California and Florida are the warmer by 9yrqxC81


                                   ( A)
     There are fifty states in the United States. The largest in population is California, the largest in

area is Alaska. Alaska is the smallest in population and Rhode Island is the smallest in size. The oldest

states are the ones along the Atlantic coast. The newest states are Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska is also

the coldest state. California and Florida are the warmer. Henry and his family live in Seattle, a big city,

on the Pacific coast. But Los Angeles and San Francisco, also on the Pacific coast, are larger than

Seattle. Henry''s cousin, Susan, lives in New York. It is the largest city in the United States. Thousands

of people visit New York each year. The most important city in the United States is Washington, D. C.

It is the capital, but it is much smaller than New York.

1. How many states are there in the U. S. A. ?

     A. Five B. Forty- Five. C. Fifty D. Fifteen.

2. Which state is the largest in population?

     A. California. B. Rhode-Island. C. Alaska D. Los Angeles.

3. Which state is the oldest, the newest, and the smallest in population?

A. Rhode Island. B. Seattle. C. San Francisco. D. Alaska.

3. Which of the following is true?

A. The oldest states are the ones along the Pacific coast.

B. Washington is the most important and the largest city.

C. New York is the largest city in the United States.

D. Henry''s cousin lives in the Seattle.
5. Why is Washington, D. C. the most important American city? Because _________.

A. it is the largest city          B. it is the largest in population

C. it is the most beautiful city    D. it is the capital of the United States

   Time spent in a bookshop can be enjoyable. If you go to a good shop, no assistant will
come to you and say,                       .
                       “Can I help you?” You needn't buy anything you don't want. You
may try to find out where the book you want is. The assistant will lead you there and then
he will go away and look as if he were not interested in selling a single book.
   There is a story which tells us about a good shop. A medical student had to read a text-
book which was too expensive for him to buy. He couldn't get it from the library and the only copy
he could read was in a bookshop.So every afternoon, he went there to read a little at a time. One
day, however, he couldn't find the book from its usual place and was about to leave when he
noticed an assistant signing (示意)to him. To his surprise, the assistant pointed to the book,
which was in a corner. put it there so as not to be sold out,” said the assistant. Then he left the
student to continue his reading.
6. In a bookshop you will be very happy when ____.
    A. the assistant says “Can I help you?” B. you meet some of your friends there
    C. the assistant watches you attentively        D. you can be free to read all kinds of books
7. A good assistant of a bookshop _____.
    A. is never interested in selling books             B. likes to read all kinds of books
    C. often helps book-lovers when necessary D. must keep silent all the time
8. The medical student was in great need of _____.
    A. a useful book                   B. an expensive story-book
    C. a cheap book                     D. a medical dictionary
9. In the bookshop, books were often put in _____.
    A. usual places every day                B. different places every day
    C. the corners of the room              D. the place where no one could find them
10. Which of the following is TRUE?
    A. It's terrible to spend time in a bookshop.
    B. If you go to a bookshop, you must buy something.
    C. In a good bookshop, the assistant will help you do everything.
    D.You can read something you are interested in in a good bookshop without paying anything.
  Students who say they never or hardly ever used dictionaries often speak English well but usually
write poorly,because they make many mistakes.
   The students who use dictionaries most do not learn especially well either. The ones who look up
every new word do not read fast. Therefore they do not have time to read much. Those who use
small two-language dictionaries have the worst problems. Their dictionaries often give only one or
two words as a translation of English. But one English word often has many translations in a foreign
language and one foreign word has many translations in English.
    The most successful students are those who use large college edition dictionaries with about
100,000 words but do not use them too often. When they are reading, these students
first try to get the general idea and understand new words from the context(上下文)          .Then they
reread and use the dictionary to look up only key words that they still do not understand.They use
dictionaries more for writing. they are not sure how to spell a word, divide it into syllables (音
                                If                                       or
节) they always use a dictionary. Also, if they think a noun might have an unusual plural form
or a verb might have an unusual past form,they check these in a dictionary.
11. The writer seems to think that______.
     A. if you choose a good dictionary, you'll succeed in learning English
     B. dictionaries are not very necessary to the students who learn English
     C. it is very important for students to use good dictionaries properly
     D. using dictionaries very often can't help to improve writing
12. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?
     A. Dictionaries have little effect on learning to speak English.
     B. No matter what new words you meet while reading, never use dictionaries.
     C. Small two-language dictionaries have serious defects(缺陷)          .
     D. Reading something for the first time, you'd better not use dictionaries.
13. This article mainly tells us_____.
     A. that students shouldn't use small two-language dictionaries
     B. what are the defects of small two-language dictionaries
     C. why students should use large college edition dictionaries
     D. what dictionaries students should choose and how to use them
14. When do the successful students NOT use the dictionary?
     A. When they meet the key words that they don't understand.
     B. When they don't know how to read a new word correctly.
     C. When they want to know the unusual past form of a verb.
     D. When they first read an article.
15. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in this article?
     A. How to make good use of a dictionary.          B. When to use a dictionary.
     C. How to improve spoken English.                  D. How to practise reading fast.
  ]                            (D)
The world is crazy about Harry Potter. 60 million books have been sold in 200 countries around the
    Harry Potter is the main character in a series of books. His world is full of magic. The books are
written for young readers, but they are enjoyed by people of all ages.
   Why has the series been so successful? Its author, J.K. Rowling, is certainly surprised. There have
been many other fantasy (幻想) series for young readers, such as the classics by C.S. Lewis and Lloyd
Alexander. What’s so special about Harry Potter?
   There are a few things. Many other fantasy stories take place in faraway lands or in past or future
times. Harry Potter lives in modern England. He’s also a very normal boy: polite, friendly, generous
and curious. So, when other children read about Harry, they can imagine being like him.
   The books are also very funny and creative. Rowling writes about many wonderful things. For
example, there are owls(猫头鹰) that carry mails, and there’s a sport called Quidditch. It’s played on
flying broomsticks.
16. Harry Potter series is ________.
   A. boring              B. popular               C. puzzling               D. classical
17. From the passage, we know that J.K. Rowling ________.
   A. knew she would be successful                 B. doesn’t really care about her success
   C. didn’t know she would be so successful       D. thinks she will be more successful
18. Who are C.S. Lewis and Lloyd Alexander?
   A. Characters in a Harry Potter story.          B. Young and polite readers.
   C. Story writers for young readers.             D. Family members of J.K. Rowling’s.
19. How is the Harry Potter series different from other fantasy stories?
   A. Harry lives in the modern world.             B. Harry is a strange and naughty boy.
   C. The characters are friendly.                 D. There are no animals in the other stories.

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