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									 Joint Use Libraries, an
 International Conference
 19th-21st June 2007
 The Lowry, Manchester, UK

Tuesday 19th June 2007

   11:00     Introduction

             Setting the Scene
                                                                        Dr Alan Bundy
             Widening Horizons: South Australia’s Unique System of
   11:30                                                                Principal Consultant
             Rural Joint Use Libraries
                                                                        Auslib Library Consulting, Australia

                                                                        Ann Melmoth, Lesley Hardman
   12:15     Partnerships make progress

   13:00     Lunch

             Optional visit - Manchester Libraries
   14:00     FE/HE Libraries
                                                                        Jayshree Mamtora, Sonia Sumner
             A Joint Use Library in the Red Centre of Australia
                                                                        Charles Darwin University, Australia

             Identifying User-requirements and Briefing the Design      Dr Stephen Allen
             Team for a New Joint Use Library Facility: A Case          Lecturer
             Study of the Scottish Borders Campus                       Heriot Watt University, UK
                                                                        Dee Bozeman, Rachel Owens
             Joint Use Library: Challenges and Successes                Library Faculty
                                                                        University of Central Florida, USA

   15:30     Break

   16:00     International Solutions

             Success Factors of Joint Use Libraries: Lessons from       Dr Boemo Jorosi
             the Tutume McConnell Library in Botswana                   University of Botswana, Botswana

                                                                        Agapi-Stamoulia Polyzou
             Suggestions for Joint Use Libraries Project in Greece: A
                                                                        Library & Information Services
             Promising Solution for the Advancement of Information
                                                                        University of Thessaly & Theodora Tsoli,
                                                                        Panteion University Library, Greece
                                                                        Ann Martins
             Portuguese School Libraries Network Programme              Portuguese School Libraries Network

   17:30     Drinks Reception
Wednesday 20th June 2007

          Parallel A                                               Parallel B

  09:30   Staffing and Managing Joint Use Libraries                Education/Public Libraries in Theory & Practice

                                                                                             Deborah Hamblin
          Changing Places:             Dr Patricia Bauer           Experimentation and
                                                                                             Campus Librarian
          Personnel Issues of a        Adjunct Professor           Persistence: The
                                                                                             Rockingham Regional
          Joint Use Library in         Florida State University,   Success Factors of an
                                                                                             Campus Community
          Transition                   USA                         Australian Tripartite
                                                                                             Library, Australia
                                                                   Joint Use Library
                                                                   New Document
                                                                   Environments and
          Staffing and                 Susan Richmond                                        Dr Joacim Hansson
                                                                   Institutional Identity:
          Management of Joint          Service Library Manager                               Swedish School of Library
                                                                   Joint Use Libraries at
          Use Libraries: A Case        Access & Inclusion, Hull                              and Information Studies,
                                                                   the Crossroads
          Study                        Central Library, UK                                   Sweden
                                                                   between the Physical
                                                                   and the Digital Library

  11:00   Break

  11:30   Some Regional Overviews                                  Education/Public Library Case Studies

                                       Patrica Parsons                                       Harriet MacDougall
          A Review of the                                          A Five-year
                                       Manager                                               Director
          Community School                                         Assessment of a Large
                                       Central Division,                                     Alvin Sherman Library
          House Public Library in                                  Joint Use Library in
                                       Newfoundland Public                                   Nova Southeastern
          Newfoundland                                             Southeast Florida
                                       Libraries, Canada                                     University, USA
                                                                                             David Barton
          Standards and                                            Sharing Spaces,
          Guidelines for Public                                    Strengthening Service:
                                                                                             Library & Information
          Libraries Housed in          Patricia McNamee            A Case Study of Public
          Schools in Alerberta,                                    and Academic Library
                                                                                             Metropolitan State
          Canada: A Case Study                                     Cohabitation
                                                                                             University, USA
          Three Joint Library
                                       Leif Hagberg
          Projects and the
                                       Gotland University
          Combibib Library

  12:30   Lunch

  2.00    Large Scale HE/Public Libraries                          Joint Use of Libraries

                                        Ruth Kifer
          Joint Use
                                        University Library Dean
          University/Public Library:
                                        San Jose State                                       Ayub Khan
          Public Policy in Action                                  Workshop
                                        University, USA                                      Warwickshire Libraries
                                        Anna Hannaford
                                        University of Worcester

  15:30   Break

  16:00   Working Together
          You say Tomato…..Merging Library Services in NHS         Linda Riley
          and HE                                                   Knowledge & Libraries Manager
                                                                      East Lancashire Hospitals Trust, UK
                                                                      Michael Hargreaves
                                                                      Senior Information Officer
                                                                      University of Central Lancashire
                                                                      Mary Keane
           The Bolton Experience                                      Communities and Learning Manager
                                                                      Bolton Libraries, UK
                                                                      Richard Beveridge
           Wooton Fields Joint Use Public/School Library              Director, Library Services
                                                                      Tribal Group

  19:30    Conference Dinner

Thursday 21st June 2007

             Optional visit – Bolton Central Library
   09:30     Directing Services at Specific User Groups
                                                                            Angela Zetterlund
             Why is it so difficult for the Public Librarian to share the
                                                                            Swedish School of Library & Information
             Vision of Joint Use Libraries? Problems and Dilemmas
             Experienced in a Development Project Directed to Adult
                                                                            University College of Boras, Goteborg
                                                                            University, Sweden
                                                                            Sarah McNicol
             Joint Use Libraries as Children’s Libraries                    University of Central England
                                                                            Birmingham, UK

   10:50     Break

   11:20     FE – Public Collaboration

                                                                            Manchester Libraries

                                                                            Catherine Kearney
             Collaborative Communities: A New Service Delivery
                                                                            Assistant Director
             Model for Lifelong Learning in Scotland
                                                                            Scottish Library & Information Council, UK
   12:30     Integrating Services
                                                                            Hilary Jackson
                                                                            Principal Librarian Policy Development
             Staffordshire’s One Stop Shops
                                                                            Community Engagement and Local Delivery
                                                                            Staffordshire Libraries
                                                                            Irene Brough
             Blackburn Connected: A Joint Use Case Study                    Area Manager
                                                                            West Lothian Library Services , UK

   13:30     Lunch

   14:30     Feedback Session

   15:00     Depart

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