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									      Covenant Christian School
         Developing Cultural & Spiritual Leaders Through Classical & Christian Education

                         2350 Frankford Ave., Panama City, FL 32405
                                (850) 769-7448 (fax) 763-2104
                                      Est. 1982
                               Member of Christian Schools of Florida, CSF
                        Member of Association of Classical & Christian Schools, ACCS

                                    Statement of Cooperation

1)   I understand that the tuition is based on the total program and not on a daily basis and that no
     discounts are available for vacations, sickness, or holidays.
2)   I understand that, unless I prepaid my tuition, my monthly tuition installment is due on the 20 of
     each month beginning on June 20 2012. Furthermore, I understand a $30.00 late fee will be
     assessed to my account if my monthly tuition installment is not paid by the 1 day of the following
3)   I agree to provide my child with food and beverage daily for lunch (and a daily snack for K3-K5
     children based on the rotating schedule).
4)   I understand that if my child does not respond to the authority of the teacher or is disruptive in the
     classroom I may be notified of such behavior. I further understand that if such behavior continues
     after such notification my child may be dismissed from the school.
5)   I agree to provide my child with the supplies necessary for school. CCS shall provide a list before
     school begins, and I will provide the necessary items.
6)   I understand that my application fee and deposits are non-refundable. I further understand that I am
     enrolling my student for the entire year. If I later decide to voluntarily withdraw my student or my
     student is expelled, CCS will assess, a per student withdrawal fee of $500.00 for grades K5 through
     12 .
7)   I understand the necessity to communicate according to biblical principles and to address
     areas of dissatisfaction directly with appropriate school officials (Matthew 18:15-17). Failure
     to abide by these biblical principles of communication may result in loss of enrollment
     privileges for the family.
8)   I understand that if accounts are in arrears and no plan for payment has been established with the
     administration, the student may be dismissed from the school. CCS shall retain student records
     until the account has been resolved. By signing this Statement of Cooperation I
     acknowledge that I am personally responsible to CCS for all tuition and fees incurred by my

Parent / Guardian Signature                                Date

Parent / Guardian Signature                                Date
                               Statement of Faith and Philosophy

CCS is a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church. Our priority is to offer a program of academic
excellence from a Christian worldview in an atmosphere of Godly love and discipline. The instructional
program is unapologetically and specifically based on the infallible word of God and the doctrinal
standards of the Reformed faith. A summary of the CCS doctrinal position may be found in the
Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF) and The Larger and Shorter Catechisms. However, you
can expect a charitable, respectful, and fair presentation of all sensitive theological issues and
historic evangelical positions. In spite of the fact that CCS is a ministry of a Presbyterian church, it is
not our intention to develop Presbyterians from within the student body. That being said, we do not allow
proselytizing of students in any way that is contrary to the CCS doctrinal standards. (WCF)
The CCS philosophy of education is as follows:
    1) The Classical method of instruction at CCS will serve the Christian emphasis and mission of
    2) God is the sovereign creator and sustainer of all things, the source of all truth, and can be known
       personally through faith in his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
    3) The home, the church, and the school should complement each other, promoting the student’s
       spiritual, academic, social and physical growth.
    4) God has revealed himself in a general way in nature, in a special way through the Bible and most
       specifically, in the person of Christ.
    5) The teacher has been temporarily delegated a portion of the parents’ authority & responsibility,
       representing all levels of authority derived from God.
    6) God has given unique characteristics and abilities to each student. The teacher will consider the
       diverse nature of his/her students as he/she plans the program of instruction.
    7) The student’s home, church and school experience and training should be a preparation for life: A
       life of communion and fellowship with and service to both God and man.
I have read and understand the Statement of Faith and Philosophy and I agree to abide by and support
the stated purpose and philosophy of CCS.

Parent / Guardian Signature                                Date

Parent / Guardian Signature                                Date

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