Modeling a Black i-pod by techtamago


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This is a really nice way to create a cool looking Black IPod. It will look great on your wallpaper or in your sceene.

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Creating Black iPod
1. When you are modeling objects like cars, planes, or in this case iPod, download some reference pictures as guidance for precise work.
This picture that I have is very easy to find with google, so don’t worry.

2. Go to Shapes under the Create Panel and create rectangle like this. Length: 890cm, Width 530cm. Radius 53cm.
3. Go to Rendering rollout and check Enable in Rendering and Viewport. Pick Rectangular profile, set Length to 20 and Width to 5cm, set
Steps to 30.
4. Copy this rectangle that you created and uncheck Enable in Rendering and Viewport. After that apply Edit Mesh and Shell modifier with
10cm Inner Amount. This is a result.
5. Using the same method create display and for easier work apply material with 50 or 60 percent opacity. This way you will see what you
are doing.
6. To create holes go to Create Panel / Geometry / Compound Objects / Boolean. With selected front plane of iPod under the Pick Boolean
mark Pick OperandB and chose object that you prepared for hole making, in this case that will be Rectangle with Shell modifier for display
and cylinder for main button. Measurements are shown in next picture.
7. To create back side create Chamfered cylinder with these dimensions.
8. You noticed that we have 2 height segments on cylinder, that is because we must delete one half and place it like this.
9. To create HOLD button use same method that we used to create display. Here are dimensions and result that you should get.
10. Copy ‘’button’’ object and set Width to 65cm. Make hole with first one larger button using Boolean operation. Hope you have something
like this.
11. Here is reference picture that will help you to create rest of the buttons.
12. I sorted materials by numbers that you don’t confuse. Here is a legend and later on are print screens of materials.
13. Display material.

14. Chrome material: Diffuse color 85 black value. Place Falloff map In Reflection slot. Change Falloff Type to Fresnel and set front color
to 90 black value and side color to 255 black value.
15. Plastic 1: Diffuse 30 black value, Reflect 20 black value.

16. Plastic 2: Same like Plastic one but with glossiness set to 0.99
17. Transparent Plastic: Diffuse 195 black value, Reflect 20 black value, Fog Color 205 black value.

18. Create one VRay Light like this with multiplier set to 5 and light blue color.
19. To create nice reflection you should create plane like in next picture and apply VRayLight material to it. After that
right click on plane and unmark : Visible to Camera, Receive Shadows, Cast Shadows. For nicer reflections you can put gradient map in
texmap slot like I did.
20. Finally here are screen shots of render setup.

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