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					Arlington Pop Warner Cheerleading Information!! (updated June 22, 2007)                                                        Page 1

Practices:         Practices will begin Monday July 30th @ 5:30 pm at Heard Field, Arlington Heights (behind Walgreens)

                   Practices will run:
                   1st , 2nd & 3rd week of practice: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5:30 to 7:30 (E team 7:00)

                   Note: Coaches may change a practice due to personal reasons or special clinics.

                   4th week of practice: Practices will be moving indoors to Gibbs Gym in East Arlington, for at least two of the
                   practices. Each team will receive a schedule of what nights they will have (they will not have all 5 days, only 3
                   practices a week after Labor Day) – please see appropriate schedule for your team.

                   Gym time is very expensive, so please make all practices!

Pick-up and        Drop off – Please be on time to practice. We begin each practice with warm-up and conditioning exercises.
                   These exercises are very important to get your child ready for cheerleading. Late comers are still required to
Drop-off           warm-up and post-pone the practice for everyone else.

                   Pick-up – Please be on time to pick up your child from practice. Our staff is made up of volunteers who have
                   worked all day at their jobs and have volunteered their time to coach. Everyone wants to get home at a
                   reasonable time.

Attendance:        We ask that your child makes every effort to attend all practices. Cheerleading is a Team sport. It is very
                   hard to practice as a team if someone is missing. Every girl is important! The cost of indoor practices is very
                   expensive, so we urge you to make all of your practices. Remember, after August, we only practice 6 hours a
                   week, so we are not asking a lot.

                   Homework: Homework should be completed before practice. Please do not use homework as an excuse for
                   missing a practice.

                   Please, Do not over schedule your child with activities that will prevent her from attending practices,
                   games and/or competitions--it is not fair to the other cheerleaders or coaching staff. Please make Arlington
                   Pop Warner the priority activity.

                   Please take the time to decide which sport your child wants to partake in. We expect 100%
                   participation from all cheerleaders, so if you can’t make practices because of other commitments, we
                   will ask you to choose.

                   Please contact your coach directly if illness or school commitments prevent your child from attending a
                   practice. Do not send messages with other children on the team.

                   Vacations – During the month of August, we realize that it is difficult to commit to 4 times a week for 5
                   weeks. If you family is taking a vacation week, or a day here or there, please let your coach know as soon as

                   5th grade Camp – Arlington schools are lucky to have 5th grade students attend a camp for a week in the fall.
                   Please let your coach know immediately when you are scheduled for 5 th grade camp. Please be prepared to
                   practice the Friday night after you return from camp.

Questions?? Call Cheer Coordinator: Robin Doke or your coach

Check our Website: www.arlingtonpopwarner.com
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Distractions:      During August we practice outdoors in tight quarters and ask that you do not interfere with the coaching
                   staff. Parents are not allowed to “coach” their child during practices. We do want to see your smiling faces.
                   The coaches need the cheerleaders’ attention at all times.

                   Please instruct your child not to leave the practice area unless they ask the coach.

                   If you bring younger siblings to practice, please keep an eye on them. The coaches and APW staff are not
                   babysitters. APW will not be responsible for any child that is not a registered team member.

                   Smoking: Please do not smoke near our cheerleading practice area. This is a National Pop Warner rule.
                   There is plenty of room to stand at the perimeter of the field and watch your child practice when you need to
                   have a cigarette.

What to            Practice Uniform: Wear a white form-fitting T-shirt/Tank top and dark loose-fitting shorts to all practices.
                   Practice uniforms are available at Holovak and Coughlin’s to purchase. Please, NO JEANS!!! T shirts should
Wear               be form-fitting (not too big) and tucked into shorts.

                   Shoes: You must wear sneakers to every practice. No sandals, no flip-flops. Do not wear your new “game
                   sneakers” to outdoor practice; you may wear last year’s cheerleading sneakers.

                   Hair should be tied back in a pony-tail and off the face. No jewelry should be worn. Finger nails should be
                   kept short.

