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									                           NSA FLA NEWSLETTER

Take Steps Now To Make Your Business
                                                                         July , 2010 Volume 2,
                                                                          Inside this issue:
The small business that suffers damage from a disaster has a greater
chance of returning to pre-disaster operating levels if it prepares in   A message from our Board
advance. For that reason, business owners should take time now to plan   members
ahead for a hurricane.
                                                                         July ‘s membership meeting

                                                                         THE NSAFLA softball team

                                                                         Why should I have a movies
                                                                         Kiosk on my Supermarket?

                                                                         Take Steps Now To Make Your
                                                                         Business Disaster-Ready

Reduce the vulnerability of the company's physical plant by              About the NSA
implementing mitigation measures.                                        Florida Chapter

      Back up business data, such as sales records, customer
       lists and tax information, at an off-site location.                 Our membership
      Purchase adequate insurance coverage. Consider
       business interruption insurance, which would cover lost
       profits should the business be unable to operate, and
       flood insurance because standard business policies may
       not cover damages from flooding.
      Formulate a contingency plan to maintain operations if
       the company's location is heavily damaged or destroyed.
                                                                         National Supermarket
                                                                      Association .Florida Chapter
          Message from the Board                                           Contact information


      If we want to be a Force , we have to be together.                      754-779-8084

                                                                            Fax : (954) 342-5873
   Our growth as an organization depends on our force ,
creativity, and our capacity to develop all our potential as an                    Email:

 The best part from this is the solidification of our group and                     Mail:
 the new projects that comes everyday to our agenda always            6919 W Broward BLVD.Suite 106.
          focussed on our business improvement .                           Plantation.FL.33317.

                                                                    We would like to hear what you think
We have learned that sharing our bad experiences and how
                                                                    about the newsletter content and
 we solved them , can help in a tremendous way to another
                                                                    design. Please let us know your
member that is facing the same situation , and can even help        comments, help us improve.
    to prevent it , from happening to another member.
                                                                             Board of directors
  As a Board we have a huge responsibility, that is to care and           David Corona :President
fight for all of our members interests , in a way they can really
        feel it is a big advantage to be united as a group.              Luis Diaz Jr.:Vice-President

                                                                               Ajay Dhawan :
We are very optimistic about our future , since we see that
day after day , the oportunities are more and the projections                   Raifiz Vargas:
                       are even better.                                          Tony Diaz:

But , we are just the head , that without the rest of the body is              Frank Espinal:
    nothing, that’s why we encourage you to give us your
     suggestions , no matter how small a detail could be ,
 remember that the sum of the small things is what makes a
                      really big difference.
           July’s members meeting content

The Board will discuss very important matters that happened during this month

                  We will have Frank Grande and Ralph Perez
                  from Quirch Foods introducing to our
                  membership their incentive program for the
                  NSA FLA

                  Ray Peña from the Supermarket Source will
                  be offering special packages for NSAFLA

                  Recap of the prices and services received
                  from our Business partners.

                  Open space for questions, answers and
The NSAFLA Softball team
   The NSAFLA softball teams are finally on the field!
If you want to see how the really pro’s play, you can see the on action every Friday at
6:00 P.m. at the Stirling Road and 82nd st . Pembroke Pines.

                                    The Tropical Team

                                  Sabor Tropical Team

           WARNING: Not suitable for heart patients!!!
      Why should I have a movies Kiosk on my Supermarket?

                                     Still some supermarket owners are very
                                     exceptive about having a movies Kiosk on
                                     site, but there’s something you should
                                     know that could make you change your
                                     mind about it.

                                     To have a better picture of everything in
                                     life, I always try to think as an I ‘am in the
                                     other side of the picture.

If I’m renting a movie, will I go the nicest place such as a Publix or Wal-Mart, or
will I go to the closest location, where is more convenient for me.

There’s a simple magic word “TRAFFIC” that with no doubt make you say the
“YES” to the movies Kiosk.

You not only have the costumer coming for the movies, you also have it
coming to return it, and trust me, you always need something to buy to take
home, and there’s where the “advantage “is.

The profits from the kiosk itself could be considered as an aggregated benefit,
but once you have the traffic, having it definitely is worth it.
                              NSA Florida Chapter
                                    Who we are
    The National Supermarkets Association (N.S.A.) Florida Chapter is a trade association
    representing the supermarkets that comprise the independent sector of the food retail
    industry. Along with affiliated associations, manufacturers, service suppliers as well as
    other entrepreneurial companies that support N.S.A. Florida Chapter Philosophy, Mission
    and Vision.

                           A LITTLE OF HISTORY

The NSA was founded in New York in 1989 by a group of supermarket owners in order to
strengthen and expand the representation for their supermarkets in the world of business and
government; NSA Florida Chapter was created, in 2009, with the support of NSA NEW YORK
 by a group of visionary independent Supermarket owners in South Florida. With the purpose to
benefit the entire sector involved by sharing some important matters in a non- profit trade

                                   OUR MISSION

To ensure independent, community-focused retailers the opportunity to succeed and better serve
the consumer through its policies, advocacy, programs and services.
NSA Florida Chapter purpose is to represent the membership through legislative and regulatory
efforts with an effective government relations program, to be the resource for industry education
and communication, to work with industry partners and alliances to best serve the membership.

                                     OUR VISION

Our short term goal is to grow as organization, increase our community presence, and be on top
of the latest trends in the Industry.


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