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  Life Cycle          Butterflies!                                            Life Cycle

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Butterfly Eggs                   Chrysalis                        Interesting Facts
Life Cycle
                        Life Cycle

A butterfly starts as an egg. Then it hatches into a caterpillar.
Then it forms a hard shell that is called a chrysalis. Finally, it
comes out of the chrysalis and is an adult butterfly.
                      Life Cycle

The life cycle is like a circle that keeps going. A butterfly
begins with an egg. Then it becomes a caterpillar. Then it
makes a chrysalis. You can call it a pupa. Then the butterfly
hatches from the chrysalis and starts to lay eggs.
                       Life Cycle

A life cycle goes on and on. The first stage of a butterfly’s life
cycle is an egg. A new caterpillar is born. It then forms a J
shape. Now it is ready to form a chrysalis and then a butterfly.
                      Life Cycle

A butterfly’s life cycle goes over and over. The first stage is
the egg. Then the next stage is the caterpillar. The caterpillar
then makes a J shape. Now it makes a chrysalis. The last
stage is the butterfly.
Butterfly Eggs

The caterpillar egg is very small. The caterpillar egg is the size
of a pinhead. The egg is white. Caterpillars eat the egg shell.

An egg is the first stage. An egg’s color is usually red, white or
light green. Most eggs are oval shaped. They can be smooth
or rough. Some of the eggs are laid on the milkweed plant.

Did you know butterflies start their life as an egg? Butterflies
can lay 100 eggs a year. When a butterfly hatches from its
egg it is a caterpillar.

A butterfly starts its life inside an egg. An egg is the size of a
pinhead. Most are white or yellow. A caterpillar eats the egg
shell right after it hatches.

A chrysalis shakes because it is staying away from danger.
The predator thinks the butterfly is coming out of the chrysalis.

Every butterfly starts its life cycle in an egg. When it hatches it
is a caterpillar. The caterpillar gets bigger. Next comes the
chrysalis. Finally, out comes a butterfly.

When a butterfly comes out of the chrysalis it waits until its
wings are dry. Its proboscis is for sucking nectar.
Life Cycle
                     Life Cycle

One day the egg hatches. Then one week later the caterpillar
has gotten bigger. After four weeks it turns into a chrysalis.
Then in six weeks it hatches into a butterfly.
                       Life Cycle

A butterfly life cycle begins with an egg. Next comes a
caterpillar. The caterpillar makes a chrysalis. Next the butterfly
comes out.
                      Life Cycle

A caterpillar grows a lot in one day. Soon it makes a J shape.
Then the caterpillar makes a hard shell called a chrysalis.
After two weeks the caterpillar comes out as a butterfly.
                       Life Cycle

Before a caterpillar turns into a butterfly it makes a chrysalis. It
turns into a butterfly and can fly when its wings dry.
                      Life Cycle

Caterpillars eat the egg shell after they hatch. Caterpillars
are very little at first. They make a J shape that hangs from a
tree. After that they turn into a butterfly.
Butterfly Facts   Butterfly Wings   Butterflies Taste

  Interesting Facts

Butterflies Eat     Proboscis         Caterpillars
                  Butterfly Facts

There are many interesting facts about butterflies. Butterflies
smell with their antennae. They have a proboscis. It’s very
long. They suck nectar from flowers.
                Butterfly Wings

Wings help butterflies fly to flowers. They are colorful and
have pretty designs. Butterfly wings are symmetrical.
                  Butterflies Taste

Butterflies are just a caterpillar with wings. Butterflies taste with
their feet, so when butterflies land on a flower they’ll know if
they like it or not.
                  Butterflies Eat

Butterflies don’t chew up their food, they drink it. They drink
their food with their proboscis. They taste with their feet. They
have a special pad on their feet to taste with.

A butterfly has a proboscis. The proboscis looks like a straw.
The proboscis helps the butterfly sip the nectar from the

Caterpillars are always hungry. A baby caterpillar can eat a
whole leaf in four minutes. Also, caterpillars are in danger
because birds are eating them.
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