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Full Report

In April 2011, the congregations of St Matthew’s, St Augustine’s and St Mark’s
came together as one community, worshipping at St Matthew’s Church,
Edgeley. This was the result of extensive consultation with those within the
congregations and also the local community.

In order to be in the best shape for both current and future worship and
mission, work has now started on “Building our Future”, led by the Building
our Future Group (BFG). This work will focus on the physical requirements of
the St Matthew’s church building, to identify current and future needs. These
needs can then be submitted to the next stage, which is engaging with an
architect to consider the best option to meet these needs.

An initial Statement of Need was submitted to the DAC (Diocesan Advisory
Committee – the group in the Diocese who oversee and give permission for
any proposed alterations to church buildings) in April 2011. A period of
consultation was then required to further develop a clear understanding of our
current and future needs.

The consultation was in three parts:

          Questionnaire to congregation (which ran over 3 Sundays – 15, 22
           and 29 May 2011)
          Questionnaire to current, past and potential user groups of the
           Church building (both at St Matthew’s and St Mark’s) – issued week
           commencing 16 May
          Public Consultation on Saturday 4 June (10am – 12noon drop-in
           session). Posters were placed around the local area, including the
           library, postcards were issued to local councillors, health centres,
           etc, and advertised on the website (including an online
           questionnaire, which could be submitted if people could not attend
           the consultation session.

The aim of the consultation exercise was to identify needs not to come
up with solutions!

This report gives full details of all findings:

   Part 1 gives details of the internal (congregational) findings
   Part 2 gives details of the external (public) findings
   Part 3 gives details of the public consultation (4 June)

                                          20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
                 Part 1 – Questionnaire for Congregation

The Questionnaire asked 4 main questions, with Yes or No answers, plus
space for comments:

1. Do you think the entrance/porch to St Matthew’s is welcoming,
suitable and accessible?

2. Do you think that the kitchen facilities are adequate?

3. Do you think that the toilet/baby change facilities are adequate?

4. At the moment, we have one large space for worship and for
refreshments. As we move forward, is this space adequate and flexible
enough to meet the needs of our current and future congregations.

The Questionnaire then invited people to consider whether more rooms were
needed, how many rooms and to cater for how many people?

People were also given the opportunity to add any additional comments they
may have.

Overall response

The overall response was considered to be very good. Of the 95
Questionnaires issued, 71 were returned (approx 75%).

                                    20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
Question 1

Do you think the entrance/porch to St Matthew’s is welcoming, suitable
and accessible?

Overall response

           YES                         NO                 NO RESPONSE
            30                         41                         --
           42%                        58%

Overall Result

Majority “No” response, backed up by the negative comments, clearly indicate
that many people have significant difficulties with the entrance/porch to the

Comments (all)

   With the font positioned on the way inside, with the double doors, it’s quite
    an obstacle course!
   Disabled access could be better. Not sure about arrangement of doors
   Fire safety – all exit doors must open outwards. No disabled access for the
    main door
   A double centrally placed door would be more inviting. This would
    necessitate moving the font to a new location in the church. The font is an
    obstacle to people entering and leaving the church
   Too cramped
   Not easily accessible because of font. Dark. Can’t see inside the church
    from the main door
   It’s confusing. Not easy to get in
   The sides-men should be more central so strangers would know where to
    get their books
   Prohibitive access for wheelchairs, baby buggies and coffins!
   The font is in the way and you creep in at the side
   Welcoming, yes, but no access for disabled and awkward for coffins
   Very difficult when there is a funeral or weddings
   Not enough to bring coffins
   Dark, small, not clearly laid out
   Too dark, font in the way, doors at the side are awkward to get through
   Difficult access for funerals and weddings and wheelchair access
   Could do with opening out, especially for weddings and funerals
   Rather dark and gloomy
   Font should be moved as it is making entry difficult. The two doors should
    be moved to the centre and the original doors blocked up
   Because funeral have to use the side entrance

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
   The external aspect of the church is quite forbidding. A more open and
    welcoming entrance is needed, allowing a view inside as one approaches
   (Yes) but not for wheelchairs
   Very difficult to manoeuvre coffins at funeral, although north door is OK
   Could maybe have more flowers?
   Access with wheelchairs/pushchairs awkward – central doorway more
   Not easy for wheelchairs and buggies
   Needs to be more spacious – wider door
   The porch is too confined. Difficult for funeral access/weddings – needs
    bringing forward. Central door. Also the font needs moving!
   It would appear the font is in the way, particularly for funerals and
   It’s too small
   It is not accessible for coffins or brides with long trains
   Not accessible for funerals, difficult for brides and for wheelchairs
   Almost impossible to get a wheelchair or coffin through this entrance. Door
    heavy and difficult for anyone carrying goods or using a stick
   Needs to be more colourful and is not easily accessible for wheelchairs,
   Needs to be brighter and have disabled access
   Not open and light enough. Needs a central door
   The front wall on street could be more open?
   Closed doors – which door do I come in?
   Building is intimidating, too many barriers to getting in, too dark!
   Grim exterior, can’t see through into what is a beautiful building. Step.

