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									Scholarship Announcement: German-Turkish Dual Master Degree in
International Material Flow Management

Dear students,

The German-Turkish Dual Master Degree Program IMAT – Master in International
Material Flow Management (IMAT Turkey) jointly offered by the Institute for
Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS), Environmental-Campus Birkenfeld,
University of Applied Sciences Trier, Germany and the Akdeniz University Antalya,
Turkey is going into its 2nd year.

We are very happy to announce that there are still 3 scholarships available for
the FS 2011/2012 intake covering a 100 % tution fee reduction!

IMAT Turkey features multidisciplinary study courses aiming at educating young
professionals in "green business opportunities" through system efficiency
strategies. The innovative program facilitates holistic business and technology
management strategies through a combination of engineering, economics, and
environmental, social and cultural sciences.

The practical approach of the study program challenges the students with
developing projects and eco-entrepreneurial business ideas and collecting relevant,
practical experience through close cooperation with small and medium sized

Successful IMAT graduates will be endowed with:

      Theory and practice of international material flow management (MFM),
      Better understanding of eco-system management and economic aspects of
       environmental protection,
      Systemic understanding of various clean technologies and technology
      Knowledge on intercultural communication, networking, project management,
       financing and fundraising,
      Knowledge on German business culture,
      International case studies and practical project experience,
      Graduation thesis about practical issues with professional guidance at
       international companies or research institutes.

IMAT Turkey is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The first year (semester 1 and 2) will be taught at Akdeniz University Antalya in
Turkey followed by one semester (semester 3) at the Environmental Campus
Birkenfeld in Germany, the first Zero-Emission Campus in Europe (www.umwelt- During the semester break students will have the opportunity to do an
internship in best practice applications in companies or research institutions etc. The
fourth semester will be devoted to the students master thesis work. The students can
carry out their internship and Master Thesis anywhere in the world.

 Tuition fee: 12.000 € (for the entire program) - Reduced to 0 € if you apply now!
Duration: 2 years - 1 year at Akdeniz University Antalya in Turkey, followed by 1
semster at University of Applied Sciences Trier, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
and 1 master thesis semester
Application deadline: 16th of September

Internship: Students are obligated to have at least 4 weeks of internship experience
before, during or after they finish the theoretical semesters of their Master
Living expenses in Turkey: About 500€ / month (including dormitory)

Living expenses in Germany: About 700 € / month (including dormitory)

Degree: MEng (Akdeniz University), MEng (FH Trier)

Application documents:

       Letter of Motivation (1 - 2 pages)
       Research Proposal (1 - 2 pages)
       CV
       2 Letters of Recommendation
       Application form
       Proof of working experience / internship of at least 6 months in total
       3 biometrtic passport pictures

Applications shall be handed in via e-mail ( and regular mail to the following

FH Trier - Umwelt - Campus Birkenfeld
Institut für angewandtes Stoffstrommanagement
IMAT Management Office
Postfach 1380
55761 Birkenfeld

For further details please visit our homepage or contact the
IMAT Management Office (, Tel.: +49-(0)-6782-17-1475).

We are looking forward to welcome you as an IMAT Turkey student for the WS
2011/2012 intake!

Kind regards
IMAT Management Team
Sinologin (M.A.)
Katrin Müller-Hansen
FH Trier - Umwelt - Campus Birkenfeld
Institut für angewandtes Stoffstrommanagement - IfaS
Abteilungsleitung China und Bildung

Geb. 9926 Raum 26/129
Postfach 1380
55761 Birkenfeld

Fon: +049 (0) 6782 17 - 14 75
Fax: +049 (0) 6782 17 - 12 64

1. Elektromobilitäts-Tagung 21. September 2011

7. Solartagung Rheinland-Pfalz: 22.+23.September 2011

11. Biomasse-Tagung: 10.+11. November 2011

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