MGF1107 Distance LEARNING fall 2010 by XWNj40k


									              MGF1107 – Fall 2010 DISTANCE LEARNING
                                                STEP ONE
Register and Enroll in a Course

To get into your CourseCompass course, you must complete an easy, one-time
registration and enrollment process.
Before you start, you will need:

     Course ID: mcginnis07635
     Student access code: This is packaged with your book when you buy your book from the
      book store. If you didn’t buy your book from the book store, you may purchase course
      compass online.
     Valid e-mail address: that you check on a regular basis.

To register and enroll in your instructor's CourseCompass course:

        Go to, and click the
         Register button in the Students area.
        Follow the on-screen instructions to register and enroll, or click
         Student Registration Instuctions for a copy of step-by-step instructions.

Registration and enrollments requires you to:
    enter your student access code and your instructor's course ID
    provide contact information
    create a login name and password.

                                                STEP TWO
        Click on all the buttons on course compass. This will help you familiarize yourself with
         course compass.

        Email me from course compass: Click on Communications, click on Send Email. Please
         include your name and Liberal Arts I Distance Learning
          In your email, answer the following questions.
          What is under the “Study Plan” button?
          What is under the “Assignment button?
          What is under the “Homework” button?
          What is under the “Take a Test” button?
          Where is the “Ask My Instructor” button?

          Student not registered and completing homework assignments on
          coursecompass by September 6, 2010, will be dropped from the course.
             MGF 1107


        Student Guide

   Northwest Florida State College
          100 College Blvd.
       Niceville, Florida 32578

    Professor: Cynthia L. McGinnis
             (850) 729-6028
 Niceville Campus, Building L room 107

   Math Department (850) 729-6377
Dear Student,

         Teaching mathematics to people is my profession. Both mathematics and my students are
important to me. I work hard at teaching and expect my students to work hard at learning. I am a
parent, teacher, advisor, and KARATE sensei. So like you, I have many responsibilities in addition
to this course.

       It is your responsibility to learn the material. It is my responsibility to make the learning
process as productive as possible. Distance learning courses require more work on the part of the
student. It takes time and effort to be successful. Make friends with your fellow students! Set up
study sessions, use e-mail or the phone. Find the math lab. Being a student is not an easy job. It is
work! Plan your time wisely, work problems daily and keep on schedule. If I can help in any way
e-mail me

Have a good semester!!!

   Your instructor,

   Cynthia L. McGinnis
   Office: Niceville Room 107
   Phone: (850) 729 - 6028
Course Description:
This course is for students who do not require Algebra in their degree plan or for students who want
to explore several areas of mathematics. The topics to be studied are mathematical systems,
number theory, linear equations, exponential equations, consumer math, and voting theory.

Thinking Mathematically, Custom Edition, 5th ed, Blizter

Technology: “Required”
1. Access to a computer with internet connections for homework, tests,
   tutorials, and submitting writing assignments.
2. A scientific calculator or graphing calculator.
3. PIN

Course Requirements:
   1. Successfully complete all online homework assignments by the due date.
      Specific due dates for each homework assignment is given on
      Final due date is given in the syllabus.
   2. Successfully complete chapter tests by the due date.
   2. Successfully complete both the midterm and final examination.

The percentages earned for each of the following activities will determine the final
course grade. You must complete the homework and turn in your assignments in
order to be allowed to take the midterm and final examinations.

Homework           10%
Chapter Tests      25%
Midterm and Final 65%
Total Maximum     100%

Grading Scale          90% - 100% A
                       89% - 80% B
                       79% - 70% C
                       69% - 60% D
                         Below 60%       F
                               General Course Policies

Required homework is online: Under “Homework”
Homework must be completed on a weekly basis.
If you are absent from coursecompass for 7 days, you may be dropped from the course.
All homework due dates are posted on coursecompass.
You can work homework as often as you like but it must be completed by the due date.