Needs Identified:

   Entrance area to be wide and inviting
   Compliant with health, safety and fire regulations
   Doors easy to manage
   Accessible to all (including wheel chairs and baby buggies)
   Accessible for coffins
   “Open aspect” to allow people to see into the church from the outside
   Well lit and inviting

                                      20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
Question 2

Do you think that the kitchen facilities are adequate?

Overall response

           YES                        NO                  NO RESPONSE
            28                         38                         5
           39%                        54%                        7%

Overall Result

Majority “No” response, backed up by the negative comments, clearly indicate
that many people have significant difficulties with the kitchen facilities in the

Comments (all)

   Only suitable for drinks, no proper cooking facilities
   Only really drinks making facilities – need full catering suite!
   Need a cooker, dishwasher and/or hot water at the sink. Possibly a cooker
    and extra hob?
   Needs double sink
   Galley style doesn’t work when 3 or 4 people are behind the counter. No
    oven ?size for # in congregation
   Too small. Too many people lining up (better than nothing)
   Double sink and double drainer and more accessible. Electric switches at
    the very least. Increased numbers, increased usage – need for greater
    attention to safety
   OK for small scale catering but hopefully we will have larger events
   With use of pottery rather than disposables and dishwasher is required,
    also if room a conventional oven would be of benefit
   Not room when there is more than 3 – 4
   Not enough space. Noise factor
   You can hear people washing up during the later service
   No cooking facilities
   Not enough room for the preparation of food and washing up facilities
   We need more sink space, working space and there is a great need to
    have the kitchen as a separate entity
   Instead of the long table put in a number of small tables so people don’t
    have to stay in the pews to have a drink and can move around better
    (Bistro style)
   No cooker
   Too open
   Adequate for current needs and for small scale catering but not if larger
    scale catering is envisaged
   No cooker! Too small

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
   More oven space required
   Don’t know only used them once but seem to be OK
   More convenient storage away from lavatory
   At the present time until a community hall is erected with these facilities
   Not enough facilities if catering for a lot of people
   A bigger congregation is going to need a bigger and better kitchen. Also
    for fetes and if the rooms are let
   No cooker! Present “kitchen” only suitable for making teas and coffees
   Any reasonably sized cooker would add to the catering facilities. The
    counter, if brought forward, would allow a better H/S room
   The area needs to be enlarged with proper cooker and fridge
   Needs a double sink unit
   Would love more open access so it feels more welcoming to use for events
   Unsuitable position – shouldn’t be in the church. Not suitable for large
    scale catering
   But could always be better! Community café? Church meals? Catering for
    community events in church grounds?
   Awful! No cooker, not safe and too close to toilets!
   If we are to grow, we will need more space and facilities for fellowship

Needs Identified:

   More accessible for those working in the area (up to 4 people)
   Compliant with health, safety and fire regulations
   Separate area, preferably not in the central worship space and located
    away from lavatory area for reasons of hygiene
   Adequate catering facilities (i.e., work space, cooking facilities, washing
    facilities, storage)
   Adequate and accessible seating area (for up to XX people)

                                        20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
Question 3

Do you think that the toilet/baby change facilities are adequate?

Overall response

           YES                        NO                 NO RESPONSE
             9                        58                         4
           13%                       82%                        5%

Overall Result

This an overwhelming “No” response, backed up with significant concerns in
the comments received.