                   (Note: When the weather gets cold, it is acceptable to wear sweats to outside practices. Please, no jeans!!! Be
                   sure to label all clothing. For inside practices, continue to wear the T shirt and shorts).

Water              Be sure to bring a water bottle to practice. We recommend water rather than juices or Gatorade, which
                   attract ants! Be sure to label all bottles.

Moving in         Starting the 4th week of August, we are moving indoors to Gibbs Gym in Arlington!

doors             We will have a schedule for each team. We have tried to give more time off during the middle of the school
                  week. Please attend all practices. Gym time is very expensive. Please do not schedule other activities at the
                  same time as your cheer practice time.

                  While we are at the gym, you must bring your “game” sneakers in a bag to practice in. You cannot practice in
                  “outdoor” sneakers on the gym mats. Please wear your practice uniform, or a white T-shirt and dark shorts.
                  Do not wear pants; no jeans.

                  While at the gym, parents will not be allowed in the practice area during practice. You may be invited in during
                  the end of practice to view what they have learned. Again, please do not distract your child during practice.

                  Note: Be prepared for an extra practice to be called at any time.

Questions?? Call Cheer Coordinator: Robin Doke or your coach

Check our Website: www.arlingtonpopwarner.com
Arlington Pop Warner Cheerleading Information!! (updated June 22, 2007)                                                                 Page 3

Football          Games are held on Sundays starting with the second Sunday in September. Again, you must make every effort
                  to attend all games. The cheerleaders are there for the football players. Please show up at least ½ hour prior
games             to the game to go over cheers.

                  Game times are:
                                              For:             Time:                 You show up at:
                                              E squad          8:00 a.m.             7:45 a.m.
                                              D squad          9:30 a.m.             9:00 a.m.
                                              C squad          11:00 a.m.            10:30 a.m.
                                              B squad          12:30 p.m.            12:00 noon
                                              A squad          2:00 p.m.             1:30 p.m.

                  (Note: coaches may ask you to come earlier than what is posted)

                  Cheerleaders are to wear their full uniform (no curls) at all games.

                  If the weather is warm, the coach may determine that the body suit may be removed. Please label your body

                  If the weather is cold, sweatshirts, jackets, sweatpants, may be worn. Please make sure that outer wear is
                  gray, maroon, black or white. No multi-color jammie pants, no other colors please.

                  While we do not require that you purchase an Arlington warm up outfit, we do want the team to look nice while
                  representing the town.

2006: Game        To be Determined

Pep Rallies,      There are additional days that the cheerleaders are expected to attend:

Town Day,                 Pep Rally, the night before the first game (TBD)
Jamboree                  Town Day, (Saturday, 9/10) from 8:00 am to 10:30 am
and                       Jamboree, last practice, the night before the 1 st competition (Friday, October 6th)
                          GBL Competition, (Saturday, October 20th) –keep all day free
Competitions              Emmanuell Competition Saturday, November 10th) – keep all day free

                      And for   any teams that move on to the next level:
                               Eastern Mass Competition (Sunday, October 29th)
                               New England Regionals (TBD )
                               Nationals (TBD )

                  If the football squad makes it to playoffs, the cheerleaders are expected to continue attending the games. This runs into
                  November after the regular season. This includes Regionals and Nationals in Florida. Games may be played at night at fields
                  to be determined at a later date. Cheerleaders who do not attend playoff games will not be eligible to attend Nationals in
                  Florida with their football team.

Questions?? Call Cheer Coordinator: Robin Doke or your coach

Check our Website: www.arlingtonpopwarner.com
Arlington Pop Warner Cheerleading Information!! (updated June 22, 2007)                                                                      Page 4

                    Pop Warner supplies the uniform skirt and vest, which you must return at the end of the season.
                    You must purchase:
                             Body Suit, Briefs, socks, Sneakers, Hair scrunchies, cheer curls (cost of curls app. $15.00 to $20.00).

                    Body Suit, briefs, socks and sneakers must be purchased at Holovak & Coughlins, no substitutions.

