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									               Auto Buying Assistant LLC
               Auto Buying Assistant - With 17 years of experience in the automobile
               Industry, I know the auto buying and selling process from start to finish.
               I will offer you an experience that is smooth and easy with absolutely no
               pressure. I will ensure you receive the best price, highest trade-in value,
               and competitive interest rate.

               Richie Axelsen, President

                            “Making clients happy one at a time”

            100% Client satisfaction is our number one Priority!!!

                                  Client testimonials
                I'll tell ya, Richie is "DA MAN". Chi Chi and I saved $240 a
                month because of Richie's help. He did for me in one day
                 what I tried to do for month and saved me money. I also
               got the car I really wanted. I recommend anyone looking to
              purchase, let Richie do it for you. No headaches, no pain, no
                    extra time. You show up at dealer, test ride, sign the
                papers, and you're on your way. Like I said, one day, two
trades, a brand new car, and all I did was show up and sign. WOW!!! -

                                  Mike Cloutier – Head Golf Pro Point Sebago
      We just bought a used car with Richie's help. Everyone says customer
      satisfaction is a priority but Richie means it and follows through. He took the
      stress and headaches out of buying a car. We will never go back to doing it on
      our own. He was wonderful to work with. We highly recommend his services.
      "Thanks Richie for really standing behind your commitment to customer
      satisfaction. Your help in buying the car for Patrice was more than we
      expected. You saved us money as well as relieved the stress and headaches
      associated with buying a car. You are the BEST."

                           Donna Marowka & Patrice Roy – Freeport, Me
                Auto Buying Assistant LLC
             Richie is a man of high integrity and morals. When
             Richie tells you that he will do something you can count
             on him 100% of the time. Recently I reached out to him
             for assistance in selling my vehicle. I shared with Richie
             that I wanted to sell the car quickly but for a very specific
             somewhat aggressive price.
             Richie assured me that this would be no issue at all.
             Within a day one of Richie's industry connections
             connected me to set up the sale of my vehicle. The next
day this individual met me with check in hand. I joked with the
individual about purchasing my car "sight unseen.” He stated he
would always trust any deal that came from Richie. I would highly
recommend any business venture with Rich Axelsen.

                    Rudy DiPietro - District Manager Hannaford Brothers

Wrapping up a deal with Richie tomorrow. He puts 110% into every
client to get them what they want at a price they can afford. 5 stars. Will
be using him in a few months for a new truck!

                  Northgate Lawn Care LLC - Jake Audet – President
“I live in Florida and I would not buy my cars from any other person. I feel Richie is
very reliable and trustworthy to look out for my best interest when it coming to
buying a new or used vehicle. I compare prices with other dealership and Richie
beat them all by a large margin. I pay the shipping charges to be sent here in my
home town in Ormond Beach, FL. Have never been disappointed. I recommend my
friends and relatives to go see Richie and they all have told me they were treated
real good and very satisfied with price and the service. My mom would not go
anywhere else... When I travel back to Maine, I always stop in to just say Hi. There
should be more good people like Richie out there, I always feel when I leave there
that I got the best deal in town, and like I got a great friend in the automobile
industry that I can call anytime and he will do his best to get me the best deal in
town for me..” January 7, 2011

                 Everett Butts – Retired - Ormond Beach, Florida
      Auto Buying Assistant LLC

          Richie rocks and got me a great deal on an amazing
          car!!! was under a lot of pressure because I totaled my
          vehicle and needed one fast and Richie found me the
          exact vehicle I was looking for within 24 hours from
          my email to him and got me a great deal on my 2007
          Nissan Sentra with only 27k miles, I will be sending
          everyone to Richie.

                   Chelsea Thompson – South Portland, Me

         Richie was referred to us by a family member and we
         was looking to replace our 2001 Hyundai Tiburon that
         was all rusted out and he was amazing is finding us a
         car that met both of our financial & auto needs which
         we was trying to do for the last month, we would
         highly recommend Auto Buying Assistant to anyone
         looking to purchase a vehicle.

Beverlee Henline & Karen Russell – Westbrook, Me
                     Auto Buying Assistant LLC
I bought a 1991 Rav-4 through Richie Axelsen several years ago. I saved
hundreds of dollars at the time of sale, and my car is still on the road. I have
200,400 miles on it, there is no rust and it is still running so well, that I expect
to get another 2-3 years out of it! You cannot do better than that. When it
comes time to get another vehicle, I am definitely going to contact Richie! He
is the greatest at this!! Thank you Richie!