Comments (all)

   Needs space and modernisation
   Need more toilets, sufficient for around 200 users of building and baby
    change room/provision in toilets
   No baby change facilities, need at least one more toilet. Hot water?
   Insufficient number of toilets and baby change facilities within the
    increased number of people using the church, especially at the time
    between services
   Need 2 toilets, also baby changing room
   More loo’s please
   Not enough toilets. Should be for boys/girls/disabled
   There are no baby change facilities. On toilet is simply not adequate. No
    disabled facilities
   There are not enough
   What baby changing facilities? Need more than one unisex toilet – need
    male, female as well as disabled
   Too many of us now for 1 loo
   Need at least one more toilet
   Not enough
   Toilets not numerous enough, need disabled access, no baby
    change/nappy disposal
   Two toilets necessary for both men and women
   More than one toilet is needed to accommodate both men and women,
    with essential baby facilities
   Very inadequate – at least two more toilets are needed – with separate
    gents toilet
   Two toilets required (male and female). Also a disabled toilet needed, with
    baby change facilities
   Not enough toilets
   Only one toilet

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
   At least 2 toilets needed, including disabled access and baby changing
   Nowhere for children
   More toilets required
   Could do with another!
   Need more than one toilet
   Need one more toilet
   Need more than one toilet. Privacy for parents needed to change their
   Need private closed off area
   Need a second toilet at least/baby change
   Now there are 3 church worshipping at St Matthew’s church, facilities are
    not adequate. Extension of present facilities would be in order or a building
    at side of church would be best answer
   Need another toilet
   Need more toilets
   Need more
   Not enough for many people – no baby change facilities
   We need a new ladies toilet, gents toilet, and the existing toilet for the
    disabled and baby changing
   More toilets needed with better access
   At least one more unisex needed to cater for some of the large numbers
    often in the church
   Needs updating, not suitable at present for baby changing
   More toilets required (ladies and gents)
   Need more than 1 toilet
   Need updating and making more friendly
   Not enough toilets/facilities. Sited in an inappropriate position within the
   But not if the use of the church increases, i.e., Sunday services or
    community use
   Awful! Need enough for growing congregations, male and female and
    disabled and baby change
   Not enough toilets, no baby change

Needs Identified:

   More toilets required, enough for up to 200 people, with adequate hot and
    cold water
   Separate male, female and disabled toilets
   Private baby change facilities
   Toilet area to be private and located away from kitchen area

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
Question 4

At the moment, we have one large space for worship and for
refreshments. As we move forward, is this space adequate and flexible
enough to meet the needs of our current and future congregations

Overall response

           YES                         NO                 NO RESPONSE
            26                         44                         1
           37%                        62%                        1%

Overall Result

This is a clear “No” majority response, backed up with significant concerns in
the comments received.

Comments (all)

   Need to be able to accommodate children’s groups during Sunday worship
    and midweek. Need meeting rooms/office space
   Creche space at the back is either inadequate or cut off from
    congregations. Too many spaces during small services, curtains cause
    segregation. Little scope for expansion.
   Remove all pews and replacing them with more comfortable chairs would
    result in a more flexible space for church and community use
   Enough space to build externally
   Need space for holding meetings/children’s work, etc.
   Need more rooms for children’s groups and to play together/chill
    out/games room to play pool
   Could do with bigger space on Sundays to be able to meet people chat
   Worship space adequate but not ideal. Social area could do with being
    bigger and better provided for in tables and chairs for a start
   This depends on what our needs will be but separate rooms for some
    things would be ideal
   Use of kitchen generates noise that interferes with the service if in use at
    the same time. Social area too small for our needs
   As we have the space outside, why alter the church?
   Need separate areas for separate activities
   Room for other functions; meetings, wedding receptions, Sunday club,
    admin duties/facilities
   If work is being carried out in the kitchen area and a service is ongoing, it
    is very hard not to make a noise
   It would be better if the large space was more flexible, but also separate
    rooms are needed for various purposes
   Nowhere for children
   Depends on the outreach and future numbers
   It is easily adaptable

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
   Could be better
   Large space impersonal for small groups, unable to use church for more
    than 1 group at a time
   Not big enough area
   Adequate but not flexible enough
   Yes – at the present time
   Need separate space for Sunday school and meetings
   Need space for Sunday school
   We need an area for children in the main church
   Not big enough, needs a separate area attached to the church for activities
    and gathering socially together
   When the congregation grows, social area will need more seating
   It would be more flexible if chairs were substituted for pews – but still not
    adequate to meet either current or future needs
   The social context needs a larger area and comfortable seating
   Worship area could be completely partitioned off
   [one comment illegible]
   Screening off or doing a separate area for kids and people to use during
    the service. Might help families?
   More spaced of different sizes needed to accommodate different types of
   Not good enough for greater use of the space or for use by variety of
   Need rooms for children’s groups, quiet/prayer room, office space, flexible
   Noise of competing groups disturbs worship – separate areas would be

People were also asked – “If you think we need more rooms, how many do
you think we need (and to cater for how many people)?”

