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									From: Ana Maria Monte Flores
Date: March 4, 2009 7:23:43 PM EST
Subject: Thank you!

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you to all who have called and emailed me about Anitere’s candidacy for the Florida
Senate. So many of you have already reached out to me pledging your support! What can I say,

There are two ways we can help Anitere in this early stage of her campaign for State Senate
District 38. The first is to spread the word.

Attached is a map of the district. Please take a look to see if you or anyone and everyone you
know lives in the district. If so, please send an email to them and let them know that Anitere is
running. Ask them to visit her website at and sign up for her mailing list.
She sends regular newsletters. This way your friends and family members can get to know her
the way we do and feel confident about supporting her.

The second way you can help is by assisting with her fundraising campaign. At this point
we're looking for as many individual contributions as possible to show that the support is out
there. While we'd love to fundraise at much as possible (limit is $500 per person), at this time,
it's those little $25-$30 checks per person that count. We need to demonstrate the support she
has, not by the amount of the donation, but by the number of donors. If you would like to
contribute at this time, please mail your check to Anitere's campaign treasurer:

Javier Salmán
1534 Mantua Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33146

***Please date the check 2/27 as that was the day of her announcement.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and prayers for my daughter. May God bless
you and your families.

Ana María

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