2011 amendments flotilla SR by eYhL5doH


									                               2010 AMENDMENTS TO
                             FLOTILLA STANDING RULES

       By action of the National Board at its August 2010 meeting, all present and future
Flotilla Standing Rules have been amended. It will not be necessary to formally amend
your current rules because by virtue of Paragraphs 2.1 and 2.3 of each Flotilla's Standing
Rules the amendment becomes binding on the Flotilla without its approval. The proposals
of the National Board were ratified by the Chief Director and published in an ALAUX
sent on November 9, 2010.
       I suggest that each Flotilla append this notice to its current Standing Rules.
       The amendments are as follows: [underlined matter is new]
       *6.3A Nominations from the floor must receive a second or the nomination will
fail. A member who is nominated from the floor must be present at the meeting and,
after the nomination is duly seconded, must affirm orally that he or she (a) accepts the
nominations and (2) will serve if elected. If the member fails to affirm both statements,
the nomination will fail. Self nomination from the floor is not permitted, but a member
who has been nominated by another member may second their own nomination.

       *6.4    The election of officers shall be by written ballot unless only one member
is nominated to each elective office, in which event the Secretary may be
directed by a voice vote to cast a single ballot on behalf of the members. In either case, a
member does not have to be present at the election in order to be elected.

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