Tools Charts Checklist by XWNj40k


									List of END 202 Tools, Charts, Checklist

                                           Yes/No                                            Yes/No
                Problem Solving Tools                                    Checklists
Pareto Analysis                                     Setup and Tooling Evaluation Checklist
Fishbone Diagrams                                   Operation Analysis Checklist
Gantt Chart                                         Motion Economy Checklist
PERT Charting                                       Therblig Analysis Checklist
CPM                                                 Posture and Task Evaluation Checklist
Job/WorksiteAnalysisGuide                           Workstation Evaluation Checklist
                     Analysis Tools                 Machine Evaluation Checklist
Value stream mapping                                Tool Evaluation Checklist
Flow Diagram                                        Work Environment Checklist
                   Analysis Charts                       Methods, Techniques and Approaches
Operation process chart                             Lean manufacturing
Flow process chart (material, worker)               Just-in-Time
Worker and machine process charts                   Kanban
Gang process charts                                 MUDA
Relationship Chart                                  5S
Travel Chart (From-To Chart)                        Poka Yoke
Two-Hand Process Chart                              Kaizen
                        Forms                       Single-Minute Exchange of Die
Evaluate Alternative Layouts Form                   6 Sigma
Time Study Form                                     Automation
Lost Time Analysis Of Time Study Form               Total Productive Maintenance
                                                    Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
                                                    Genchi Genbutsu

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