running
                                                   Peace, a Church organ promoting just society and
                                                                 integral development.
                                                     Lusaka, with Parish and Diocesan (provincial
    Basic       Location
 Information                                       National Budge. Health and Education monitored
                Sector or Level of Focus
                                                                      at local level
                                                     Budget Contributions prior to announcement of
                                                     budget, analyses after budget presentation and
                Type of Engagement
                                                    throughout the year analysis of disbursements at
                                                             national level and local level.

                                                   The work began in 1997 given the lack of focus on
                                                   addressing poverty issues by government. Budget
                                                      tracking began in 2000 in the face of erratic
                What is the driving force behind
                                                   funding seemingly based on cash allocations with
                the SA initiative?
                                                   much power play. Now local teams are following
                                                     up since there is much rhetoric about poverty
                                                    reduction but not translating to any differences.
                                                        The main objective is to advocate for just
                                                    economic policies that benefit the poor. Some of
 Context and                                            the problems include the continued poor
   Scope        What are the main objectives and
                                                     prioritization of expenditure with gains going
                what key accountability problems
                                                       more to political offices than to social and
                does it seek to address?
                                                     economic sectors that benefit the poor. Other
                                                    problems are the lack of information on budget
                                                            disbursements and poor funding.
                Who is the target audience or      Parliament, the Executive, Civil Society including
                demographic focus?                             Church, Local Community
                What is the political culture or   Democratic, weak accountability to public, media
                environment?                                   freedom, weak parliament.

                                                     List the names of the tools and methodologies
 Tools and      What specific SA tools and
Methodologies   methodologies are being used?

Used                                        Budget contributions done at national level. Public
                                             forums held at which contributions are presented
                                              to government and other citizens have chance to
                                                     engage with Minister of Finance.

                                                At local level, focus group discussions and
                                               prioritization done to come up with district
                                                preferences for the next budget, these are
                                               presented to the Permanent Secretary of the
                                                     province and also sent to capital.

                                                 Post budget analyses done after budget
                                              presentation. Forum held at which technocrats
                                                  and Finance Minster are represented.

                                                  Post Budget analyses shared with
                                            Workshops held for Members of Parliament. Held
                                                    for different political parties.

                                            Newspaper articles written, booklets circulated to
       Briefly describe the                       civil society on analysis of budget.
       methodology(/ies) or tools used.
                                              Proposals for changes to budget submitted to
                                                  Minister for cabinet consideration.

                                            Church hierarchy and provincial teams given info.
                                              on budget to engage with Ministers when they
                                                    travel to disseminate the budget.

                                            Budget training for church groups and other civil
                                                             society groups.

                                            During the year analyses done on disbursements.

                                             Local Justice and Peace teams tracking exercise
                                             done throughout the year. They look at objectives
                                            of the sectors and compare how funds are flowing
                                            also conduct group discussions to get community’s
                                             Local teams conduct interviews with government
                                               service providers and also find out timeliness,
                                                  adequacy and reporting mechanisms of

                                             Meetings with Minister and Deputy ministers of
                                              Finance, meetings with Secretary of treasury,
                                               meetings with Budget office, Meetings with
       What advocacy and media
                                              Members of parliament. Meetings with donor
       activities support the initiative?
                                               organizations. Newspaper articles, booklets
                                                  circulated, radio and TV discussions,
                                              collaboration with other groups in initiatives.
       How inclusive was the                Work done by Justice and peace teams, but work
       intervention?                        with communities for research and public forums,
                                                      included in radio discussions.

                                                   The work is done within the Church structures by
                                                   members of justice and peace, who are themselves
              Participation                        poor, from different parts of the country. But their
                                                      work is in the communities that they live in.
                                                           Capacities at local level are build.
              Other Important Information or        Anything that is important in the case that is not
              Comments                                          covered in the template

                                                      A recognition by government of input into the
                                                    budget process, a more deliberate poverty focus,
                                                   even before introduction of PRSP, e.g. increases in
                                                   allocations for welfare categories, adoption of free
              What (if any) has been the impact     education policies with accompanying grants for
              of the initiative? What have been       schools. Increased public engagement on the
              the incentives?                        budget, e.g. some government agents calling on
                                                       collaboration in tracking fertilizer subsidy,
                                                       changes in the tax threshold for income tax.
                                                     Government inclusion of civil society groups in
Results and                                                       formulation processes.
  Impact      Is the methodology or initiative
              institutionalized? Are there any      This has happened, though legal framework has
              institutional linkages and           not been done. Contributions of the pre-budget are
              partnerships been established with   considered and sought during formulation of next
              the government, parliaments,         budget. Linkages have been established with other
              media, NGOs, communities etc.?         groups working on different issues, e.g. PRSP.
                                                    The provincial pre budget contributions are new
              (If applicable) Has the initiative    but will increase in the next year, because there
              been scaled up? Repeated?                 are now more relevant with activity based
                                                     Wider acceptance on the role of civil society in
                                                    budget and expenditure issues by government at
              What were the main outcomes of          different levels. Public debate on expenditure
              the SA initiative                          choices and patterns is now quite strong.
                                                       More discussion of expenditure choices for
                                                         reduction f poverty and wealth creation.
                                                    Slow release of information from government at
              Bottlenecks/Problems What             central level. At local level teams face problems
              difficulties did the agency or NGO      accessing info on disbursements, government
              face, and how did they resolve         resistance, high cost, persistence in addressing
              them. (COMMENT: This section           matters, linking with other groups. Inadequate
              will yield rich insights on          human resource. Too much of a centralized system
              innovations that can be shared.)                         of government.

              Web sources
 Further      Documents and Reports                                  Available.
References                                                    Mulima Kufekisa Akapelwa
              Resource Persons/Contacts                        akakapelwa@zec.org.zm


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