Chapter tests are online:, under “Take a Test”
You have three attempts to complete the tests.
Computer issues count as an attempt; therefore, your first try should be your best try.
You can attempt chapter tests anytime you are ready.
It is advisable to take your chapter tests a few days before the due date to allow for computer
LATE CHAPTER TESTS WILL be docked 5 percentage points per day with only one
attempt allowed; NO EXCUSES!

                                      Midterm and Final
The midterm and final will be on the Niceville campus, building L.
There are NO MAKE-UP exams available; however, every effort will be made to accommodate



Late chapter tests 5% percentage points per day and only one attempt allowed.
Late homework will be recorded as a “0”
Failure to complete the Section One homework, chapter tests, or midterm exam by
October 16th may result in being withdrawn from the course.
Failure to complete the Section Two homework, chapter tests, or final by December
11, 2010 may be assessed as an F in the course
The final exam will NOT be taken after December 11, 2010, unless you have a valid
excuse for an incomplete.
Homework and chapter tests that are not completed by December 11, 2010 will be
recorded as a “0” unless you have a valid excuse for an incomplete.
All work must be original and independent work of the student; cheating or plagiarism of any form
may result in a grade of ‘F’ in the course or on a given assignment; students should review the
“Student Discipline” section of the current catalog.

An incomplete (“I”) grade will not be awarded unless the student has completed the midterm with a
70% or higher, and at least 90% of the course work.

                                         Extra Credit
Extra credit is available from “The Art and Mystery of Mathematics”. You can find this on or in the back of the text book.
There are extra credit assignments embedded on (you have to find them). The
amount of extra credit depends on the quality of the work but usually somewhere between 0 and 15
points (not percentage points). I add the extra credit to your lowest test score, homework score,
midterm or final. Extra credit will only be awarded if you have an overall average greater than
65%. It is advisable to complete extra credit early in the semester. Most of the assignments are
time consuming; you will not have enough time if you wait the week before finals. Extra credit
completed before the midterm is handed in the day of the midterm; no electronic copies are graded.
Extra credit completed before the final is handed in the day of the final; no electronic copies are
graded. Extra credit will NOT be accepted after December 11, 2010.
Free Tutoring – tutoring is available in the Math lab in Niceville and FWB. If you additional help, contact the
Academic Success Center.

Withdrawals – a student may withdraw from this course for any reason up through the official withdrawal date
for the current semester. A “grade” of W will appear on the student’s transcript. Students who stop “attending”
class and fail to withdraw will receive a performance grade, usually an F.

Incomplete Grades – the incomplete grade “I” may not be used as a substitute for a failing grade. The “I” may
be given only to a student who has completed more than 90% of the course work, is passing, has a valid excuse for
being unable to complete the course, and has the professor’s approval.

Special Needs - If you have special needs for which accommodations may be appropriate to assist you in this
class, please contact the Office of Services for Students with Special Needs in Building C-1 on the Niceville
Campus, or call 729-6079 (TDD 1-800-955-8771 or Voice 1-800-955-8770).

Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Academic Integrity
Students are responsible for adherence to all college policies and procedures, including those related to academic
freedom, cheating, classroom conduct, and other items included in the NWFSTATECOLLEGE Catalog and Student
Handbook. Students should be familiar with the rights and responsibilities detailed on pages 25-29 of the 2006-
07 NWFSTATECOLLEGE Catalog and Student Handbook. Plagiarism, cheating or any other form of academic
dishonesty is a serious breach of student responsibilities and may trigger consequences which range from a
failing grade to formal disciplinary action

Course Schedule - In the event of unusual or extraordinary circumstances, the schedule, requirements, and
procedures in this course are subject to change. If the college closes for inclement weather or other emergency,
the date for any exams, presentations or assignments due during the closure period will be postponed. A revised
schedule will be available at the first regular class meeting held once the college re-opens. If changes to graded
activities are required, students will not be penalized as a result of the adjustments, but will be responsible for
meeting revised deadlines and course requirements.

