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 (954) 966-5523                    Installation Instructions for the:
www.florida50.com                         1987-1993 Mustang Instrument Cluster

Please read the complete instructions before you start your installation. These instructions are merely guidelines and are not meant to be all-
inclusive. Due to misc. differences of some of the cars from 1987 to 1993, the fitting of the cluster housings may require individuals to pre-fit and
possibly modify the unit or the surrounding locations prior to the final installation. The unit should be installed with very little or no pressure on the
existing cluster dash cover. Each cluster assembly has been tested as a complete unit; all wiring to the gauges and lights have been pre-wired and

NOTE: If you are unsure of your ability to perform this type of installation, seek out a qualified service facility to do this job.

                                                              Tools and Items Needed
        Stubby Phillips Screwdriver                          11/32 “ Wrench                                        Flashlight
        (2) Small slotted screwdrivers                       Standard Pliers                                       Electrical Tape
        ¼” drive socket set                                  12 Volt Test Light                                    Towel
        T-15 Torx socket or wrench                           Wire Cutter/Stripper                                  Extra pair of hands
        9.64 “ Allen wrench                                  Crimping Tool

        Disconnect The Battery                                Disconnect The Battery                                Disconnect The Battery

                                            Pre- Installation Procedures and Helpful Hints
        In the engine bay, locate the speedometer cable as it comes thru the firewall. Follow the cable down to the frame rail and remove the screw that holds the
         cable bracket to the frame. This is needed to give you more cable travel up behind the speedometer when installing the new cluster.
        Cover the steering column with a towel once the Factory Instrument Cluster has been removed. This will help prevent damaging the gauges when
         installing the unit.
        Make sure the dash lights with dimmer, turn signals, Hi beam, tachometer, fuel gauge and alternator all work prior to this installation. (Remember each
         cluster has been completely tested.)
        Prior to installing the electrical T-Taps supplied, you will need to probe the factory wire harnesses for specific identification of the accessories you are
         seeking to identify. This means reconnect the battery and protect all bare harness ends. Also both switches that were previously removed from the cluster
         cover will need to be plugged back in so certain circuits will be completed and the probing will be correct
        Once all wires are identified, the proper T-Tap can be installed just behind the factory connectors. T-Taps are similar to 3m scotch loks; in the way they
         make their connection. Make sure you use the proper t-tap. (Red 22-18 ga. wire, Yellow 10-12 ga. wire)

                                                     Wire identification and color codes
                                      The wire identification and color codes are supplied for the specific year Mustangs.

                              The 1990-1993 Mustang Installation Instructions come with the Factory Ford harness pin charts.
                              When you order a built instrument cluster we supply the specific pin chart for your year Mustang.

                We recommend all wires that are to be used be identified by both the wire color codes and the pin chart when possible.
        When then recommend verifying the proper wires by using a test light. We have found that some of the wire color markings over the years
                             have faded and that probing with a test light is the best way to verify the wires function.
          Warning:                    Read Note 2 in the Installation Steps for important information regarding the Alternator

                                                                   Installation Steps
1)   Remove the instrument cluster dash cover, headlight switch, emergency flasher switch and cluster. (See fig. 1 for help in removing the left and right
     switch units). The dash cover and cluster are removed by methodically removing the Phillips and torxs screws, and all other fasteners and plates that are
     needed to allow the cluster to be removed. Once all screws are removed, cover the steering column with a towel and gently pull the cluster away from the
     dash, far enough so you can remove both wire harness connectors and the speedometer cable. The harness connectors are removed by squeezing the
     plastic locks on each end at the same time and gently wiggling connector till it releases. Next, study (fig. 2) on how to remove the speedometer cable.
2)   You are now ready to probe both wire harness connectors to identify the wires you will need to tie into with the t-taps. For this procedure you will need a
     good 12-volt test light. At this point you also need to have a working knowledge of a vehicle 12-volt system, and know how to use a test light. The
     information in the section labeled “Wire identification and color codes” is used for 1987 – 1989 Mustangs and is to be a guideline when you are probing
     for wires that are needed to operate your new cluster. (Reminder) Due to wire colors fading, etc., it is necessary to probe for the wires for the correct

 Note 1:        For 1990 – 1993 Mustangs, use the Instrument Cluster Pin chart that came with your instructions instead of the information
         in the “Wire identification and color codes” section. ONLY 1990, 1991, 1992 & 1993 Mustangs have Pin Charts.

 Note 2: In order for the alternator to power up, you will need to take the red 14 ga. jumper wire found in the hardware bag and connect it between a
        12-volt ignition wire in the harness and to the Alternator wire light green / red also in the harness. We suggest using the yellow Ttap on a heavy
        gauge 12-volt ign. wire (that is a 12 ga. wire). If this jumped connection is not made the alternator will not be energized.
       * For additional information about the Alternator and other Tech Information, please visit our web-site www.florida50.com and read the
         FAQ’s and Tech Sections.
3)   At this point match the wires from the instrument cluster to the wires you probed and connect to each other by using the t-taps. NOTE: To wire
     up the tachometer refer to the AutoMeter instructions that were attached to the tach hardware bag and follow their directions. Auto meter is asking
     that all tachometers be wired thru a 4-amp fuse for proper protection. Once you are satisfied that all connections are correct, check the clusters
     operation by powering up and or starting vehicle. If any area of the cluster is not working rethink the steps you did and trouble shoot your
4)   The next step is connecting the speedometer and cable. This installation of the adapter and drive pin is very straightforward. The aluminum adapter
     threads onto the speedometer and the drive pin extension connects the speedometer rotating port to the inner drive shaft of the cable. Sometimes,
     removing the cable from the transmission and rotating it will help you to know if everything has engaged correctly. See figure (2) For help in
     understanding how the plastic lock works on the speedometer cable. And also how the aluminum adapter attaches to the speedometer.

5)   When everything is working and you are ready to reassemble the dash, make sure both harness connectors are covered by the (2) clear plastic
     covers and are secured with the tie wraps. Secure all loose wires with tie wraps and then slowly install cluster without using much force. --- Do any
     last minute testing at this point prior to installing the dash cover. -----

6)   Secure all screws and anything else that were removed, such as speedometer cable bracket in the engine bay area and drive assembly at the
     transmission.     Test drive and enjoy.

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