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Beautiful Plains Teachers Association


									Beautiful Plains Teachers’ Association
Annual General Meeting
June 2, 2009
Brookdale, Manitoba

Attendance: Quorum was reached – 47 people in attendance

   1. Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 4:45 p.m.
   2. Approval of Agenda as amended
         a. No written agenda to approve. Oral agenda was given.

   3. 2007 AGM Minutes:
         a. Motion: Moved by Katherine Kingdon and seconded by Rod McEwen that
            the minutes be adopted.
   4. Business Arising from Minutes - none
   5. Correspondence – brought to the meeting and available for browsing.
   6. Treasurer’s Report
         a. Motion: Moved by Dianne Nordstrom and seconded by Trish James that
             the report be accepted as presented. Carried
         b. A budget for the next school year was presented.
                  i. Motion: Moved by Dianne Nordstrom and seconded by Val
                     Parayeski that the budget for 2009-10 be approved as amended.
                 ii. Fees will be $115 for next year.
   7. President’s Report – see attached
   8. Special Committees
          a. Vice President: Murray Martin – none
          b. Professional Development: Val Parayeski and Brenda McRae - see
          c. Public Relations: Lisa Gillies & Jackie Sallows – none
          d. Collective Bargaining: Eric Gaudet
                  i. Members of Collective Bargaining committee are: Mike Donais,
                     Myrna Wells, Heather Brister, Kevin Hollier, Murray Parrott
          e. Equality Issues: Veronica Adams – attached
          f. Liaison: Dale Swanton - see attached
          g. Workplace Health and Safety: No chairperson
          h. Employee Benefits: Heather Brister – see attached
      Moved by Murray Karlicki Seconded by Heather Brister that Committee reports
      be accepted. Carried
   9. 2009-2010 Executive
         a. President – Alex Martin
         b. Vice-President – Murray Martin
         c. Secretary – Ron Nordstrom
         d. Treasurer – Dianne Nordstrom
         e. Public Relations – Jackie Sallows, Lisa Gillies
         f. Professional Development – Val Parayeski, Brenda McCrae
         g. Collective Bargaining – Eric Gaudet
         h. Equality Issues – Trish James
         i. Liaison – Sandi Jarvis, Dale Swanton
         j. Workplace Health and Safety – Open
         k. Employee Benefits – Heather Brister
         l. Small School Representative – Trish James

Motion: Moved by Murray Martin seconded by Eric Gaudet that the slate of officers for
2009-2010 be as presented above.
   10. New Business
         a. Motion: Moved by Moira Woods, seconded by Myrna Wells that we
             increase membership fees by $10 to provide funds for cash door prizes
             for members present at AGM for one year.
             Note: This membership fee increase will be for one year only and cash
             door prizes will be for one year only. We will see how successful it is and
             revisit it next year.
   11. Door Prizes – Winners were Dixie Friesen, Katherine Malfait, Donna Christison,
       Kathy Bjarnason, Lori Salt
   12. Adjournment
          a. Moved by Murray Karlicki / Rob Bjarnason that the meeting be
President's Report: Alex Martin, June 2009

I would like to begin my report by thanking all the executive officers and the many teachers of
the BPTA for their support. Parents, the public, board members and students have so much to
give thanks for the excellent work of the teachers of this association. I would like to
acknowledge the continued support of our Vice President, Murray Martin. Murray does give an
effective sense of perspective to emerging events and his opinions are greatly appreciated by
me. He has a rapport with the board and superintendent that has served this association well.
Ron and Diane Nordstrom who serve as our treasurer and secretary have also been very
supportive and efficient. I have been assisted by both of them and they have given great advice
and their humour has helped me see the job through.

The cordial relations we enjoy with our Board and our superintendent has been in large part due
to the professional relationship that we enjoy. This is because of the efforts of our members on
the executive and the teachers in the classroom who in maintain a professional business
relationship with the Board, Superintendent, and parents and the public. I have to mention how
well served we teachers are by our committee chairs, committee members and executive
members. They spend so many hours of service for us, and they do such an excellent job. Thank-

The past year began with our first association meeting in September. This was based in part on
the many e-mails and correspondence that provincial MTS and staff officers maintain with us.
We have continued with the past practice of alternating meetings of the local association with
the communities of Neepawa and Carberry. (Interested teachers are always welcome to attend
and have some free coffee, we generally meet the first Wednesday of every month (excepting
September and January). October included the Western Region Presidents Council meeting in
Brandon. This was followed by the October Presidents Council meeting held in Winnipeg.

January held one of our Western Presidents Council Meeting. Then I did attend the Presidents
Council meeting in January.

February included the regular local association meeting.

The executive met with Board twice this year, over supper. The meetings were a continuation of
the these supper meetings from the last few years. We discuss topics of interest and build on
informal communication lines. Both meetings were of great value and well worth the effort.
They are to continue next year.

Since we do not have an Education Finance chair I have taken on that role. This requires at least
two seminars a year and two regional meetings. I did attend the presentation of the financial
report/budget of the Board. They did a very effective presentation of their philosophy and the
ways that they intend to achieve their goals.

