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					May 14, 2012

TO:       The FHSAA Representative at Member Senior High Schools

FROM: Quinten Ershock, Marketing Specialist

RE:       FHSAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee nominations

The FHSAA would like to extend the opportunity for student-athletes in member schools to participate
as part of the FHSAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. The purpose of the committee will be to
provide a voice for student-athletes within the FHSAA governance structure, in the following areas:

      •    Current issues facing student-athletes
      •    Input regarding rules and regulations
      •    Input on FHSAA special initiatives (e.g., sportsmanship campaign)
      •    Promotion of a positive image of the student-athlete.

The 16-member statewide committee will meet once or twice annually at the Robert W. Hughes
FHSAA Building in Gainesville. A student’s participation would involve a trip to the meeting,
accompanied by a chaperone. Expenses (e.g., mileage, lodging, per diem) will be paid by the

Please review the enclosed nomination form and select two student-athletes (one male and one
female) in your school who have an interest in serving on the committee. The FHSAA is interested in
applicants who possess the following qualities:

      •    must be an active student-athlete participating in at least one FHSAA-sanctioned sport;
      •    must be a sophomore (rising junior) or junior (rising senior) in good academic and
           disciplinary standing;
      •    must show a commitment toward representing the interests of all student-athletes;
      •    must display strong character and commitment to sportsmanship and integrity; and
      •    must demonstrate leadership in your school.

We have slots for 11 more students for the 2012-2013 school year.

Nomination forms are due not later than 5 p.m. Thursday, August 30, 2012, and may be sent via
fax (352.333.2191) or mail to: Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, FHSAA, 1801 NW 80th Blvd.,
Gainesville, FL 32606.

If you have any questions, please call us at (352) 372-9551 ext. 190.
             FHSAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
                  Nomination Form Instructions

1.   Download the file onto your computer.

2.   Open the file. It should open in either Microsoft Word or WordPerfect.

3.   The form is set up as a series of tables. To enter a table, place your cursor in the first cell and
     click. You may then type your response to the question asked. To move from cell to cell
     within a table, simply use the "tab" key to move forward and the "shift tab" key to move
     backward. Do not type in the cells that are gray-screened. They contain the questions and
     headers prepared by the FHSAA Office. Once you have completed all the cells in a table, you
     must then place your cursor over the first cell of the next table and click to enter that table. Do
     not attempt to move from one table to the next with the "tab" key. It won't work. Instead, it will
     create new rows in the table you are in.

4.   Remember to save the file periodically so that you do not lose your work.

5.   Once you have completed the entire form, save it and print out a hard copy. Make sure you
     keep a copy of the completed form on file!!! After securing all required signatures, please
     fax the completed nomination form to (352) 333-2191 OR mail the completed nomination form

                                Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
                              Florida High School Athletic Association
                                Robert W. Hughes FHSAA Building
                                     1801 N.W. 80th Boulevard
                                       Gainesville, FL 32606

6.   You should follow up the mailing with a phone call to the FHSAA communications department
     (352) 372-9551 ext. 170 to confirm receipt. SHOULD A SCHOOL NOT CALL TO CONFIRM

7.   If you have any questions about using this Microsoft Word form, please call the FHSAA
     communications department at (352) 372-9551 ext. 190.

                                      THE DEADLINE . . .

                            Thursday, August 30, 2012
Name of Nominee:
School Name:                                                                                  City:

                    FHSAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
                               Nomination Form

                                                     1) General Information

Student’s Name:                                                                               Common Name:
Student’s Home Mailing Address:
City:                                                           State:                           Zip Code:
Email Address:                                                                                Home Phone:             ( )
Student’s Parent(s) or Legal Guardians:
School Name:                                                                                  School Phone:           ( )
School Mailing Address:                                                                       School Fax:             ( )
City:                                                           State:                            Zip Code:
Grade:                           Gender:                                        Ethnicity:

                                                    2) Athletic Participation
List all sports in which you have participated. Indicate each year you participated in each sport by placing an “X” in the
appropriate space.
                                                                    Check each grade in which you participated
Sport                                                         9th Grade        10th Grade      11th Grade       12th Grade

                                                 3) Extra-Curricular Activities
List your most significant participation in extra-curricular activities, including student government, music, drama, school-
based clubs and organizations (e.g., Key Club, Future Farmers of America, etc.), and community-based civic clubs and
organizations. List only those programs in which you participate on a sustained basis.
                                                                        Check each grade in which you participated
Extra-Curricular Activities                                       9th Grade        10th Grade     11th Grade      12th Grade

                                     4) Verification by Principal, Athletic Director
We, the principal and athletic director of the above named high school, certify the eligibility of this student for nominatio n to the FHSAA
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee based on FHSAA eligibility requirements per Article 11 of the FHSAA Bylaws. We further verify
that we have reviewed this completed nomination form and that the information provided herein is accurate to the best of our
knowledge. We also recommend this student based on the character, sportsmanship and citizenship this student has shown at this
high school and in the community.

Name of Principal: ___________________________________                Name of Athletic Director: ________________________________

____________________________________ / ______________                 ______________________________________ / ______________
       Signature of Principal           Date                                Signature of Athletic Director      Date
Name of Nominee:
School Name:                                                                      City:

                                           5) Short Answer Questions

  Please have the student-athlete nominee complete the following short answer questions.
   1.) Members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee are leaders on their athletic teams. Describe a situation in
       which you displayed leadership to your teammates.

   2.) Members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee are leaders at school and in the community. What non-sport
       activities, such as community service opportunities or work experiences, have allowed you to develop leadership
       skills and how?

   3.) Members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee serve as the voice of student-athletes across the state of
       Florida. What issues have you encountered as a student-athlete that you would like to bring to the attention of the
       FHSAA Board of Directors? And what solution or suggestions would you offer to address your particular concern?

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