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I believed in Santa Clause, and I still do!
I liked giving the neighborhood kids rides with the help of my pony, Cocoa.
And, I liked giving my sister rides on my mini-bike, too!
I volunteered at my church as a clown, entertaining the church children.
I took guitar lessons for 3 years, and then accepted the fact that I make a better
audience participant than musician!
I loved cheerleading in high school!
I made the newspaper when I became class president!
I loved my grandma. She was very silly!
My family moved to Florida when I was in high school. That was kind of a
tough experience.
But, I liked the beach! It made my hair turn blonde!
I’ve always loved dogs. I seem to always get white dogs! Hummm….
I also always liked to draw. I painted these pictures on the wall of a vacant
apartment my parents owned before they decorated it.
I graduated from high school in 1975.
Soon after that, I got married and I officially became an adult.
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