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                            VM DISASTER RESPONSE

                            ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST

DATE:                16/09/2012

DISASTER:            Havey Rain

CITY:                       Dadu,Sindh,Pakistan

CONTINENT:           Barkat Majeed


CONTACT INFO:                      Phone: 0092-3127787110

                                   E-mail: Barkat.majeed@gmail.com

        R-factor: You are doing this assessment checklist as you are the first VM in this

    1. CONDITIONAL: If needed brief yourself on the area where you go. Get study the
map so you can be oriented on this location. Find out all and any accessible data about
this area before you go.


   4. Once there, do an assessment on what the scene is. As part of this you are to
report in to the different organization handling this disaster, register the help of the
Scientology Volunteer Ministers (for counties where we are not going by Scientology
you use whatever the appropriate thing is).

  Find out what is needed and wanted from local officials and how we can help the


   5. Once you have reported in, you are then to find the following:

Name of area is affected by the disaster?
Sukkhur and Dadu Sindh Pakistan

Which wog disaster response organizations are on the ground?

yes many are avalible orgnaizations

Who is running the operation on the ground?

Barkat majeed is Running operation with VM's

How many shelters are set up and at which locations?

No Shelters are setups people are living open sky.

Is there a staging area available for the VM team to operate from?


Which is the best transport route to get VMs there?

Bus is best transport .

Are locations available for the VMs to berth?


What are the needs and wants?

Shelter and Food And Education

Are there VMs needed with particular skills? I.e.: fire fighters, first aide, doctors,
operating heavy machinery, electricians etc.


How they can contact you for directions etc. Does any Internet line access?


What they need to bring with them etc.

Food and shelters they have needed


   6. Send report to your Operator and report the results from your assessment
project. Coordinate on the next actions to take.
   If no further actions need to be done as part of the assessment drill, you can then
get back on base.


   7. As soon as you back on base do full write up about all your observations and get
debrief from Ops.


                                          - End -

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