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									                                                           817 State Street
                                                           Petoskey, Michigan 49770
                                                           June 21, 2012

Colin Baenziger
Colin Baenziger & Associates
12970 Dartford Trail
Wellington, Florida 33414

                                                           Cocoa Beach City Manager Position

Dear Mr. Baenziger:

In response to the notice by Colin Baenziger & Associates concerning the opening in the City
Manager position at Cocoa Beach, Florida, and after carefully evaluating the specifications that
were listed in your firm’s profile, I wish to be considered as a candidate. I believe that I possess
the necessary qualifications and qualities. Accompanying this letter of application is my resume.

I retired in 2009 after having served for 25 years as City Manager of Petoskey, Michigan, a
scenic, four-season, resort and tourism community on Lake Michigan. As one of the Midwest’s
premier vacation and resort destinations, Petoskey has been listed in The 100 Best Small Towns
in America, The Great Small Towns of America, and America’s Best Places to Retire.

Petoskey is the seat of Emmet County. It is home to the historic and renowned Gaslight
Shopping District; McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital, a multi-county, specialty-service
facility; and North Central Michigan College. Petoskey serves an expansive, regional area as a
governmental, commercial, medical, educational, recreational, and cultural center.

Incorporated as a Village in 1879, and as a City in 1895, Petoskey adopted the council-manager
form of government in 1916. It is a home-rule municipality that now exists under authority of a
revised charter that was approved by voters in 1984, by which a five-member City Council
appoints a City Manager, who serves as the City’s chief administrative officer.

At the time of my retirement, the City’s 2008 budget totaled $28,397,800, with $6,549,100 set
aside for capital projects and purchases. The City employs 70 persons on a full-time basis and
approximately 40 part time, and provides municipal and utility services to 6,100 City residents
and about 4,000 persons who live in surrounding, unincorporated, Township areas.

In addition to implementing major organizational changes that streamlined the City’s
operations by reducing ten former departments to four, and through cross-training of
personnel in public-safety and public-works functions, my work in Petoskey also included
planning and implementing a variety of major and complex capital projects.

This work had included the comprehensive upgrading of streets and sidewalks; of water, sewer,
and electric utilities; and of parks and buildings. The City’s redeveloped Bayfront Park has won
several awards and new streetscape features were installed throughout the entire Victorian-era
downtown district, following its inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

Bay Harbor, an 1,100-acre site along five miles of Lake Michigan shoreline – where luxury
homes, a championship golf course, two marinas, a commercial district, hotels, and conference
centers have been developed - was annexed, expanding the City’s territory, population, and tax
base. I was responsible for negotiating all associated intergovernmental and utility agreements.

Prior to my appointment at Petoskey in 1983, I had served for five years as Administrative
Assistant and one year as Assistant Village Manager in Glencoe, Illinois. These positions, which
were the same but with a title change, permitted my involvement with all of the Village’s
operations. In 1983, the Village had a $6,000,000 budget and 100 employees.

Glencoe is a fully developed, prestigious, affluent, residential suburb 15 miles north of Chicago,
also on Lake Michigan. It has an ethnically-diverse population of 9,200. One of only three
“special-charter” cities in Illinois, Glencoe was incorporated in 1869 and was the State’s first
municipality to adopt the council-manager form of government in 1914.

From 1974 to 1977, I worked as Administrative Assistant and Assistant Park District Director for
the Bensenville Park District in Illinois. Founded in 1960, the Park District includes all of the
Village of Bensenville and lies within portions of six other municipalities about 20 miles west of
Chicago. It then provided services to approximately 20,000 residents.

With extensive expansion in the mid-1970s, the Bensenville Park District in 1977 operated with
a $1,000,000 budget and a staff of 20 full-time and 120 part-time employees. As a special-
purpose taxing body, the District maintained 17 parks and special facilities and a 36-hole, full-
service golf course. It also provided a variety of recreation and sports programs.

Since August, 2009, I have, at the request of its Board of Directors, been serving as a consultant
in the chief executive officer role for Allied EMS Systems, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation with
a staff of 110 that provides pre-hospital, advanced life support, emergency-medical services to
50 local governmental units within portions of five counties in both of Michigan’s peninsulas.

Simultaneously I have continued working with the Michigan Municipal League’s consulting
group, primarily to recruit persons for executive positions within local governments. As a
League assignment, I also served part time for 12 months during 2010 and 2011 as Interim City
Manager at Cheboygan, a community of 5,300, with 30 employees and an $8,000,000 budget.

After considering the desired qualifications for the Cocoa Beach City Manager position, I believe
my experience to be appropriate. My wife and I had no firm plans when I retired from
Petoskey, with the term “retirement” used only to permit me to remain in the group health
plan; I wanted to continue to work, and think that this position would offer a great opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration of my application, and please forgive my inability to submit it
in a timely manner. If I might provide additional information that would assist you in your
evaluation of my qualifications for the Cocoa Beach City Manager position - such as submission
of writing samples that could include Petoskey’s annual budget, City Council meeting-agenda
materials, special reports, etc. - please let know. Again, thank you for considering me.


                                                        George L. Korthauer


     817 State Street . . . . . . Petoskey, Michigan 49770 . . . . . . 231-347-4215

                         SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE

                 Management Consulting - Petoskey, Michigan, 2009 - present
                            City Manager - City of Petoskey, 1983-2009
               Assistant Village Manager - Village of Glencoe, Illinois, 1982-83
                 Administrative Assistant - Village of Glencoe, 1977-78
           Assistant Park District Director - Bensenville Park District, Illinois, 1976-77
                 Administrative Assistant - Bensenville Park District, 1974-76

                           DETAILS OF EXPERIENCE

Management Consulting - Assignments that have included recruiting for the Michigan
     Municipal League; Interim City Manager for the City of Cheboygan, Michigan; and Chief
     Executive Officer for Allied EMS Systems, Inc., Harbor Springs, Michigan, a regional, not-
     for-profit, pre-hospital, emergency-medical services contractor to 50 local governmental
     units that include cities, townships, and special-purpose authorities.

