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									    No         Confirmed                                 The Title of Papers
         ( in alphabetical order)
1        Alain SERVANTIE            Multiple aspects of the development of steamship travelling in
2        Alexis WICK                The Idea of a History of the Ottoman Red Sea
3        Alfonso ASSINI             New unpublished Genoese archival records about
                                    Constantinople and the Black Sea in the times of the Turkish
4        Ali Rıza ISIPEK            CHAIR
5        Ali Rıza ISIPEK            Preveza battle from a naval perspective
6        Ali Ruhan CUBUK            A Sample of An Inebolu Boat Built in the End of 19th Century
                                    with the "Shell First" Technique
7        Anauruddh GAUR &           Indo-Arab Trading Stations along the Saurashtra coast, Gujarat,
         SUNDERASH                  India: Study based on underwater archaeological explorations
8        Andrew HESS                To be determined
9        Atilla BIR                 The chief astrologer of the Ottoman sultan ‘Osmân Sâ’ib Efendi
                                    and his book on the Application of the Globes (Ta‘līm-ül-Kürre)
10       Ayhan SICIMOGLU            CHAIR
11       Ayşe Hanife KOCAKAYA       The Effects Of Three Wars On Ottoman Navy
         & Sevkinaz
         GUMUSOGLU & Ceren
12       Ayten ALTINTAS &           The technique used by the sailors for converting sea water into
         Devrim YAMAN               drinking water
13       Ayten ALTINTAS & Kaan      About the ‘Cerrah Dükkanı’ (Surgery Workplace) Designed for
         SAG                        the First Aid of Wounded Workers at the Ottoman Royal
                                    Shipyard in 1793
14       Ayten ALTINTAS &           On the Naval Hospıtal established In 1827 to serve the Ottoman
         Metin ATAC                 Navy
15       Cagrı ERHAN                Place and Importance of the Mediterranean in Ottoman-
                                    American Relations
16       Candan NEMLIOGLU           The Importance Of The Maps Of Medıterranean In 15 And 16th
17       Carlo BELTRAME & Igor      A cargo of Iznik pottery from the presumed Venetian shipwreck
         MIHOLJEK & Sauro           of Sv. Pavao, isle of Mljet (Croatia)
18       Cevat ULKEKUL              CHAIR
19       Cheryl WARD                CHAIR
20       Cheryl WARD                The Sadana Island Shipwreck: From the Red Sea to Ottoman
         Mohamed Mustafa Abd        Istanbul
21       Christian LUCA             The commercial ships of the Ottoman subjects of Greek origin in
                                    the ports from the Danube mouths during the 16th–17th centuries
22       Christina PAPAKOSTA        Sailing from the Ionian Sea: People, ships and trade in the island
                                    of Lefkada in the 18th century
23       Dragana LUCIJA             To be determined
24       Deborah ZVIKEL             Dor C Shipwreck, Dor Lagoon, Israel: Evidence for Maritime
                                    Connections between France and the Holy Land at the end of
                                    the 19th century
25       Dejanirah COUTO            CHAIR
26       Dejanirah COUTO            To be determined
27       Dilara DAL                 The Naval Academy and the Developments in Naval Training
                                    during the Reign of Sultan Abdülaziz (1861-1876)
28   Dimitris LOUPIS       An imperial capital city mapping its seas. Ottoman nautical
                           charting in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
29   Ece IRMAK             A New Project:
                           The Istanbul Naval Museum as A Leisure-Learning Place
30   Eda Gulsen            The Health Care Organization Of The Ottoman Navy In 19th
     GOMLEKSIZ             Century
31   Emilio SOLA           Los Corsarios Al Servicio Del Gran Turco: Un Hombre De
                           Corsairs in the Service of the Grand Turk: A Man of Frontiers
32   Emmanuelle VAGNON     Cartography of Gallipoli and the Straits of the Black Sea in the
                           collections of the Bibliothèque nationale de France
33   Emre DOLEN            CHAIR
34   Eric DURSTELER        Cigalazade Sinan Paşa and the Battle for the Mediterranean
                           during the Long Habsburg-Ottoman War (1591-1606)
