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									Haralson County Middle School Fidelity in Purpose…Faithfulness in Performance September, 2011

                               The Rebel Yell
                        YOUR HEADLINE IS
                           HCMS MAKES AYP!
                                    By Laci Murphy and David Wilson

School System Recognized                Congratulations to all our teachers, staff, students, and parents
                                  for making AYP, Adequate Yearly Progress! Many of you know that
   Amy Turner, Field              the AYP standards are more difficult to achieve each year, so we
Representative for Senator        can’t slow down. Our goal is not just to meet AYP: our goal is to be
Johnny Isakson, visited           one of the top achieving schools in the state; it’s not just enough to
every school in our school        meet the minimum. We want to excel. So let’s buckle down and do it
system on August 17 to            again. Let’s shoot for a streak!
                                   By Laci Murphy and David Wilson
get a first hand look at the
good things taking place in
our school system. At
HCMS she met with the
administration and visited
classrooms. Ms. Turner
and was impressed with
                               Mr. Chase Davis
                               By Avani Patel and Kensley Maria
the quality of teaching and        Mr. Davis is a first-year teacher at
the engagement of the          HCMS. He is teaching 8th grade
students.                      Georgia History. When he was a
                               student here at HCMS, his favorite
  Family Involvement           teacher was Coach Rampy, who
         Night                 inspired him to become a teacher. His
   HCMS’s first family         favorite quote is I can do all things
involvement   night  of        through Christ who strengthens me.
2011 will be held on           (Philippians 4:13)
September 27. Come                                                             house.
                                   When he was little, his favorite
enjoy the Math Carnival                                                          After school, Mr. Davis likes to
                               thing to be at Halloween was a Power
and Dance Performance.                                                        eat at Zaxby’s and do anything
                               Ranger. If he had a million dollars, Mr.
                                                                              out doors, play the guitar, and
                               Davis would donate a portion of it to a
                                                                              play sports.
                               charity and church and then buy a
HCMS Teacher of                                                             Great Vacation for Teens
the Year                       The 2011 Manatee Trip                        By Avani Patel, Taylor Morrow, Kensley Maria
By Ashley Abercrombie          By Abi Wilson
    Congratulations to Mrs.       Have you ever seen a sea cow,                 Chocolate! Just saying the word
Deanna Wells for being         also known as a manatee? Well,               can make your mouth start to water.
chosen as HCMS Teacher         here is your chance. This year’s             Why not indulge yourself and plan a
of the Year!                   manatee trip will be Sunday,                 vacation at Hershey’s Chocolate
    Mrs. Wells said that she   December 11, through Wednesday,              World in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
felt humbled by the honor.     December 14, in Crystal River,               There you get to ride in a chocolate
“Every teacher at HCMS is      Florida. Registration will end               boat through the chocolate factory
deserving. Through a           September 3 or when the trip is full.        while looking at the different ways
combined effort, we made       The cost is approximately $350 with          they make candies. The newest
what seemed impossible         a $50 deposit, and there will be a           attraction allows you to create your
possible- we made AYP!”        payment schedule. See Mrs.                   own candy bar. After the factory you
    One of her students        Tammy Thompson in room 447 for               can visit Hershey Park, which is like
said, “She’s a great           more information. Students who               a chocolate Six Flags. Find out more
teacher, and she really        have been on this trip said it was           about this delicious vacation at
deserves it.”                  not only educational but fun and a 
                               great experience.                            orld/attractions.shtml
The Rebel Yell                                                  Page 2                                               September, 2011
  Bullying Law Takes Effect                                     Chick-fil-A
  by Emilly Posey                                       In recognition of the hard
                                                       work and dedication of
     The Georgia Department of                         our students, the eighth
 Education is closing the door on                      grade faculty and staff are
 bullying this year. The Policy for                    pleased to offer eighth
 Prohibiting Bullying, Harrassment, and                graders only a chance to                       HCM Softball Team
 Intimidation has been adopted and has                 purchase Chick-fil-A                          By Jordan Robinson and Brenna Robinson
 ZERO tolerance! According to the                      biscuits. Our first delivery
 GDOE survey, at least 30% of youth                                                                     Congratulations on being
                                                       will be this Friday,                          selected for the 2011-2012
 are bullied or harrassed on a regular                 September 2. The biscuits
 basis. HCMS takes the problem of                                                                    HCMS Softball team:
                                                       will be sold in the                           Jordan Robinson, Natalie Jett,
 bullying seriously. Referring to the                  commons area near the
 HCMS Student handbook, bullying is a                                                                Sydney Gray, Kristie Gentry,
                                                       eighth grade hall for $2.75                   Kaleigh Young, Katie Carter,
 Level Three behavior and will be dealt                each. We expect the
 with as such. The consequences are                                                                  Jaylen Sewell, Katie
                                                       biscuits to arrive between                    Flannagin, Madison Shockley,
 severe: Upon finding that a student has               7:05 and 7:10, and we will
 committed the offense of bullying for the                                                           Marlee Campbell, Kendyle
                                                       sell them until homeroom                      Harrell, Kinsley Wade,Carlee
 third time in a school year, the minimum              begins. We invite faculty
 consequence will be Alternative School                                                              Goodwin,and Peyton Cathcart.
                                                       and staff to purchase                         Coach Kami Brown says that
 placement.                                            them also.                                    she is looking forward to a
   HCMS 2011 Softball Schedule                                                                       winning season. Coach Vicki
   9/10/11        Bremen                Away          2011 HCMS Golf Schedule                        Carter says she is very excited
   9/13/11        Heard County          Home          Date      Location       Teams                 about this upcoming season.
   9/16/11        Jonesville            Away          9/7/11    Tallapoosa     Jonesville,           The first game will be September
   9/20/11        Mt. Zion              Home                                   HCMS
                                                                                                     10, 2011 at Bremen.
   9/23/11        Temple                Home          9/14/11   Tallapoosa     Mt. Zion, Heard
   9/27/11        Bremen                Away                                   County, HCMS
   9/30/11        Central               Away          9/20/11   The Lion       Bremen,Temple,
   10/04/11       Villa Rica            Home                     (Bremen)      HCMS
   10/11/11       Carrollton            Away          9/29/11   Sunset         Carrollton,
   10/13/11       Bay Springs           Home                    Hills          Heard County,
                                                                (Carrollton)   HCMS
   10/17/11       Tournament            TBA
                                                      10/5/11   Tallapoosa     Jonesville, Mt.
   10/18/11       Tournament            TBA
                                                                               Zion, Temple,
                  Championship                                                 HCMS
   or10/21/11                           TBA