Regarding Class Attendance - Class attendance is an integral part of the learning process for this course.
Students are expected to attend class regularly. As a courtesy, students with excessive absences (including
tardiness) may be withdrawn from the class

    SMART THINKING – Smart Thinking is a tutorial tool provided by
    NWFSTATECOLLEGE. You can access Smart Thinking when you log on to your
    NWFSTATECOLLEGE account. Go to NWFSC.EDU, click on online services,
    then student access.

    This syllabus is subject to change
                                  Email Etiquette

1. Be concise and to the point.

2. Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation.

3. Make it personal. This means

                       Addressing and signing your email with your full name,

                       include the course name, Liberal Arts II/DL

4. Read the email before you send it.

If you have a concern, voice your concern in a positive manor. I am happy to help anyone with
any problem they may have.

5. Do not use email to discuss confidential information.

Sending an email is like sending a postcard. If you don't want your email to be displayed on a
                   I do not discuss grades over email. If you
bulletin board, don't send it.
are unsure of your grade, please come to my office during
office hours.

        SECTION ONE - Due October 15th

Sign on to MyMathLab and Click on all the buttons on the left.

EMAIL ME!!! from MyMathLab and tell me what you found in each button of
MyMathLab. Under which button did you find the textbook and tutorials?
Please include your name, and course, Distance Learning LAII, in all emails.


The requirements of the course are color coded in the syllabus.

Reading assignments are in light blue Read

Required homework assignments and chapter tests on MyMathLab are Orange.

Notes are in dark blue Notes


       Note: The following assignments are designed to be
                     completed sequentially.
                                   CHAPTER 4
 Directives                  Actions                             Notes
       Read                    Chapter Four                     For power point
                  Section 4.1 - Our Hindi-Arabic System and
                  Early Positional Systems                      and
                  Section 4.2 - Number Bases in Positional      video instruction,
                                                                click on
   MyMathLab                    Homework:                            Click on
   Homework                       4.1, 4,2                          Homework
     Read         Section 4.3 Computation in Positional

   MyMathLab                    Homework:
   Homework                        4.3
   MyMathLab                    Chapter 4 Test                      Click on
   Take a Test                                                     Take a Test

Date Completed: _______ Homework Grade ______ Test Grade ______

                                  CHAPTER 13
 Directives                  Actions                             Notes
       Read                  Chapter Thirteen
                  Section 13.1 - Mathematical Systems

   MyMathLab                    Homework:
   Homework                       13.1
     Read         Section 13.2 - Rotational Symmetry, Groups,
                  and Clock Arithmetic

  MyMathLab                  Homework:
   Homework                     13.2
  MyMathLab                  Chapter 13 Test
   Take a Test
 *Caley Quilter:

Date Completed: _______ Homework Grade ______ Test Grade ______
                                          CHAPTER 5
 Directives                        Actions                        Notes
       Read                          Chapter Five
                       Section 5.1 - Number Theory: Prime and
                       Composite Numbers
                       Section 5.2 - The Integers; Order of

   MyMathLab                          Homework:
   Homework                             5.1, 5.2
     Read              Section 5.3 - The Rational Numbers
                       Section 5.4 - The Irrational Numbers
                       Section 5.5 - Real Numbers and Their
   MyMathLab                          Homework:
   Homework                           5.3, 5.4, 5.5
     Read              Section 5.6 - Exponents and Scientific

   MyMathLab                          Homework:
   Homework                              5.6
     Read              Section 5.7 - Arithmetic and Geometric

   MyMathLab                          Homework:
   Homework                              5.7
   MyMathLab                          Chapter 5 Test
   Take a Test

Date Completed: _______ Homework Grade ______ Test Grade ______

                                        CHAPTER 10
 Directives                        Actions                        Notes
       Read                          Chapter Ten
                       Section 10.7 - Beyond Euclidian Geometry