35   Eric RIETH             To be determined
36   Eric VALLET           To be determined
37   Esma IGUS             Archival Documents and Photos Navy (Kasimpasa) Military
                           Middle School
38   Evangelia BALTA       The Aegean Sea during Ottoman times in Greek historiography
39   Evrydiki SIFNAIOU     Gaining competitive advantage for maritime trade with the
                           southern Russian ports
40   Fatih ERBAS           To be determined
41   Feridun EMECEN        CHAIR
42   Feridun EMECEN        To be determined
43   Feza GUNERGUN         CHAIR
44   Fuat SEZGIN           To be determined
45   Gaye Danışan POLAT    The Sine Quadrant (Rub‘ al-mujayyab) and Its Place in the 16th
                           Century Ottoman Nautical Astronomy
46   Gelina HARLAFITS      The dynamics of Eastern Mediterranean shipping and trade.
                           The expansion of the Ottoman-Greek fleet to the West, the
                           western Mediterranean and the Atlantic ocean and to the East,
                           the Black Sea and the Indian ocean, 1770s-1821
47   Gencer EMIROGLU       From foreign to native: The evolution of The Istanbul Sandal
48   Gerassimos PAGRATIS   Maritime Trade and Shipping of the Ionian Islanders in the
                           Ottoman Empire and the Black Sea during the Septinsular
                           Repubblic (1800-1807)
49   Giancarlo CASALE      Ottoman Warship Construction in the 16th-Century Red Sea,
                           Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf: A Statistical and Qualitative
50   Gianluca MASI         Families of Shipowners and Merchants in Ragusa (Dubrovnik)
                           between 16th and 17th Century
51   Gisele MARIEN         Maritime activities in 16-th century Istanbul as reflected in the
                           work of Marino Sanudo
52   Gokhan ATMACA         The First Naval Operation of Sultan Abdülaziz The Role of the
                           Ottoman Navy on Karadag Revolt
53   Gregory Mc INTOSH     The Piri Reis Map of 1513:
                           Art and Literature in the Service of Science
54   Gregory YOUNG         U.S. and Ottoman Naval Interactions in the Early 19th Century:
                           The Foundations of American and Turkish Strategic Culture
55   Gürkan Emrah SAFA     The Contribution of Ottoman corsairs for Ottoman naval efforts
56   Hacer                 The Mahmudiye Galleon is One Of The Symbols Of Turkish
     BULGURCUOGLU          Naval History
57   Halil INALCIK         To be determined
58   Halil TEKINER         Hygiene On Board: Instructions For Ottoman Mariners In The
                             Late 19th Century
59   Hanife OZTURK           The Ottoman-Russo Alliance At The Balkans And The Seven
                             Islands Naval Operation
60   Harun OZDAS             Ottoman Period Shipwrecks Discovered along Aegean Sea
                             Coast of Turkey
61   İbrahim Basak           An extraordinary sample of the Ottoman naval architecture
     DAGGULU                 belonging to middle of the 17th century : "Melek Pasha ship"
62   Idris BOSTAN            CHAIR
63   İlber ORTAYLI           To be determined
64   Isık BIREN              CHAIR
65   Ivana BURDELEZ          Unpublished documents from Dubrovnik archieves on The
                             Turkish Fleet 1571
66   J.M.Malhao PEREIRA      Some geographical and nautical comments on the Muhit and
                             related works of Si´di´ Al Chelebi
67   Jean-Charles DUCENE     The Moroccan and Algerian coast in the Kitâb-i bahrîye of Pîrî
68   Jean-Louis BACQUE-      CHAIR
69   Jean-Louis BACQUE-      Notes on the image of America
     GRAMMONT                according to Piri Reis and Katib Çelebi
70   Karen BALAYAN           "Seven Seas Navigation" Expedition around Europe on replica of
                             XIII century merchant ship ***POSTER***
71   Kostas DAMIANDIS        Study of ancient ship-graffiti from the Black sea and the Aegean
72   Leila MAZIANE           To be determined
73   Levent KIRVAL           Hasan Pasha of Algiers (1713 - 1790): The Last Visionary
                             Ottoman Grand Admiral
74   Louis SICKING           Islands, Pirates and the State. The Ottoman example in a global
75   Luca ZAN & Bulent ARI   Venice and Istanbul Arsenals and the emerging of modern
                             management. Opening up the perspective
76   Luís DUARTE &           A Portuguese ‘renegade’ under the sultan’s flag
     Amândio Jorge BARROS
77   Marco MORIN             Venetian ancient ordnance in Istambul.
78   Margarette LINCOLN      Recovering voices from the past: using archive material in
79   Maria Pia PEDANI        CHAIR
80   Maria Pia PEDANI        Ottoman ships and Venetian craftsmen in the 16th c.
81   Mehmet IPSIRLI          CHAIR
     Mehmet TUTUNCU          Corsair Diplomacy between Netherlands and Ottoman Algeria:
                             Treaties and Documents from the Netherlands Archives
82   Meltem AKBAŞ &          Shaping an Officer: Institutional and Spatial Transformations of
     Darina MARTYKANOVA      the Ottoman Naval Academy (1770s-1900s)
83   Metin ATAC              CHAIR
84   Michela Dal BORGO       Venetian navy and life on board
85   Mihai MAXIM             New Documents from the Prime Ministry’s Ottoman Archives in
                             Istanbul concerning Northern Dobrudja (Romanian) Coast of the
                             Black Sea (16th- 18th Centuries)
86   Mikail ACIPINAR         Anti-Ottoman Activities of The Order of the Knights of St.
                             Stephen During the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century
87   Mirella MAFRICI         The Kingdom of Naples and the Ottoman Empire during the
                             Napoleonic wars: diplomatic and commercial relations
88   Mitia FRUMIN            Timeo Danaos et dona ferentēs:
                            Why Russian privateer presented the Ottoman governor of Acre
                            with prize ship?
