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									March 2012                                           doc.: IEEE 802.11-12/0231r0

      Adrian Stephens nominee statement
   for 802.11 Working Group 2nd Vice Chair
                                 Date: 2012-02-24

Name              Affiliations   Address            Phone     email
Adrian Stephens   Intel                                       Adrian.p.stephens@intel.com

Submission                             Slide 1              Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation
March 2012                                    doc.: IEEE 802.11-12/0231r0

               Qualifications / Experience

 • IEEE 802.11 2nd vice chair for the last 4 years
 • Attended most 802.11 sessions since 1999 and contributed technically
   to 802.11e, 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11REVmb
 • Was technical editor for 802.11n and 802.11REVmb. Working group
   Technical editor. Working group ANA.
 • Chair of numerous ad-hoc groups related to 802.11 activities
 • Product development in wireless communications for ~18 years
   Architected and/or implemented 3 x 802.11 systems

Submission                        Slide 2            Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation
March 2012                              doc.: IEEE 802.11-12/0231r0

                 Some Achievements
 • Continuing to simplify website appearance and clean
   up obsolete content.
 • Delivered rapid membership updates. Provide
   individual email notifications when membership status
 • Rapidly released multiple WG LBs without resets
 • Developed close working relationship with IEEE-SA
   staff in the evaluation and evolution of their tools (e.g.
   ePoll, IMAT)

Submission                   Slide 3           Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation
March 2012               doc.: IEEE 802.11-12/0231r0


Submission     Slide 4          Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation
March 2012                                                  doc.: IEEE 802.11-12/0231r0

                      Employer’s Endorsement
 • A letter of endorsement will be filed with the IEEE 802 EC recording
       – “In accordance with IEEE 802 LAN MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) Policies
         and Procedures, which require a letter of endorsement for any working group
         officer position that requires endorsement by the IEEE 802 EC, we provide this
         letter of endorsement for Dr Adrian P Stephens to serve as Vice Chair of the IEEE
         802.11 Working Group.
       – Adrian is qualified for the position. He has been a member of 802.11 continuously
         since 1999. He has been 802.11 vice chair for the last four years. He was P802.11n
         and he is P802.11REVmb technical editor. He has contributed significant
         technical content to both IEEE 802.11 through the years and has led various
         technical activities related to 802.11.
       – Intel recognizes that this position requires time, travel and other resources, which
         we will support while Adrian is an Intel employee. (This support does not in any
         way modify the employee relationship between Dr. Stephens and Intel.)
       – Intel recognizes that as a Working Group Vice Chair, Adrian’s participation is as
         “a professional and individual expert” as specified in 6.1 of the IEEE 802
         Operations Manual.”

Submission                                   Slide 5                 Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation
March 2012                                                doc.: IEEE 802.11-12/0231r0
                            Vision for the future
    • I propose a focus on defining clear goals and effective processes
    • Goals:
             – Address market needs – driven by marketing input
             – Limit the scope of what we authorize so it directly addresses these
    • Processes:
             – Avoid selection processes which result in “kitchen sink” outcomes.
             – Rules: Continuous review. Challenge rules that are outdated.
             – Responsive leadership: an expected response time for any management
               process (e.g. a guaranteed 2 days for releasing a ballot or 1 day for
               putting a draft on the server).
             – Use technology when appropriate to avoid human error.
             – Engage early and positively with IEEE-SA to ensure their tools meet
               the needs of our membership.

Submission                                   Slide 6              Adrian Stephens, Intel Corporation

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