March saw the beginning of preparations for the AGM. Resolutions and other issues were
studied for action at the AGM. This was in addition to the local executive meeting.
April included another Western Regional meeting and was followed by another Provincial
Presidents Council meeting.

I was asked to be part of the election/ballot process for electing the President of MTS in April.

May did include the beginning of the collective agreement process. Eric and the committee have
done a great job preparing for this current round of negotiations.

May included the regular association meeting. I did attend the Brandon meeting that studies the
resolutions that are presented at the May AGM. There were several issues that were of special
interest and did require some strategic planning.

I did attend the Education Public Finance meeting in Brandon, as well.

 The provincial Annual General Meeting was attended by myself and other executive members.
It was held in the last week of May. The meetings were very long this year (one went from 9am
to 11pm and then resumed at 8am the next day). The AGM ultimately ended well. June will
continue with our local AGM and retirement and recognition events.

There were, during the year, some phone calls made and correspondence written and
consultations with staff officers in Winnipeg. E-mail was sent and received and acted upon.
President correspondence is continual and constant.

This past year was a rewarding experience for me. I did continue to learn quite a bit about the
role of president and some of the never-ending surprises that pop up from time to time. The
year is not over yet and there will likely be some last minute jobs to clear up.

I would like to thank all who gave so many hours of their time to serve all the teachers in BPTA. I
would also ask them to do so again, and call for others to join in the many events and leadership
opportunities that will arise next year.

New issues on the horizon are:
   a) the move towards provincial bargaining
   b) the reform of the public education finance model
   c) amalgamation of school divisions
   d) continued efforts to improve the pension plan
   e) reduction of the cost of the disability plan
   f) impact of declining enrolments on education
Professional Development Report for AGM 2009
Submitted by Val Parayeski and Brenda McRae
The Professional Development Committee organized two division wide in-service days for the
2008-2009 school year. Each school also holds the responsibility of organizing their own
professional development sessions that staff are required to attend.

In September, 2008 the Division hosted Corwin Kronenberg on the
topic of ‘Teaching Students How To Be Responsible’. We received a lot of
positive feedback on this in-service. Staff appreciated having all Beautiful Plains personnel
invited (bus drivers, bus garage staff, custodians, secretarial staff, educational assistants,
division office staff, administrators, teachers, etc).

In February, 2009 the Division hosted Simon LePlante on the topic of ‘For The Sake Of The
Difficult Child’. We received positive feedback on forming groups for the morning and afternoon
sessions so staff had the opportunity to mix with other Divisional staff. Other comments
included it could have been a half day session and his personal situation didn’t always relate to
our school situations.

The committee has already organized next year’s division-wide in-services.
On September 25th, 2009, we will be hosting Dawn Reithaug on
“Orchestrating Academic Success by Adapting and Modifying Programs”.
On February 26th, 2010, we will be hosting Tom Hierck on “Inspiring Hope”.

The 2008-2009 PD budget was consumed this year which means teachers are fulfilling their
obligation and participating in professional development opportunities that are applicable and
interesting to them.

The Professional Development Committee would just like to remind teachers that the
committee gets professional development ideas from the surveys that staff are asked to fill out
every few years.

Collective Bargaining Report 2008-2009 – Submitted by Eric Gaudet
This year I attended the three day “Bargaining School” held in Gimli last August. Also, I attended
the fall and spring collective bargaining meetings in Winnipeg. As a committee, we have met
several times to prepare a survey, go over results, and prepare an opening package. We will be
starting negotiations next week, June 8th, with the School Board.
Employee Benefits Report – Submitted by Heather Brister
This year as Employee Benefits Chair I attended the Regional Workshop. Some of the topics
covered were: Leaves of Absence, MTS Extended Health Plan, Short Term Disability, Pre
Retirement Seminars, MTS Optional Life Insurance Plan, and Homeowners’ Insurance.

If you have any questions about your benefits, leave of absence coverage, health coverage,
homeowners insurance, etc. please don’t hesitate to call me. I may not always know the
answer, but will definitely be able to look into it for you or point you in the right direction!

2008-2009 BPTA Liaison Annual Report – Submitted by Dale Swanton

The BPTA Liaison Committee met with Beautiful Plains School Division (BPSD) two times this
school year. BPSD used this form to provide current information on a variety of topics. Topics
submitted for both meetings either came from Carberry Collegiate or Neepawa Area Collegiate
Institute. After the first meeting, Ray Derksen, BPSD Superintendent, cautioned the liaison
committee that topics for the meetings had to represent concerns of BPTA, and not be used for
personal agendas. Both meetings were helpful to bring clarification regarding the topics

Equality & Social Justice Chairperson Report – submitted by Veronica
I attended the Spring Regional meeting held in Brandon in April, the Winter Workshop held in
Winnipeg in February, and the fall workshop held in November. This years theme at the
workshops was poverty in Manitoba schools.

The position of Chairperson for ESI is open for the next school year.

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