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                                                                                           ALIEN COSTUME
This costume is out of this world! This Halloween transform yourself into a space age alien!

    •   orange long sleeve shirt                                       •   2 styrofoam balls
    •   pink faux fur                                                  •   glue
    •   orange faux fur                                                •   gold glitter paint
    •   safety pins                                                    •   headband
    •   scissors                                                       •   6 green pipe cleaners
    •   marker

    1. Cut a bunch of blobs of alien skin out of pink faux fur.

    2. To create tentacles, start by folding a bigger sheet of pink faux fur in half. Draw on 4 alternating long and short
       tentacles. Round off the edges and cut them out with the sheet still folded to create 2 sets of tentacles.

    3. Attach your tentacles to an orange shirt. Glue the blobs to the front and lie fur down under the sleeves to safety
       pin them.

    4. Twist 2 sets of green pipe cleaners together and stick them into Styrofoam balls. Draw spirals on the balls for
       eyes using glitter paint.

    5. Cut 2 triangles out of orange faux fur and wrap them around the eyeballs to create lids. Glue them down and let
       them dry for about an hour.

    6. Create 2 spirals out of pipe cleaners by twisting them around a marker. Attach them to the side of your headband
       to create antennas.

                   Did you know there’s a free web video for this activity with step-by-step instructions?
                                 See all the fun activities for kids at www.activitytv.com.

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