   MyMathLab                          Homework:
   Homework                             10.7
 *The Shape of Space
 *Torus and Klein Bottle Games

Date Completed: _______ Homework Grade ______ Test Grade ______
                      Review for the Midterm
                      Chapter 4, 13, 5 and 10
MyMathLab                 Practice Midterm
Take a Test

Midterm – October 16th 10am, Building L
          Room numbers are posted on the outside doors.
                                SECTION 2
                            Due December 10, 2010

                                        CHAPTER 6
 Directives                      Actions                             Notes
       Read                          Chapter Six
                     6.1 Algebraic Expressions
                     6.2 Linear Equations in One Variable

   MyMathLab                         Homework:
   Homework                            6.1, 6.2
     Read            Section 6.3 – Applications of Linear
                     Section 6.4 – Ratio, Proportion and Variation
   MyMathLab                         Homework:
   Homework                            6.3, 6.4
     Read            Section 6.6 – Quadratic Equations

   MyMathLab                         Homework:
   Homework                             6.6
   MyMathLab                         Chapter 6 Test
   Take a Test
 *Virtual Algebra Tiles:  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Date Completed: _______ Homework Grade ______ Test Grade ______
                                   CHAPTER 7
 Directives                  Actions                            Notes
       Read                   Chapter Seven
                 Section 7.1 - Graphing and Functions
                 Section 7.2 - Linear Functions and Their

   MyMathLab               Homework: 7.1, 7.2
     Read        Section 7.3 – Systems of Linear Equations in
                 Two Varialbles

   MyMathLab                  Homework:7.3
   MyMathLab                     Chapter 7 Test
   Take a Test

Date Completed: _______ Homework Grade ______ Test Grade ______

                                   CHAPTER 8

 Directives                  Actions                            Notes
       Read                   Chapter Eight
                  Section 8.1 - Percent
                  Section 8.2 - Simple Interest
                  Section 8.3 - Compound Interest

   MyMathLab                    Homework:
   Homework                     8.1, 8.2, 8.3
     Read        Section 8.5 - Installment Buying
                 Section 8.6 - The Cost of Home Ownership

   MyMathLab              Homework:
    Homework                8.5, 8.6
   MyMathLab              Chapter 8 Test
   Take a Test
Date Completed: _______ Homework Grade ______ Test Grade ______
                                 CHAPTER 14

Directives                 Actions                               Notes
      Read                 Chapter Fourteen
                 Section 14.1 - Voting Methods
                 Section 14.2 - Flaws of Voting Methods
  MyMathLab                    Homework:
  Homework                      14.1, 14.2
  MyMathLab                    Chapter 14 Test
  Take a Test

Date Completed: _______ Homework Grade ______ Test Grade ______

                                 CHAPTER 15

Directives                 Actions                               Notes
      Read                 Chapter Fourteen
                Section 15.1 - Graphs, Paths, and Circuits
                 Section 15. 2- Euler Paths and Euler Circuits
  MyMathLab                    Homework:
  Homework                      15.1, 15.2
  MyMathLab                    Chapter 15 Test
  Take a Test

Date Completed: _______ Homework Grade ______ Test Grade ______


                      Review for the Final
                    Chapter 6, 7, 8, 14 and 15
MyMathLab                      Practice Test                        Required
Take a Test

Final – December 11, 2010 10am, Building L, Room 138
                                       Grade Calculations

Name ______________________ Course __________________/Distance Learning


Homework Average: _________%

Tests Average:                 _________%

Midterm Exam:                  _________ %


Homework Average(0.10) + Tests Average(0.25) + Midterm Exam(0.65) =______%

(cut and hand in at midterm)

                                     Final Grade Calculations

Name ______________________ Course __________________/Distance Learning


Homework Average:                            _________%

Tests Average:                               _________%

Midterm/Final Exam Average:                  _________ %

Homework Average(0.10) + Tests Average(0.25) + Midterm/Final(0.65) =_______%

Grade _________________

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