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									February 28, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

Time is flying by; Our Journey is really keeping me busy. We continue to do many PowerPoint
Presentations at churches, civic organizations and women's groups, wherever we are asked. Our
Journey is committed to raising a considerable amount of $$$ to continue all our on going
projects in South Africa. To quote Fred, our board member and CPA, "Our Journey's only
limitation is the money we can raise".

We have had a lot of publicity lately, a magazine cover story and two newspapers articles, all in
one month. Praise God! Links to the articles:

Florida Times Union "Mama Maureen Takes Her Passion to South Africa"

The Georgia Magazine "Our Journey to Africa" - To open up this wonderful article, click on
this link and then under the picture of Maureen and children, click on the title, enter the access
code "journey" and then click on "go."

The Harbor Sound "The Forgotten Children in the Valley of a Thousand Hills"

Update on some of the great things people are doing to help support Our Journey:

Ellen Moriarty, a St. Simons Island artist and a great supporter of Our Journey, has again
donated a piece of art that she specifically painted for us. The opportunity to purchase tickets for
the framed oil painting of "Hunters Café at Shellman Buff" will be offered at the parking lot for
the St. Patrick's Day celebration in Shellman Bluff on Saturday, March 15. Tickets will be
available for a $5.00 donation, with all proceeds going to Our Journey. They will remain on sale
until May 17 . Please contact Barbara Perkins at (912)-832-7038 or e-mail her at
perkie@darientel.net if you would like to purchase tickets or sell tickets for us. The winner will
be announced at Hunter's Café on Saturday, May 17. You do not need to be present to win.

Hunters Cafe at Shellman Bluff, GA by Ellen Moriarty
Three groups have already started sewing quilts for the children in South Africa. Sandra
Magsamen's company "Messages From The Heart" has created this project and is sponsoring the
material and the postage to mail the quilts to Our Journey in South Africa

       Message from Sandra –
       If you know anyone who would like to help with this effort please have them
       contact me and we will send them fabric. Our goal is to cover the world with love.

        Best wishes and heartfelt thanks for all you do.

       Sandra Magsamen
       PO Box 5013
       Glen Arm MD 21057

                                    HOW YOU CAN HELP

Cash, stock and real estate may be donated to help support Our Journey's projects in South
Africa. Donations may also be included in wills. Since Our Journey is a non-profit 501 (c) (3)
public charity licensed in the State of Georgia all contributions can be tax deductible.

Receipts will be provided for tax purposes. Please send your donations or questions concerning
contributions to:

Our Journey, Inc.
Fred G. Mills , CPA, LLC
Route 4, Box 3133
Townsend, GA 31331 USA

Much love,

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