                    An additional cost will be the Team Competition T shirt – we try to keep the price between $8 and $10 for each girl – Each
                    team will have their own T shirt designed, and each girl will bring it to the competition to use a cover-up. The T shirt is a
                    nice memento of the season.

                    Cheer curls will be matched to your daughter’s hair color and ordered sometime in August or early September. Curls are
                    worn at competition only, not games. If you purchased curls last year, and they are in good condition*, you do not have to
                    purchase another set. (* the coach will determine what is “good condition”. You must bring the curls to the time day hair is
                    matched. The coach’s word is final.) Note: The coach determines if curls will be worn or not this year.

                    While in uniform, there is no eating, and no drinking. Water only. Hot chocolate, coke, mustard, ketchup will all stain and
                    ruin the uniform!! No one has starved in an hour and ½ while wearing a uniform. Please bring a change of clothes if you plan
                    on staying for another football game or Town Day. Please do not allow your children to “play” or walk around for any length
                    of time in their uniform.

                    Care of uniform: Just machine wash, gentle cycle, cold water, and line dry.
                             DO NOT add bleach
                             DO NOT put in dryer
                             DO NOT iron
                             DO NOT dry clean.
                             DO NOT cut off the label of the skirt or vest
                             DO NOT have the skirt or vest altered without approval

                    Remember, you do not own the uniform. The uniforms cost Pop Warner $175.00 each and are not easily replaced. Please take
                    good care of them. You will be responsible for any damages.

                    While not mandatory, we suggest that the girls attend clinics, camps and/or tumbling classes throughout the season. The
                    clinics, etc., are designed to properly prepare each participant for the cheer season. It is very important to learn proper
Camps,              technique and conditioning exercises.
                    Cheer and Tumbling camps: Through out the summer, some of the local cheer gyms will be offering all day camps. Please
                    contact the following if you are interested:

                             Arlington Recreation:
                             Full Out (Watertown), www.fulloutcheeracademy.com, 617-393-9714
                             JAG Cheer (Woburn), www.jagcheer.com, 781-933-1543
                             East Elite (Tewksbury), www.eastelite.com, 978-863-9808
                             Dreams (Everett/Malden), www.northeastallstars.com, 617-381-9279

                    Tumbling lessons: The same cheer gyms also have tumbling lessons.

Team Placement      Teams are determined by the Cheer Coordinators. Each child is placed on a team based on age and where they were placed
                    the previous year. Parents cannot chose which team their child will be on. We will not move girls around or trade teams
                    because children do not get along. The whole basis of cheerleading is teamwork and that means learning to work together.

Representing Your   Parents and children: While you are at any practice, game or competition, please remember you are representing the Town
team and town       of Arlington and Arlington Pop Warner. Please make sure your child adheres to the rules of good sportsman ship.

Questions?? Call Cheer Coordinator: Robin Doke or your coach

Check our Website: www.arlingtonpopwarner.com
Arlington Pop Warner Cheerleading Information!! (updated June 22, 2007)                                   Page 5

Parents and Cheerleader:

Please sign and return this portion of the contract.

Please keep the other pages for your reference.

I understand that all uniforms are the property of Arlington Pop Warner and will I return them in excellent
condition at the end of the season. I understand that I am responsible for purchasing the body suit, bloomers,
socks, sneakers, hair scrunchies and cheer curls.

I understand that all practices, games and competitions must be attended, with the exception of death in the
family, illness or school commitments. I will notify the coach of any absences prior to each practice or game.

I will be on time to practice and football games, and I will be on time to pick up my child after practice and

I understand that the Cheer Coordinator determines the teams.

I will treat each team member, the coaches and APW staff with respect and courtesy. I will represent
Arlington Pop Warner with dignity and I will behave in a sportsman-ship manner at all games and competitions.

I have read and fully understand the information described in this contract.

Cheerleader’s Signature                             Date

Parent Signature                                    Date

Coach’s Signature                                   Date

Questions?? Call Cheer Coordinator: Robin Doke or your coach

Check our Website: www.arlingtonpopwarner.com

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