                                                   Letters to the Editor                         it is a distraction for the entire class.
                         Rebel                 Dear Editor:
                                                                                                 If students continue to have their
                        Football                                                                 phones on, then we all could lose this
                                                  I am concerned about the quality
  By Preston Robinson and Brenna Robinson      of the cafeteria’s French fries. They
                                                                                                                     Shelby Albury
     Coach Warren is very excited              are way too crunchy.
  about the upcoming season.                      Every fry I eat endangers me of
                                                                                                 Dear Editor:
  Coach Williams said that the                 breaking a tooth. I’m assuming they
                                                                                                    The students need more library
  team has a good chance to                    are cooked way too long, and we
                                                                                                 time. Most students go only once
  succeed, but it all depends on               deserve better. For some students,
                                                                                                 every two weeks for 20 minutes! All
  how hard the players are willing             the cafeteria lunch is their main meal
                                                                                                 the teachers say to read more and
  to work.                                     of the day, and they need quality food
                                                                                                 that reading is good, but they don’t
Date       Opponent       Site         Time    to nourish their minds and bodies. We
                                                                                                 give us enough time to find the right
8/01/11    Central                             need to let the cafeteria workers
                          HCMS         4:30                                                      book. We don’t want to read a book
                                               know our concerns.
           Bay            Bay                                                                    that is not interesting. We need time
           Springs        Springs
                                       4:30                     Austin Warren
                                                                                                 to look around the stacks and read a
9/15/11    Temple         HCMS         4:30    Dear Editor:
                                                                                                 few pages of a book before we
9/22/11    Mt. Zion       HCMS         4:30       I’m so thankful that we can bring
                                                                                                 decide which book to check out.
           Carrollton     Carrollton           our phones to school. I’m fine with
9/29/11                                4:30                                                      With the right book, maybe we will
                                               having my phone off, but some
10/06/11   Bremen         Bremen       4:30                                                      read more. When we read more, our
                                               people don’t understand that when
10/13/11   Play-Offs      TBA          TBA                                                       scores will improve.
                                               we’re in class and a phone goes off,
10/20/11   Championship TBA            TBA                                                                           Abi Wilson

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