   Big hall, small hall, off the side, small breakout rooms, 1 resource area,
   Main church/worship space for 200 plus crèche room/area
   3 rooms for children’s groups and other meetings, 2 of these could be
    capacity approx 20 people plus storage space. 1 large to allow for meeting
    together as a whole group
   Kitchen and toilet facilities
   Office
   I believe we could do with space separate from “worship” space to make
    noise An example of this is “Maundy Thursday” when traditionally we have
    had a meal, and have a service, which are not totally compatible
   Say 2 small (up to 3 persons) prayer rooms. A minimum of 3 rooms for
    Sunday club holding, say, up to 10 persons. A room that can be used as a
    church/parish office. A separate room/church hall for social functions and
    refreshments (with the possibility of being able to be divided into smaller
    areas) a toilet and baby changing block.
   Minimum 4 rooms more

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
   Children’s work/offices/meeting rooms/consultation rooms – can this space
    have dividers so that space can be manipulated to suit?
   A room just for children and young people!
   It depends on the clubs and activities
   Several separate additional rooms to serve the changing nature of church
    provision are needed
   Hall (for at least 200), at least 2 meeting rooms, 1 large enough for PCC to
    meet and one smaller for consultations. A room to be used as a Parish
   1 very large room for 200+ plus smaller rooms for meetings
   Large kitchen and 4 rooms minimum
   Several medium meeting rooms, proper kitchen, church office, church hall
   3? Up to 100
   Couldn’t all the furniture etc piled up at the back of the side chapel be
    moved? It looks awful and could become a room for the children to play
   One medium size free standing community room built to the side of the
    church.. This to cater for 100 – 150 people with it’s own kitchen and toilet
   I think that for worship and refreshments the space is great. We could use
    space for children’s activities – the crèche space is great!
   3 rooms would probably be sufficient for 100+ people or space for
    sports/games would also be useful, but not essential. A more flexible
    space in church would be suitable for some activities needing a large
    space, but of course not for others
   We’ve lost St Augustine’s and now St Mark’s – not happy!
   Depends on outreach and future numbers
   Two well built mobiles plumbed in with all facilities would be more than
    adequate and would suffice until funds were to hand to build a permanent
   Suitable play group space
   A mezzanine floor refreshment area. For different groups currently and
    develop for new groups. Also create ones for the community
   Yes, we need more rooms but not inside the church – a community hall
    attached to church would be a better idea
   One – a Parish room (75 people)
   2 rooms
   3 more. Children’s work
   At least 2 with 1 small comfortable room for the interviewing and reception
    of couples wanting banns, marriage, baptism, etc. The other 2 large
    enough to accommodate groups
   Two for small groups
   1 more room for meetings and groups
   Two rooms. One for 30 – 40 people, 1 for 20.
   Small rooms for children and community use x 4, large room for events
    and social use x 1, admin space; quiet room
   3 x children’s (20), 1 x crèche (20), 1 x large room (200+), 1 x quiet room

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
   Depends on future use
   More community use possible with varieties of options, i.e., clubs/café,
    toddler groups, etc

Needs identified:

   Overwhelming need for more rooms
   To be determined but common theme is one large community space (up to
    150 people) (perhaps flexible enough to be divided?), office space,
    separate kitchen (ground floor for safety), sufficient toilets as detailed in
    question above, at least 3 smaller rooms (catering from up to 10 people to
    up to 30 people) to include children’s work
   Adequate storage
   Area for push chairs and wheelchairs

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
Additional Comments

The following additional comments were received:

My belief is that if we are planning for the future we need more space than we
currently have, rather than re-distributing the space we have, or segregating it,
or demarcation. I believe we need more storage space and a Parish office,
separate from the Vicarage, storage space for Sunday clubs, storage for steel
bank, storage for toddler groups….[named] wonders if we should have more
“play” space for football, or ball games, but this is obviously not essential (he
doesn’t even like football, but was thinking of others).


