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Congratulations on registering for the 2012 Advantage Group Family Reunion! It has been my
pleasure to work with the TAG Leaders to put together a weekend that will be exciting, fun,
inspirational, motivational and training that will take your business to a new level!

This letter serves as confirmation that you have successfully registered for the Weekend Pass. The
Weekend Pass includes entry into the Thursday Night Reception, the Friday Break-Out Trainings, the
Friday Millionaire Mindset Dinner, the Saturday Main Event and the Saturday Night Party. Each
Registration is good for ONE PERSON. On the top of this letter I have handwritten how many
registrations we have in your name. If this number is not correct, please email me at
TAGEvent2012@yahoo.com. However your name was written on the envelope is the name we have
your registration under and the one you should give them when you pick up your tickets at the event.
You will pick up your Event Packet and wristbands at the event. There will be a different wrist band for
each event.

Please carefully read the “Things You Should Know” page and the Event Agenda. We have worked
hard to prepare an awesome event, and want you to be aware of things that will help you also have a
GREAT EVENT! Continue to encourage your team to attend from across North America. There is a
good chance that a few of the events (receptions, etc.) may sell out, but the Friday Break-Outs and
Saturday Main Event should be fine, so continue to encourage your team to attend. If we sell out of
Weekend Passes, Individual Event Tickets will continue to be available at www.TAGEvent2012.com to

Unfortunately, the Golf Scramble on Sunday Morning had a conflict with the resort scheduling
and will need to be cancelled. Anyone who registered for the Golf Scramble will get refunded this
week. Golfers can call the resort directly to book your individual tee times and get a group rate of
$49 per person (just mention LegalShield discount). There were a few time changes on the
YOU MAY HAVE PRINTED! The 5K has been moved up to 8am, to take advantage of a
“cooler” start time. The Saturday Main Event Start Time was changed from 10am to 9am.

Shingle Creek Resort is currently sold out on several nights during our event! If you are on a waiting
list for nights with the hotel, please let me know by emailing us at TAGEvent2012@yahoo.com. If you
are trying to get in, please also let us know. We are doing our best to get you rooms as they become
available. If you can’t get into Shingle Creek, there are 50 hotels within 2 miles (off International Dr.).
Anything close to Sea World is less than 2 miles away. If you have reservations and need to cancel
some nights, email TAGEvent2012@yahoo.com and we’ll help you, so we can move those nights over
to another LegalShield Associate who is waiting.
This event is going to be great, and we hope that you will take full advantage by attending all of the
events and getting to know your Advantage Group Family from across North America! You will also
get an opportunity to meet the Florida Leadership Team, as the Saturday Main Event is open to ALL
LegalShield Associates in Florida! This is a great opportunity to make contacts that can help you build
and grow your business in Florida.

I am looking forward to being your host for this awesome event.


Don Thompson
Florida Regional VP
TAGEvent2012@yahoo.com - Questions
www.TAGEvent2012.com – Tickets and Info

P.S. If you’re from another state, this is a great opportunity to build your LegalShield Business in
Florida! Who do you know in Florida? Get a list from your Associates, who they know in Florida! If
you’re not aware, it’s easy to get a license if you live in Florida, it’s not an issue here at all. Florida is
the #3 and many times #2 Recruiting state in LegalShield, so take advantage and build a team here and
get them to this big event, what a great way to launch their business and start earning overrides from
your Florida team!

We have over 40 Recruiting Events (Business Briefings, Luncheons, etc.) every week in Florida, so get
your prospect plugged in! Go to www.FLShield.com and click on the Calendar of Events. If you need
help, we have great Regional Managers who can help you; their information is also on our state website!

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