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									                 North Central Education Cooperative
                               Working Together For Better Schools
           Anamoose, Bottineau, Drake, Dunseith, Dunseith Day, Harvey,Little Flower, MLS, Mt. Pleasant,
     Newburg United, Ojibwa Indian, Rugby, St. John, TGU, Turtle Mountain Community Schools, Velva, Westhope

                                    NCEC Administrators’ Meeting
                                        September 7 @ 10:00 AM
                                  Minot State University – Westlie Room

Administrators Present: Steve Heim (Anamoose,/Drake), Jason Kersten (Bottineau/Newburg), Dan
Stutlien (Harvey), Brian Palmer (Mt. Pleasant), Kelly Taylor (MLS), Jeff Lind (Rugby), Don Davis (St.
John), Debby Marshall (TGU), Jeff Manley (Velva)
Also present: Jan Nahinurk (DCB), Cynthia Jelleberg (NCEC)

Debby M. made a motion to accept the July 14, 2011 minutes, seconded by Jeff M.;
minutes approved.

Informational Items:
    The Math PLC, Language Arts PLC, Science PLC, and Social Studies PLC met
      on August 1, 2011 at Lake Metigoshe. The Math PLC team reviewed and revised
      their math documents and the Language Arts PLC completed their common
      assessments. The Science PLC and Social Studies PLC were introduced to a PLC
      structure and then continued with training on August 2 to begin development of
      power standards. Cynthia will add the documents to the NCEC website in both
      PDF and WORD format. The next PLC meeting is scheduled for September 23.
    Cynthia and Shelly Hoerer attended the 21st CCLC National Summer Institute in
      National Harbor, Maryland from July 25-27. From the NCEC 21st CCLC grant
      program, six site coordinators, an administrator, a teacher, Shelly and Cynthia
      attended the 21st CCLC conference in Mandan on August 3-4. The 21st CCLC
      grant will support site coordinators to attend the Title 1/Special Education/21st
      CCLC convention on October 5-7 in Bismarck.
    The MarketPlace for Kids program will be revamped to allow for an easier
      process for schools and REAs.
    The Adobe Connect Pro system was implemented for teacher training at Mt.
      Pleasant School in August. Brian Palmer described how the system was used
      with a Smartboard for a NDSBA presentation from Bismarck.
    The IPad 2 training through NDCEL was postponed for August 1 and moved to
      September 8 in Mandan. Cynthia will be attending the training.
    The Teaching American History grant was not accepted for funding.
    Cynthia has applied for an ESPB New Teacher Support/Beginning Teacher
      Network grant for the amount of $4000. She requested a list of names of the new
      teachers hired this year in the NCEC school districts.
NCEC Membership/New school district administrators:
All 17 school districts have paid their NCEC membership dues. Cynthia requested the
names of newly hired administrators so that she can include their names on the NCEC

NCEC Governing Board – meeting dates:
The administrators discussed representation of NCEC Governing Board members and the
majority of administrators stated that their local School District Board members
requested that they represent as their Governing Board member. It was decided to no
longer have a NCEC administrative board, only a NCEC Governing Board. All 10
meetings will now be NCEC Governing Board meetings.

NCEC Bylaws:
Cynthia presented a draft with the new NCEC Bylaws for review. Due to the decision to
remove the NCEC Administrative Board, she will rewrite the bylaws and policies and
email it to administrators for review.

Data Training:
Bill Demaree from the MDEC regional education agency will train Ron Hett with data
analysis, data interpretation, and RTI strategies. Ron will then contract his services with
NCEC to work with schools and their data teams.

NCEC Services:
NCEC supported 2 proposals: PLC training with Jim Stenehjem for Velva School District
and Block Scheduling with John Strebe for Harvey School District. Both Jeff M. and
Dan S. gave a report on the trainings for their staff. NCEC contributed $2000 for each of
the staff trainings. Cynthia would like to visit each school district for a faculty meeting
and encourage staff to become regional presenters for skill/expertise that they can share
with other educators.

The NDREA had an Adobe Connect Pro meeting on September 1, 2011. DPI plans to
develop a professional development grant to assist with the common core standards and
assessments. The ND Curriculum Initiative is assisting DPI in the implementation of the
common core. The NDREA will be meeting the evening of October 13 and all day
October 14 to work on the strategic plan. Lead Administrators are also welcome to

The meeting adjourned at 11:05 am. The next NCEC Administrative Board meeting
will be scheduled for October 5 in Minot.

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