 Nancy Marshall
 Owner of Finesse Jewelers – Skowhegan, Maine

                      “Up until recently, I have always had an allergic reaction
                      to dealing with the people and process involved in a car
                      purchase. Suffice it to say, as long as Richie is around to
                      assist, I may just buy a new car more often. Totally hassle
                      free……….and even fun. Thanks Richie! “

Ann Houser - Vice President Unum US Human Resources

                   Awesome experience, Richie Axelsen! We were very
                   fortunate to have you in our back pockets! What a
                   wonderful service you have and I hope you continue to be a
                   success for a long time to come! You can bet we are going to
                   give every one of your business cards out to people who are
                   hunting for a new car! Oh, and I hope you enjoyed your six-
                   pack! Thanks a million!
                     Auto Buying Assistant LLC
Brian & Corinne Cook - Auburn, Maine
                        "Richie was very helpful from start to finish with the
                        purchase of my new car. He provided me extensive
                        and insightful research in a timely manner. Once I
                        decided on a car, he immediately went to work in
                        negotiating the right price within my budget. With his
                        hard working and committed mentality, Richie will go
                        above and beyond to fulfill any person's needs. When it
                        comes to purchasing a vehicle, this is the guy that you
                        want on your team!"
                        - Adam Caron - Marketing Specialist Gardiner FCU-
                        Brunswick, Maine

- Adam Caron - Marketing Specialist Gardiner F.C.U - Brunswick, Maine

Had a wonderful buying experience with Richie and ABA. The proactive
communication and professionalism made me feel very comfortable with the
process. Despite living in Maryland and not knowing anyone in the Ohio area
(where I bought my car) I had complete confidence in Richie after discussing
my circumstances. Thanks for all your help.

Evan Watkins –IT Specialist Sprit Corporation - Glenn Dale, Maryland

If you are looking to sell a vehicle like I was, doing so with Richie at Auto
Buying Assistant couldn't have been any easier. Within one day of providing
the information on my vehicle to Richie he had found a buyer and to top it
off he negotiated the entire deal for exactly the amount I was looking to get
out of the vehicle. Richie knows the ins and outs of the auto business. I
strongly recommend anyone looking to sell a vehicle to use his services, the
small fee he charges will be well worth the hundreds or thousands more he
will get you in the negotiation process!
                     Auto Buying Assistant LLC
Thanks again Richie!

Mark Goodwin – South Portland,Me Owner of The Dog Wash Ect
                    I recently purchased a vehicle with the assistance of Richie. I have a
                    relatively busy work schedule and at the time was living in another
                    state. Richie managed to coach me over the two month process
                    (Delayed only due to my move back to Maine) fielding numerous
                    calls and emails with his standard high energy and positive attitude.
                    Richie found my vehicle through his endless industry network, the
                    vehicle far exceeded all of my predetermined metrics.

                    Negotiating was a no brained Richie had already worked with the
                    sales team to determine a fair price and interest rate. Both were far
                    better than any other dealer in New England. I would estimate that I
                    easy saved $5,000 on this transaction over the life of my loan.

                   There is no doubt in my mind that when I am ready to purchase
                 vehicle Richie will be the first person I call.

Rudy DiPietro - Director of Merchandising - Hannaford Supermarkets – New England

                    Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say "thank you" for the great
                    service you provided to Jody and I on the purchase of our new
                    vehicle. I've purchased many vehicles over the years, but none went
                    this smoothly and with this little stress. In using Auto Buying
                    Assistant, we ended up with the right vehicle at the right price and
                    without all the hassles of dealing directly with the various
                    dealerships. Once we identified the vehicle and features we wanted,
                    you went to work. The price was great and the experience even
                    better. I'll sing your praises to all of my friends and I look forward to
                    our next purchase with you. You have a customer for life!

Carl Gagnon - AVP- Retirement Programs - Unum Portland Maine.
                         Auto Buying Assistant LLC


                        Just wanted to take the time to drop you a note of thanks for the hard work
                        you did for my wife and I in our search for a new (to us) vehicle.

                         Like most people, when my wife and I decided it was time to retire the 12
                        year old 165,000 mile car I was driving, the prospect of vehicle shopping
                        and buying process did not excite us, to say the least. I work full time
                        travelling around the state, and my wife is a stay at home mother with our
                        20 month old son. To find the time to enquire, drive, haggle, etc on a variety
                        of vehicles at a variety of dealerships was just about impossible for us. We
                        were also very aggressive in what we were looking for in a vehicle. Low
                        mileage, and with myself being a Marden by blood and employment, well,
                        let’s just say the price had to be right.

 I had met and worked with Richie at charity events in the past, and I knew he was a straight-
shooting honest guy (I’ll let the fact that he’s a Yankees fan slide). The price he charges for his
services looked great to us, and we figured why not. Nothing required up front other than a phone
call and the info on what we were looking for. Okay, Richie – get to it!

Within three days of getting the initial information to Richie, he had visited several dealerships, and
made phone calls to many others. He narrowed the field down to a few cars for us, and we decided
to meet him at a dealership and see what magic he could come up with. Needless to say, I was VERY

 The price of the vehicle was well within our budget, and he was able to leverage a great price for
our trade-in. It was great to not feel intimidated or overwhelmed at the dealership with Richie
there. He’s an industry insider, and it was nice to have that on our side of the table. We were able
to find the vehicle we wanted, at the price we wanted, and we only had to make travel/babysitting
arrangements once to buy the vehicle.