No doubt that the appointed architect(s) will have experience of
renovating/improving church buildings and therefore will possess knowledge
of the possible requirements of Parishes such as Edgeley and Cheadle Heath


What is needed?

           worship area to seat up to 200 people
           moveable furniture (eg chairs) to allow for innovative use of worship
           creche area in main worship area
           adequate toilets for the numbers using the building
           full disabled access to ALL areas - including chancel
           an effective sound system in all rooms
           Visible screen in worship area
           an efficient heating system that can heat individual areas according to
            what is being used
           fully equipped catering kitchen on the ground floor - both for fire safety
            and to ease the unloading of heavy shopping. (food for 50+ is very
           90cm cooker with 5/6 jets and a large single oven is the minimum.
           commercial dishwasher (a domestic one would not cope with even 50+
           1 large room, near kitchen, to seat 60 to 100 at tables for a meal
            (Harvest supper, Sedar meal etc)
           4/5 smaller rooms for children’s work, prayer and other meetings
           parish office and reception area near main door
           clergy / choir vestry
           area for parking ‘buggies’ and ‘shopping scooters’ used by the disabled
            and elderly
           flower arrangers sink, bench and storage
           extension of strengthened parking area for an increasing number of

                                                                   20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
Have many community ideas, i.e., evening clubs for all ages, a community
veg garden for example, reading/book club


Such big potential for St Matthew’s to open itself up more to the community.
Ideas – art festival (like Chorlton Arts festival uses St Clements), street parties
(Royal Wedding, Jubilee, etc), summer fair, community café, hiring out space
to others from the community


Build to grow!


                                                  20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
              Part 2 – Questionnaire for External User Groups

8 questionnaires were posted to the groups who use, or have used, the
church building for their group. 4 questionnaires were received back.

The questionnaire was also posted as a web-form so that people could submit
online directly from the parish website (no submissions received from web

Details of Questionnaire:

   Name of group
   Approx size of group (adults/children)
   Contact details of the group
   Main activities of the group
   What facilities does the group require (e.g., size of room, etc)
   Any other requirements?
   If appropriate facilities could be provided at St Matthew’s, how likely would
    your group be to make use of them? (Not at all/quite/very/not sure)
   Any other comments?

Questionnaires were received back from:

   Stockport Silver Band

           o 25 – 30 adults, 2 children
           o Need 10m2 area for rehearsal 2 nights per week (Tue/Thurs 8 –
             10pm), plus storage area appox 3m2 for equipment near the
             rehearsal area and storage in filing cabinets of music,
             percussion, etc in cellar
           o Very likely to use
           o Use facilities currently and find acoustics good for rehearsal

   AB Academy Theatre School

           o 6 adults, 30 children
           o Currently use the large upstairs room at St Mark’s as a theatre.
             We need a performance and audience space
           o Also need room to change in and a refreshment area
           o Very likely to use facilities in future

   Jo-Anne School of Dance

           o 20 children
           o Need a good size room (no carpet), clean toilet facilities and
           o Very likely to use in future
           o Needs to be Tuesdays only 3.30 – 5.30pm. Term time only and
             reasonable price to hire (as St Mark’s)

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
   1st Cheadle Heath Scout Group

          o 12 adults, 50 children (across 3 sections)
          o Need kitchen facilities, chairs, tables, storage facilities, outside
            area, car park (ideally)
          o Disabled access
          o Safe environment
          o Toilets (male and female)
          o Very likely to use in future, particularly for group events such as
            shows, fetes, Bonfire Night

Needs Identified:

   Large space (no carpet) and flexible enough to rehearse and provide a
    performance and audience area
   Changing area
   Refreshment area, kitchen facilities, chairs and tables
   Storage!
   Car parking (ideally)
   Safe environment
   Outdoor area

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1
                         Part 3 – Public Consultation

       Saturday 4 June 2011, 10am – 12noon, St Matthew’s Church

Posters were put up around the local area, including library. The event was
advertised on Notice Sheets in the two weeks building up to the event and on
the front page of the website. In addition, postcard invitations were sent to
local councillors, health departments, funeral directors, etc (a total of 14
postcards were sent out). On the day, a large welcome board was placed at
the Church entrance.


6 members of the public attended (including 3 local councillors – Richard
Coaton, Sheila Bailey and Philip Harding). The following views were offered:

   Building should be cleaned and entrance could be lit at night (seek funds
    from Manchester Airport Community Fund)
   Church café for Sunday afternoons
   Café open every day
   Increase times for mums and tots groups
   More flexible seating (not pews)
   Entrance is not welcoming
   Church is forbidding/intimidating to look at from outside – need to work
    with the traditional shape but have a more welcoming entrance (like the
    church in Didsbury)
   Make use of sliding doors to partition rooms
   Community use – encourage preventative health activity groups (such as
    exercise classes for over 60s) and Wellbeing Centre
   Councillor stated that this area is short of places for people to gather and
    would be 100% behind any attempt to provide facilities for the community
   Open a group for “Grumpy Gits”
   Check the work being done at the Glo Family in Cheadle (98 Stockport

                                       20110523-BFG Consultation Full Report_v1

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