DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH
                             BOARD OF MASSAGE THERAPY

                          The 351ST GENERAL BUSINESS MEETING
                                      March 13, 2009

                                  Telephone Conference Call


The meeting was called to order by Ms. Lynda Solien-Wolfe, LMT, Chair, at approximately 2:32
p.m. Those present for all or part of the meeting, included the following:

MEMBERS PRESENT:                                STAFF PRESENT:
Lynda Solien-Wolfe Chair                        Kaye Howerton, Executive Director
Lorena Haynes, LMT, Vice Chair                  Paula Mask, Program Operations Administrator
Bridget Burke-Wammack, LMT
Karen Ford, LMT, MS                             ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL:
Robert Smallwood, LMT                           Allison Dudley, Esq.
Irene Andriole, Consumer Member

William Stoehs, Consumer Member

Jeff Babcock
For the Record
Telephone: 850.222.5491
Fax: 850.224.5316

Please note that the meeting minutes reflect the actual order agenda items were discussed
during the meeting and may differ from the agenda outline.


Tab 1         Beth Kraimer – Petition for Variance or Waiver of Rule 64B7-25.001
              Examination Requirements

Ms. Kraimer was present and was not represented by counsel.

Ms. Kraimer submitted a completed application for licensure on February 17, 2009. She was first
licensed in Florida on December 8, 1988 with license number MA 9147. Ms. Kraimer passed the
Florida examination for massage licensure which was a board approved test the year she became

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Ms. Kraimer became licensed in New York as a massage therapist on March 20, 1997.
Subsequently, Ms. Kraimer’s Florida license became null and void on January 31, 2001.

Action Taken: Following discussion, Ms. Haynes moved to grant the petition for waiver or
variance of rule 64B7-25.001(1)(e), Florida Administrative Code. Ms. Ford seconded the motion,
which carried 6/0.

During discussion, Ms. Kraimer verbally agreed that her application would no longer be considered
an application by endorsement and she is now applying for a license by examination.

Action Taken: After much discussion, Ms. Haynes made a motion to conditionally approve Ms.
Kraimer’s application for a license as a massage therapist with the following conditions:

       Provide proof of completion of a board approved class on HIV/AIDS;
       Provide proof of completion of a board approved laws and rules course update;
       Provide proof of completion of a board approved two-hour course on the prevention of
        medical errors; and
       All courses may be taken on-line.

Ms. Andriole seconded the motion, which passed 5/0. (Ms. Haynes left the meeting approximately 3:10 and
was unable to vote.)

Action Taken: Ms. Burke-Wammack made a motion that Ms. Kraimer would have to meet these
condition and all information received at the board office within 180 days of the date of filing of the
board’s order. Mr. Smallwood seconded the motion, which carried 5/0.

(Ms. Haynes returned to the meeting.)
(Ms. Howerton left the meeting approximately 3:20 p.m.)


Tab 2            Statement of Estimated Regulatory costs (SERC) for Proposed Amendments
                 to rule 64B7-25.001 Examination Requirements; and Rule 64B7-25.004

Ms. Dudley advised the board that this statement was required in section 120.541(2), Florida
Statutes, to determine if there is any impact on small business or applicants/licensees. The SERC
stated the agency should not incur any additional costs; there are no additional costs to the
applicants; and that the proposed changes will impact individual applicants, however, these
applicants may or may not be a part of a small business and that the proposed change does not
have a cost associated with this revision.

Action Taken: After discussion, Ms. Haynes moved to accept the SERC as included in the
agenda. Ms. Ford seconded the motion, which carried 6/0.

There being no further business, Ms. Haynes made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Ms. Ford
seconded the motion, which carried unanimously 6/0.

The meeting adjourned approximately 3:30 p.m.

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