At the dealership, Richie showed us the stack of other customer vehicle requests he was working
on. I was blown away – with the way Richie had treated my calls and inquiries, I honestly felt we
were the only customer he was working with. That is customer service at its finest, in my opinion.

I’ve literally been born and raised within a family and business that prides itself on providing deals,
low prices, and customer-first service. Richie gets a 5-star rating on all of these, in my opinion. I’m
looking forward to spreading the word on how Richie worked for us, and I can’t wait to send more
business his way.
                         Auto Buying Assistant LLC
I can’t stress enough the value of what Richie does for the price. We literally saved thousands of
dollars and hours of time, for what I consider a small pittance with the services he provides.
Thanks again Richie – I look forward to working with you in the future!

-Jake Marden - Marketing Director and Retail Buyer for Marden’s

                          As an attorney with an interest in Consumer Protection—and as a
                          Certified Financial Planner™—I have learned that it takes an expert
                          to deal with an expert . . . at least it does if you want the best result.
                          Car buying is no different. With Auto Buying Assistant LLC, you
                          have an expert on YOUR side: Richie Axelsen!

                          Richie knows the business, and having a “car guy” negotiate for you
                          means you end up with the best deal and the peace of mind of
                          knowing that you have not overpaid or been taken advantage of—
                          two things I never believed when I bought cars on my own. On top
                          of it all, Richie is a great guy. You’ll be glad you met him and had his

Barry Kohler - Attorney and Certified Financial Planner.

                           Using Richie's services to buy a car was a timely, perfect decision for me.
                           I've needed a new car for several years now, but have procrastinated
                           because I don't like dealing with car salesmen and dealership owners. I
                           also don't like shopping around for the best bargain for my trade-in - it
                           takes too long and I can't tell when I'm being lied to. And, I'm someone
                           who doesn't really enjoy test driving cars. With Richie, all my car phobias
                           were addressed. I spoke with him on a Wednesday, reviewed his research
                           about the cars on my list the next Monday, and on Thursday was driving
                           my new car off the lot. What I couldn't do in two years he did in 8 days! I
                           never had to haggle with salesmen, drive from dealership to dealership, or
                           negotiate price. Richie did the heavy lifting, while I decided which color
                           my new car would be. (Hey, that's a big decision!) Thanks, Richie, for your
                           customer service, your relationships with New England auto dealers, and
                           your knowledge of new and used cars. I benefitted greatly from your
               Auto Buying Assistant LLC

       Sheila Donahue – Unum – Falmouth, Maine

             Car Buying is no longer a hassle... I talked to ABA / Richie Axelsen, told
             him my parameters, and a very short time later he found the exact car I
               wanted, I was given the choice of two different color interiors, and I
               was driving away with my new Rav-4... It was only about 2.5 hours
              from start to finish once he located the car! ABA did sooo much work
             behind the scene to get me a GREAT price and customer service! It was
             so easy for me... and I live 100 miles away. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this
                              service... unbelievably excellent service!

Nancy Marshall – Owner Finesse Jewelry – Madison, Maine

             "Richie at Auto Buying Assistant helped us recently with the purchase
             of our new car. We cannot say enough about the amount of time and
             money we saved by using his services. Not only did he find us the
             perfect car within a week of our first phone call, but he made the
             buying process as seamless as possible! After the sale he also assisted
             us in taking care of some minor details with the dealership. Pair all of
             that with his personalized service, best car buying experience ever!"
             ~The Cushings

      Bill & Brady-Anne Cushing – Bath, Maine
                        Auto Buying Assistant LLC

                           I had several "must haves" for my new car and Richie found a vehicle
                           that met all of my criteria in a short time frame and handled my
                           request with great confidence and ease.
                           The car was located in another state and Richie devoted an entire day
                           driving me to and from the dealership, participating in the test drive,
                           negotiating the price, completing the sales agreement, and weighing
                           the pros and cons of purchasing a warranty based on my driving
                           habits. I was able to purchase the vehicle under my bottomline price
                           along with a few extras to help sweeten the deal. The nominal fee for
                           service is well worth the amount of quality and time you will receive
                           from Richie.

                           A couple of weeks after I had purchased the car, I noticed that the
                           driver's side head lamp was not working properly. I contacted Richie
                           about the problem and in less than 24 hours he had arranged with the
dealership to cover the expense of the part and labor to be paid directly to a local servicer. He
arranged for the appointment with the local servicer and was kind enough to include the cost of
the loaner car. This example shows his level of commitment to me as a customer beyond the
business deal.

I was personally touched by the many stories he shared with me involving his work with elderly
clients. Based on his years of work in this business, he was able to intervene on their behalf in
turn preventing them from being financially exploited by ruthless car salesmen. I consider his
line of work a form of social justice.

Richie is a combination of Captain Kirk, Mother Theresa, and the Lone Ranger. His enthusiam,
energy and zest for life is contagious. He has extensive connections reaching far beyond the car
and banking industries.

Got Richie? Well, what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax and enjoy your new ride!

             Christina Hatch – Harpswell, Maine

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