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									Name: Cristiano
University: The University of Edinburgh
Degree Subject: BSc (Hons) Computer Science
Joined: 2008

1. Why IBM?
So I did a Technology Degree, I studied Computer Science at Edinburgh
University. It seemed like a logical transition to work for a technology
company to give myself that credibility and experience that sat behind that
degree. So IBM was the first name that came to mind really.

2. What is your current role?
Currently I am working as an IT specialist. I have worked in two different
teams as an IT specialist, firstly I worked in the physical security teams, so
doing cool things like facial recognition, behavioural video analytics, analysing
patterns in peoples movements and stuff in the building. The logical transition
after that was all these devices sit on the network so I wanted to gain an
understanding of the IT infrastructure that these devices sit on so now I am
currently working as an IT network specialist.

3. How do you see your career developing?
I am a firm believer in the T-shaped individual, T-shaped skill set. I feel that
my role as an IT specialist has given me that technical depth of knowledge
and experience that consists of the leg of the T. What I see as a future role, to
gain that breadth of the top of the T is a role as a technology consultant, so a
technical consultant. So over the next 5 years I would like to develop my
career as exactly that, a technical consultant to give me that overall shape.

4. How does IBM support your career?
I think this is something IBM does very well. It does this in two ways. It
provides something called the Careers Smart Framework, which is a
framework where you can set your short, medium and long term goals and
really make sure you can stick to those goals in order to develop your career.
The other aspect that they do well is providing that support network through
schemes like the Buddy and Mentoring scheme. A support network is
something that I think is invaluable to any young graduate so I think this is a
great aspect of what they do.

5. What do you get involved in outside your day to day job?
I am part of the Buddying scheme, which means I Buddy 3 industrial trainees
in IBM, so they are third year placement students. This is great because they
are probably going to be prospective graduates, so we have been there and
done that so we can really provide them with that friendly face, that first point
of contact that they can come to us with any issues or problems they have or
any general advise so it’s very rewarding actually being involved in that
scheme. Another thing actually is that earlier this year I was up in Liverpool
and competed in the corporate games! You may not have heard of it but I was
competing in the Dragon Boating event, it was very good because you were
competing for IBM and meeting other IBMers, it was a very fun two days, we
didn’t win anything at the end of it but you know it’s the competing that counts!
6. What is the best part of the IBM culture?
I think that’s an easy one, its definitely people. When I joined IBM, I kept
hearing people being referred to as IBMers and I just thought it was another
marketing term that IBM used and I thought I was never going to be referred
to as that guy but as I have developed here in this company, as I have met
more of its people, as I have networked with my colleagues as people outside
of my line of business I have found out that there is a lot more to it than the
term itself. I am very proud of being an IBMer.

7. Why do you want to stay with IBM?
Currently, obviously I am a specialist in a specific area. I feel that in order to
develop I want to gain more breadth to my experience. I think IBM is the
perfect place for me to get that breadth. IBM has a great reputation in the
market place. It is very well known, it’s brand is well known, we have
presence in every industry and I see that there is something there for the
foreseeable future to keep me engaged and at the bleeding edge in order to
develop that breadth of experience.

8. What is your ‘Insider Tip’…?
I would probably say ‘don’t be intimidated by the application process’. It is a
lengthy process with lots of hurdles but that does mean that everything is not
based on one single interview, which obviously means that you have lots of
opportunities to shine so I think that is a good thing.

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