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									                 USA Soccer Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
                           December 10th, 2008

In Attendance:

Azalea; Brandon; Brooksville Raid; Citrus United; Clearwater; Palm Harbor;
Pinellas Park; Plant City; FC Tampa; Florida Soccer; Gulfcoast United; Hudson
Youth; So. Hillsborough; Winter Haven

Ref Assignor: Roger Rhines

Executive Committee: Frank Villizan; David Oras; Josiah Hutton; Stephen
Rossiter; Jenna Tortorelli; Al Castillejo; Rich Bowers; Karl Kukec

                              Call To Order: 7 p.m.

Welcome by President:
Brief welcome by President, Frank Villaizan.

Approval of Minutes:
Due to the absence of the Secretary, Doug Polk, these minutes were not
available. Will approve at the January meeting.

Report of Officers:

Treasurer’s Report (Jenna Tortorelli):
The Treasurer discussed income and expenses for November 2008 and then
reported an ending balance as of 11/30/08 of $275,599.

VP Senior Boys (David Oras):
David reported on all the division winners for the Senior Boys season. The
website is currently being updated, so that the Champions and First Place
winners are listed. Also, thank you to all the AGC’s for the good job they did.
Lastly, there are 25 outstanding Red Cards, that need to be cleared up.

VP Girls (Josiah Hutton):
Josiah reported that the Junior season is going well. He is happy to report that
there have been minimal coach conduct issues.
VP Junior Boys (Stephen Rossiter):
Reminder to all, to let him know as soon as any red cards have been served.
It is the coaches responsibility to view the red card website.

Referee Liaison (Al Castillejo)
Received a handful of ref assessment forms for the Senior Season. As a
reminder, please send them in for the Junior Season, as well. This is a tool so
USA can ensure good, quality refs are assigned to the games.

D.O.C. (Karl Kukec)
Karl has had several meetings with Area D.O.C.’s and will cover these points
during the Executive Session.

Advocate (Rich Bowers)
Nothing to report.

Age Group Coordinators Reports
U18 Boys (Mike Greco) – Thank you to all for “bearing with him”, during his first
term as AGC. Requesting that prior to next season, it be put in writing, the way
that the Reshuffle games will work. Requesting that the USA Exec. Board
address and deal with, severely unacceptable behavior, in which players are
seriously injured, as happened this past season.

U11 Girls (Josiah Hutton) – So far, all is going well. There was a complaint about
a lot of reschedules. Explanation that the website reflects a time change or
addition, as a reschedule – this is not as it appears.

U15 Girls (Joe Castagno) – Great group! No issues.

U18 Girls (Josiah Hutton) - Good! No problems.

President’s Report (Frank Villaizan)
Reminder to all, that the Junior Schedules are set and there should be no more
date rescheduling.

Discussion about Judge’s Cup – scheduled for this coming weekend. At the last
minute, a lot of teams are trying to change venues, due to lack of field availability.
They should have already known about this, but general concensus of the board,
is, that if the ref assignor can accommodate, they will allow the change. It will be
the responsibility of the “at fault” club, to pay any refs that cannot be easily
changed or if this causes them to lose a game.
Discussion re: Joan Judd Scholarship. The USA Board voted, to allow up to
$1000 per recipient, depending on number of applicants and qualifications.
Discussed trying to market this scholarship better to players. Sheri to notify
coaches, DOC’s and club reps, via email, so they can “get the word out”.

Announcement from FYSA Rep, Sandy Parker, State Cup applications will close
on 12/11, at 5 pm. Faxed copies are ok, and payment can be made via c/card.
Once the application is accepted, there will be no refunds.

Good of the Game –
Please support the Tampa Bay President’s Tournament, scheduled in Feb. Great
turnout last year and hoping for the same this year.

                            Adjournment: 7:48 pm.
               USA Soccer Executive Board Meeting Minutes
                          December 10th, 2008

In Attendance:
Executive Committee: Frank Villizan; David Oras; Josiah Hutton; Stephen
Rossiter; Jenna Tortorelli; Al Castillejo; Rich Bowers; Karl Kukec

                             Call to Order: 8:04 pm.

Approval of Minutes:
Due to the absence of the Secretary, Doug Polk, these minutes were not
available. Will approve at the January meeting.

Protests and Appeals:

Discussion about USA hosting an End of Season Tournament. The primary
reason would be to keep the kids playing. Frank has already been talking with
USF about securing their fields as a host site. This tournament would determine
the true division champion. Would need to find a date that does not conflict with
Region Cup – possibly mid-March or early April. Consider charging a $100
deposit. Ask the AGC’s for input on how they would like to see this tournament
run, for their age group. Schedule a planning meeting in January. An email was
sent out to member clubs and almost everyone was in favor of participating in
this tournament.

Discussion brought forth by Stephen Rossiter, with regard to a problem with U10
boys, Pinellas Park Coach, Joe Simpson. Numerous complaints that he is too
competitive, bordering on abusive, with the players. Also, their parents are out of
control. Stephen has received many phone calls from other coaches in the
division. He has looked into every complaint. However, none of these issues
have been documented. Therefore, there is little USA can do, other than there
has been discussion with the Pinellas Park, DOC., asking him to caution this
coach. If further issues arise and are documented, a code of conduct violation
can be filed with FYSA. Meanwhile, Roger Rhines, USA Ref Assignor,
volunteered to ref their next game, as an unbiased participant and will report
back to the USA board on his observations.

Discussion with regard to ref availability for Heartland Soccer Club in Sebring.
USA Ref Assignor, Ed Pena, was concerned they would not have certified refs
for their last 7 home games. They claim one is certified and the two others are
getting certified in December. Sheri and Ed to follow up to confirm this and Al
Castillejo, to be kept in the loop. He can access the FSR website to confirm.
Sheri to post the U9 Boys AGC opening on the website.

Josiah Hutton to send a letter to Romildo, requesting a performance bond, for the
upcoming Senior Season, due to the issues last season with two of his teams
dropping out at the last minute.

Karl Kukec reported on his discussions with many of the Member club’s DOC’s.
The general concensus on various issues was as follows:

   1)  Go by the rules and regulations – no exceptions!
   2)  Would like to see a Spring session offered for Seniors.
   3)  Maintain consistency with how the reshuffles are handled.
   4)  Plan ahead for next season regarding Academy and would like to maintain
       regional play.
   5) Requesting USA Board to listen to the people in charge (DOC’s) and not
       the coaches necessarily, as they may not be the best representation.
   6) Improve communication.
   7) Promote the league’s benefits. Increase the perception of USA or may
       lose clubs.
   8) Would like to see the All-Star game re-implemented.
   9) Karl to organize a planning meeting in the Spring, with DOC’s to plan for
       next season.
   10) Reminder that DOC’s need to send Club reps, to monthly USA meetings,
       that represent what they want.

                              Adjornment: 10:11 pm

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