City of Petoskey - Appointed by five-member, non-partisan City Council to serve as chief
       administrative officer of home-rule City; responsible for daily operations, budgeting, and
       staffing; appointed department heads and directed them in providing services that
       included finance (fiscal management and general administrative functions); parks and
       recreation (parks and special facilities, buildings and grounds, and leisure and sports
       activities); public safety (combined police, fire, and emergency-medical services); public
       works (streets, water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment,
       electric distribution, motor pool, and engineering); and oversaw planning and zoning
       activities, property-tax assessing, and a City-operated, regional-service, public library.

Major accomplishments in Petoskey included the initiation of a voter-approved,
perpetual, tax-supported, comprehensive City-wide street- and sidewalk-reconstruction
program that included a complete streetscape-improvement and utility-replacement
project along more than 20 blocks of the City’s historic downtown; water-system
upgrades that included developing eight new wells, installing miles of pipeline, and
constructing two reservoirs; a major upgrade of wastewater-treatment facilities,
following expansion of the sanitary-collection system; and electric-distribution-system
improvements that included additions of two substations and expansion of a third, as
well as replacing one-third of conductors from overhead-to-underground installations.

 Successfully implemented a tax-increment-financing program, the proceeds from which
were used to redevelop the City’s primary Lake Michigan waterfront park, including
linking it to its adjacent business districts and residential neighborhoods, and
improvements within five other lake shore and river valley parks; and guided planning
for and oversaw development of projects at a variety of specialty facilities, which
included marina, campground, winter-sports, and athletic complexes, and construction
of a City Hall and public-safety complex, centralized public-works and parks garages,
various buildings within parks, refurbishing of a history-museum building, and construc-
tion of a new library - with only the latter project requiring a property-tax increase.

Streamlined the City’s organization structure both horizontally and vertically to develop
from ten former departments to current four (Finance, Parks and Recreation, Public
Safety, and Public Works); eliminated the former police and fire departments to
establish a unified Department of Public Safety, with cross-training of personnel
completed in less than five years to assist in improving community fire-insurance rating;
and revamped Department of Public Works job classifications to reduce titles to five
from 20, altered functions through cross-training, eliminated one-half of positions,
through attrition, with various tasks instead being contracted that provided for greater
efficiency, higher levels of service, and major reductions in overhead costs.

Served as the City’s Building Authority Chairperson and founding board member of both
the Harbor-Petoskey Area Airport Authority and Charlevoix-Cheboygan-Emmet Central
Dispatch Authority (Michigan’s first multi-county 9-1-1 system); elected as Michigan
Municipal League Regional Secretary and Chairman and to the Municipal League Board
of Trustees (serving more than 500 cities and villages); appointed to its Liability and
Property Pool Board of Directors, serving as both Vice Chairman and Chairman
(providing insurance to 800 local units); and now continuing service as a member of the
League’s Foundation Board; elected to the Michigan Local Government Management
Association Board of Directors; and named by State legislators to advisory committees
for the Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Village of Glencoe - Assisted and represented Village Manager and served as Acting Village
        Manager in Manager’s absence; worked with department heads in all operations of
        departments that provided a variety of municipal services that included Finance (fiscal
        administration, personnel, and staff services), Public Safety (police, fire, and paramedic),
        and Public Works (streets, water-production and distribution, wastewater collection,
        solid-waste hauling, engineering, building, and zoning); and an 18-hole golf course;
        prepared Village Board-meeting agendas and other communications to Village Board,
        residents, other governmental agencies, business community, and all forms of media.

       Responsible for numerous research assignments; assisted with preparing budgets and
       oversaw budgeted projects; developed five-year financial plan for capital-improvement
       projects and major equipment purchases; managed projects, including development of
       specifications and monitoring of contracts; provided staff assistance to Plan Commission
       and Zoning Board of Appeals and served as Secretary to Public Safety (police-fire)
       Commission; recruited, screened, and selected personnel; participated in union negotiations
       and served as grievance-hearing officer; served as Village’s liaison to citizen advisory
       committees for the central business district and community groups.

Bensenville Park District - Assisted and represented Park District Director and also served as
      Acting Director in Director’s absence; assisted with supervision of departments that
      provided a full range of park facilities and recreation programs, including a 36-hole golf
      course; served as Park District Treasurer and was responsible for the collection and
      disbursement of all Park District funds, preparation of monthly and annual financial
      reports; prepared grant applications and coordinated grant- and bond-financed
      projects; supervised land acquisition, bid-purchase, and construction projects; designed
      and oversaw reorganization plan; and acted as liaison to other governmental agencies.


             Master of Public Administration - Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois, 1977
                                               Municipal Management

                            Bachelor of Arts - Western Illinois University, Macomb, 1974
                                               Political Science


Full Member - International City/County Management Association

Full Member - Michigan Local Government Management Association


Thomas H. Gietzen, M.D. - Former Petoskey City Councilmember
1100 Autumn Lane
Petoskey, Michigan 49770

Dale E. Meyer - Former Petoskey Mayor
1006 East Mitchell Street
Petoskey, Michigan 49770

Robert B. Morris - Former Glencoe Village Manager
205 One Arbor Lane
Evanston, Illinois 60201

Terry C. Schwerm - City Administrator, City of Shoreview
4600 North Victoria Street
Shoreview, Minnesota 55126

B. Jeremy Wills, D.D.S. - Former Petoskey City Councilmember and Mayor
204 State Street
Petoskey, Michigan 49770

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