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                                are the
                               The Situation
•   You have decided to advance your career by trying out for a
    program like Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.
•   Since this is a potentially huge step with an enormous payoff, it is
    important that you select the ideal opportunity that suits you.
•   For parts 1-5, you do not need to answer every question in detail!
    The multiple questions are given to make you think. You should
    prepare at least a paragraph that addresses the issues that are
•   Finally I do want you to tell me a story.

                           Part 1 - The Setting
• It is important that you identify the opportunity where you will
   – Exhilaration
      • State of mind
   – Flow
      • Skills fully engaged, stretched
      • Absorbing challenge, total immersion
      • Effortless
      • Powerful, built in motivation
      • Work is a delight
      • Eustress, adrenalin rush

                           Part 2 - Achievement
•   What drives you?
•   What do you value?
•   What are you willing to commit to?
•   What are you obsessed with?
•   What are you passionate about?
•   What areas challenge you?
•   Where do you set high goals?
•   Aside from money, what represents success to you?
•   For what knowledge do you thirst?
•   What new ideas & information do you seek?
                          Part 3 - Commitment
•   What organizational goals will resonate with your personal goals?
•   What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve?
•   What do you believe in enough to make an unpopular decision?
•   How are you going to change the world?
•   How do you want to make a difference?
•   What support must an organization provide?
•   What makes you proud?
•   What are you loyal to?

                            Part 4 - Initiative
•   What are you proactive about?
•   What problems do you anticipate?
•   What opportunities do you see?
•   What do you have the courage to pursue?
•   At what will you persist?

                            Part 5 - Optimism
•   Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
•   How do you deal with setbacks?
•   What can you change for the better?
•   What gives you hope?

                         Tell (Write) Me a Story
•   Describe the ideal apprenticeship for you, factoring in your
    preferences regarding
    – Achievement
    – Commitment
    – Initiative
    – Optimism

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