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									                  Helpful Resources for the FTCE and FELE

Are you looking for resources to help you find answers to your questions about
the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) or the Florida Educator
Leadership Examination (FELE)? Here are seven helpful links and contacts to
assist you toward success.

1. The FTCE/FELE Bulletin and Registration: FTCE Registration Bulletins can
be downloaded from the FTCE/FELE Program Web site maintained by National
Evaluation Systems, Inc., at Bulletins with registration
applications can be ordered by phone or mail. Contact the FTCE/FELE Program
office by calling (413) 256-2893 or sending a written request to the address

                             FTCE/FELE Program
                          National Evaluation Systems
                                 P.O. Box 660
                           Amherst, MA 01004-9018

Examinees can now register for both paper-based and computer-based tests
online at

2. Question and Answers about FTCE: Candidates can find information,
including answers to frequently asked questions like the ones listed below, at

   o What is the percentage of questions I have to answer correctly for the
     FTCE/FELE exams I must take?
   o Why are teacher certification scores reported as pass or fail?
   o Why does the number of questions needed to pass an examination vary
     slightly from one administration to the next?

3. Competencies and Skills for FTCE and FELE: The Competencies and Skills
Required for Teacher Certification in Florida is a publication produced by the
Florida Department of Education. It includes a comprehensive listing of the
state’s requirements for demonstrating competency and knowledge in the areas
of Professional Education, General Knowledge, and 42 subject areas (see #4 for
a full list of subject areas). Current versions of the FTCE and FELE
Competencies and Skills are available online and free of charge at: and

4. Test Information Guides: The Test Information Guides cover information that
will help candidates prepare for the following 42 subject areas, including General
Knowledge, Professional Education, and the FELE.
    Professional Education                      General Knowledge
    Agriculture 6-12                            Latin K-12
    Art K-12                                    Marketing 6-12
    Biology 6-12                                Mathematics 6-12
    Business Education 6-12                     Middle Grades English 5-9
    Chemistry 6-12                              Middle Grades General
    Computer Science K-12                        Science 5-9
    Drama 6-12                                  Middle Grades Integrated
    Earth/Space Science 6-12                     Curriculum
    Ed. Media Specialist PK-12                  Middle Grades Mathematics
    Elementary Education K-6                     5-9
    English 6-12                                Middle Grades Social Science
    ESOL                                         5-9
    Exceptional Student Ed. K-12                Music K-12
    Family and Consumer Science                 Physical Education K-12
    French K-12                                 Physics 6-12
    German K-12                                 Prekindergarten/Primary PK-
    Guidance and Counseling PK-12                3
    Health K-12                                 Preschool Education (Birth-
    Hearing Impaired K-12                        Age 4)
    Humanities K-12                             Reading K-12
    Technology Education (Formerly              School Psychologist PK-12
     Industrial Arts Technology) 6-12            Social Science 6-12
    Journalism 6-12                             Spanish K-12
                                                 Speech 6-12
                                                 Speech-Language Impaired
                                                 Visually Impaired K-12

5. The Customer Support Center, open 7AM–7PM: The Customer Support
Center, open 12 hours per day Monday - Saturday, can provide you with
information and answers to your FTCE/FELE questions. Just dial (413) 256-
2893, and press option nine to talk to a customer service representative.

6. Spanish is Spoken Here: Information and answers to your FTCE/FELE
questions are available in Spanish! To speak to a Spanish-speaking
representative at the Customer Support Center, press option one, and then
option nine.

7. Computer-based Testing: All FTCE/FELE examinations will be available
through computer-based testing (CBT) before the end of 2008. Currently, 17
examinations are available online through (CBT):
     Business Education 6-12                  Exceptional Student
     Educational Media Specialist               Education K-12
      PK-12                                    Family and Consumer
     Elementary Education K-6                   Science

   Guidance and Counseling PK-          Social Science 6-12
    12                                   FELE, Subtest I
   Mathematics 6-12                     FELE, Subtest III
   Middle Grades Integrated             GK English Language Skills
    Curriculum                           GK Reading
   Middle Grades Mathematics            GK Mathematics
    5-9                                  Professional Education
    Physical Education K-12


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