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					           Who are you? What are you all about? Why are you here?

In this class, each individual matters. We are all unique and have something positive to
contribute. Since we will be spending the next ten or so months together we need to get to
know each other very well. Therefore, I wanted to give you an opportunity to tell me as
much as you want about yourself via a letter from you to me.

The Assignment:
Your assignment will be to write a letter to me. In this letter, you will tell me all of the
important things that I need to know about you. The more I know about you as a student
and as a person, the more I will be able to help you learn Spanish. Your letter may
include, but is not limited to:

Your future: Tell me about your further goals, dreams and aspirations.
Your role models: Tell me about someone you admire. Why do you admire that person?
Your family: Tell me about your family and friends
Your education: Tell me about your favorite subjects, your feeling about taking Spanish,
or your worries about your classes
Your personal strengths: Tell me about something you are really good at. How did you
get to be so good in this particular area?

    Your letter should be at least one page
    Should include your full heading:
            First and last name
            Spanish/ Period #
            Srt. Weier
    Should begin with: Estimada Srt. Weier (Dear Ms. Weier)
    Include the following phrases…
         o Me llamo _______
         o Soy de _______
    Should end with: Adiós or hasta luego
    Should be signed by you! 
Estimada clase,
         Me llamo Senorita Weier. I am so excited to start this new school year with you! I
cannot wait to get to know you better and see you progress in your Spanish skills! I love
Spanish and hope that you will find my passion contagious. I have asked you to write a
letter to me so I will do the same for you. I hope you are as exited for this upcoming year
as I am.
         One aspect of my life that has shaped me is the presence of my family and
friends. Soy de Carol Stream. I have a mom, dad, brother and two dogs, Nick and Grizzly
Bear. My family is from the suburbs of Chicago so I get to see them quite often. I enjoy
spending holidays with them, because we always eat lots of delicious food! My friends
are also important to me. We often have fun by eating meals together and watching
         Something you may not know about me is that I love to travel! I have been to ten
countries, including the United States. I have lived in Costa Rica and Spain. I love to
watch the travel channel and read travel guides. The differences in cultures fascinate me
the most and I hope to understand the world a little more with each place I visit. I have
found that everyone, whether from some place familiar or exotic, has a unique story to
share. I can’t wait to hear what your story will be!


                        Senorita Weier

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