89    Nabil AL-TIKRITI      The Ties that Bind: Ottoman Sea Ghazis from the Mediterranean
                            to the Indian Ocean
90    Necmettin AYGUN       Ships and Sailor in Blacksea Transportation (1700-1800)
91    Nejat TARAKCI         The religious factor on the Ottoman Naval Strategy and its
                            effects on Turkey- EU relations
92    Nicola MELIS          To be determined
93    Nicolas VATIN         To be determined
94    Nikolay FEDOROV       Views of Admiral A.T. Mahan on the naval history of Turkey
95    Nuran YILDIRIM        Practice of Quarantine in the Bosphorus
96    Nurcan BAL            The Change in The Ship-Building Technology in The Ottoman
                            Navy in The 19th Century: The Age Of Steam-Powered Ships
97    Nurgul SUCU           The Eıght Objects Needed For A Shıp In Ashıq Pasha’s Work
                            Entıtled Garîb-Nâme
98    Oleg ZOLOTAREV        Investigation of the shipwrecks of the 18th-century Russian
                            warship St. Alexander and 19th-century emperor yacht Livadia in
                            2005-2012 (Сrimea,Ukraine)
99    Osman ERKURT &        Experımental Nautıcal Archaeology Foça-Marseılles A Travel
      Mehmet FERTAN         To Hıstory ***POSTER***
100   Osman ONDES           The Great Siege of Malta
101   Önder BAYIR           To be determined
102   Özlem KUMRULAR        Turgut Reis
103   Özlem KUMRULAR        The expedition of Charles V to Algiers and its aftermath.
                            The duel and the balance in the Mediterranean.
104   Panayiotis            The Ottoman ports as engine of development for the mercantile
      KAPETANAKIS           shipping of the British semi-colony of the Ionian Islands (1815-
105   Qi CHEN               Same Voyages, Different Results: A Comparison of Zheng He’s
                            Explorations to Expansions of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th
106   R.Gianni RIDELLA &    Some 16th century naval cannons from Genoa in the Askeri
      Gulsen ARSLANBOGA     Müzesi, Istanbul. Technological and operative comparisons
                            between the Turkish and Genoese sea ordnance in this period.
107   Radhika SESHAN        Trade in the Indian Ocean: Turkish and Indian networks in
                            Western India, 17th century
108   Rila MUKHERJEE        The Ottomans and the 16th century Bay of Bengal: An Agenda
                            for Research.
109   Rosa Maria Delli      Naval strategy and life on board: the Americans and the Ottoman
      QUADRI                navy in the Levant during the first half of the XIX century
110   Rui Manuel LOUREIRO   The failure of the Portuguese conquest of Aden
111   Salih OZBARAN         CHAIR
112   Salih OZBARAN         Rivalries and Collaborations
                            Ottoman and Portuguese empires: a comparative historiography
113   Salvatore BONO        CHAIR
114   Salvatore BONO        European rowers in the Muslim crews and Muslim rowers in the
                            European crews Sixteenth-Eighteenth centuries)
115   Sara Nur YILDIZ       The Turkish Beyliks’ Relationship with the Sea and Sea Powers
116   Serhat GUVENC         What Motivates Land Powers to Build Big Navies? Ottoman,
                            German and Soviet Cases in Comparative Historical Perspective
117   Sinan DINCER          Maritime Laborers in Istanbul (1600-1826)
118   Sonja BRENTJES        The role and depictions of seas in the maps attached to Abu
                            Bakr al-Dimashqi's geographical manuscripts.
119   Suay AKSOY            CHAIR
120   SUNDARESH &       Remains of Maritime Structures along the Indian coast: Gleaned
      Anauruddh GAUR    from Marine Archaeological Explorations
121   Svat SOUCEK       CHAIR
122   Svat SOUCEK       1538 as a pivotal year in the history of the Ottoman navy
123   Taner ALBAYRAK    Ottoman lighthouses in the Red Sea
124   Thomas GOODRICH   Research Opportunities in Ottoman Cartography and the
                        Location of the Maps
125   Tuncay ZORLU      Foreıgh naval architects under Selim III
126   Turhan OZER       CHAIR
127   Ufuk KOCABAS      Yenikapı excavations
128   Vesna ZMAIĆ       Post-mediaeval shipwreck of the 16th century in the Sv. Pavao
                        shallows off the island of Mljet
129   Vitali DOTSENKO   To be determined
130   Yasemin DOBRA-    The impact of Ottoman maritime power on U.S. foreign policy
      MANCO             and the creation of the U.S. Navy
131   Yucel KARLIKLI    Turkish Nautical Terms of English Origin
132   Zeki ARIKAN       Phocaea Port from Genoese to Ottoman Empıre

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