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									The League of Women Voters of Polk County

                           A monthly publication of the League of Women Voters of Polk County, P.O. Box 934, Lakeland, FL 33802

 July 2008                 The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government,
                           works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

 Volume 08, Issue 6
                                              Fair Districts Workshop
                                     “Fair Elections start with Fair Districts!”
 This Issue        is a nonpartisan committee working to
                            reform the way our state draws Legislative and Congressional
     Fair Districts
                            district lines by establishing constitutionally mandated fairness
       Workshop             standards. LWVF is a coalition partner of FairDistrictsFlorida.
     Words of Wisdom
                                                  Speaker:                 Caroline Eammons-Schramm,
     Board
                                                                           LWVF Liaison for FairDistrictsFlorida
     House Districts
     T-Shirts
                                                       Date:               July 12, 2008
     Donation                                        Time:                1:00 p.m.
     August Primary                                      Larry R Jackson Branch Library
     Picture of Board                                    1700 North Florida Ave (US 98)
     Directory Change                                    Lakeland, FL
     Calendar                            Visitors and Prospective Members are Welcome
                               Please call (863) 648-4127 to arrange a ride to the meeting.

 Words of Wisdom:

  “A politician
  thinks of the
 next election.
 A statesman,
   of the next
  ~ James Freeman Clarke
                                            Check out the website:
                                          Central Florida House Districts

Ann Weeks, President

Susan Lee, Secretary

Mary Thomas, Treasurer

Sue Schultz, Voter Service—

Paula Mims

Joan Verret

Jerry Weeks

Pete Wesley                                    LWV “VOTE” T-Shirts
682-2578                              Still Available
Off-Board Specialists:

Membership, Joan Verret, retaining
682-7724                                     Check with Joan Verret at 682-
and Ann Weeks, recording
                                            7724 for availability in your size.                         All sizes currently in stock.
Judy Walker, Voter Service—Guide
                                                        --- Hurry ---                          Don’t miss out!
Fundraising and Government, Lisa

Library, Barbara Stampfl
687-2787                                           Report of Donation

Civics Education, Susan Lee          Margaret Smith, a former member of the Polk County LWV,
324-4517                             recently made a donation in memory of Marlene Young.
                                     Margaret wrote: “I first got to know Marlene Young
VOTER Editor and Webmaster,          through LWV. I feel that I can best honor her memory
Jerry Weeks                through a gift to LWV Polk County, where she was a
                                     valuable member.” We thank Margaret for her donation in
Website:                             honor of Marlene.
   Page 2                            LWV of Polk County VOTER                       July 2008
                    Big Ballot for August Primary Election

                  No doubt the November             races will be decided because they are
                  4th General Election will         "Universal Primary" races. Judge, School
                  draw record crowds;               Board and Property Appraiser races will be
                  meanwhile, the August             decided because they are non-partisan races
                  26th Statewide Primary            with just 2 candidates.
                  Election runs the risk of
                  getting lost in the late          Additionally, Republican voters in County
summer vacation and back-to-school                  Commission Districts 3 and 5 and
shuffle. The Primary Election has the               Democratic voters in County Commission
potential to impact local government more           District 5 will be choosing their party
than the General Election.                          nominees for the November ballot.
Races that will be decided on August 26th           Don't let this election slip by. If you'd like
include                                             to vote in advance, call 534-5888 in Bartow
     Circuit Judge Group 19,                       for a mail ballot, or visit an early voting
     County Commission District 1,                 location August 11-23rd, Monday through
     School Board District 4,                      Saturday, 9am to 5pm. For more
                                                    information, check out the Supervisor of
     Florida House District 64,
                                                    Elections Website at
     Florida House District 79, and                 
     Property Appraiser.
                                                                                     By Judy Walker
The County Commission and Florida House

                               New Board at Work (6-17-08)

  (L-R)   Sue Schultz, Susan Lee, Mary Thomas, Ann Weeks, Jerry Weeks, Joan Verret, Pete Wesley

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             The League of Women Voters Of Polk County VOTER                            Nonprof it
              PO Box 934, Lakeland, FL 33802                                           U.S. Postage
              863-683-2328                                                                 PAID
                                                             Permit No. 59
                                                                                     Lakeland, FL 33802

          * * *     Redistricting Reform Workshop – July 12 * * *

         Membership Directory

                                                          Friday, July 4: Independence Day

Please make the following changes to your                 Saturday, July 12, 1:00 pm
2008 Membership Directory.                                      Fair Districts Workshop (see page 1)
                                                                Larry R Jackson Library, Lakeland
    Saunders, Marjorie
    E-mail:                       Tuesday, July 22, noon
                                                                LWV Polk County BOARD Meeting
    Schultz, Sue                                                United Way, Highland City
    Home Phone: (863) 646-4634                                  (bag lunch)

   ****************************************************                        ***
If you have any changes to the information                Tuesday, August 26: Primary Election
  in the LWV Membership Directory 2008,                                        ***
   please let Ann Weeks know or send an                   Tuesday, November 4: General Election
    email to

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