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					                           PRIZE LIST                                     GLEN URQUHART HORTICULTURAL
The Cups and Trophies are awarded for one year to the person                       SOCIETY
with most points (3 points for a 1st, 2 for a 2nd, and 1 for a 3rd) in
the following classes.
Veg. and Fruit.                          Westfield Challenge Cup.
Floral Art Open.
                                                      The Glen Cup.
                                       Loch Ness Challenge Cup.
                                                                           ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW
Floral Special.                           The Clare Fraser Trophy.
Baking and Jams                              The Grant Rose Bowl.
Children’s Section.
1st. In V21.
                           Trophies awarded for each section.
                                         The Dave Emery Quaich.
                                                                            SAT. 8th. SEPTEMBER 2012.
Arts & Crafts.                                  The Churchill Cup.
Champion’s trophy (most points in show).Hugh Fraser Trophy.
                                                                                       AT 3PM.
                       GARDENS COMPETITION.                                BLAIRBEG HALL, DRUMNADROCHIT.
To be judged between 30th.July – 4th. August.
Names in by 29th.July, to Janet 450557 or Carolyn 450757.
Best Flower and Veg. Garden. GHS Rachel Fraser Memorial
                                                Trophy.                  ADULTS £1, CHILDREN 10 & OVER 50P.
Best Flower Garden.           The Kate Macleod Rose Bowl.                    REFRESHMENTS INCLUDED.
Best Small Garden.                     GHS Challenge Cup.
(Under 300sq metres).
Surprise Garden.           Rena Macleod Memorial Trophy.
(Awarded by Judge, nominations welcome).
Tallest Sunflower.                                  £10 Voucher.

                          PRIZE MONEY.                                   The Society gratefully acknowledges the
                                                                           generous support of our friends and
We award £1 for a 1st, 75p for a 2nd, and 50p for a3rd. Place
in all classes, in all sections.                                                       supporters.
                   SOCIETY RULES
                                                                                CHILDREN’S SECTION.
1. The Entry Fee for all classes is 20p, with Maximum of £2.      PRE-SCHOOL & P1.
2. All Exhibits must be the property of the Exhibitor from the    C1.   Flowers in an unusual container
    June before the show.                                         C2.   Flower made from Play Dough.
3. Exhibitors are limited to one entry per class.                 C3.   Plant/Plants grown from seed provided.
4. Exhibits will be accepted on the day of the show between       C4.   Animal made from Fruit and /or vegetables, Accessories
    9.30 and noon. Each entry must have a society label
    attached. These can be obtained beforehand from the
    secretary or at the door on the day of the show.
5. No one will be admitted to the show before the official        PRIMARY 2- 4.
    opening at 3pm, except judges and appointed stewards.         C7    Decorated Hard Boiled Egg, accessories allowed.
6. No exhibits to be removed until after Presentation of          C8    Decorated Gingerbread Man/Woman can be bought.
    Trophies.                                                     C9    Garden on a plate, max 23cms.
7. Entrants for the garden competitions are permitted to employ   C10   Plant/Plants grown from seed provided.
    labour prior to 15th May, and have assistance with grass
    cutting at any time.
8. Any exhibitor found in conversation with Judges prior to
    completion of judging will be disqualified.                   PRIMARY 5-7
9. The Judges’ decision is final, so no complaint will be         C11   Make and decorate a Cup Cake.
    entertained in this respect                                   C12   Vegetable Plant grown in 15cm pot
10. Although all reasonable care will be taken, the Committee     C13   Make a Wooden Spoon Dolly.
    will not be answerable for any damage.
                                                                  C14   Write about a ‘Magical Sporting Moment’, up to 1000
11. All Glen Residents from Corrimony to Brackla, Lennie to
    Bunloit and all High School Pupils are eligible to compete.         words.
                                                                  HIGH SCHOOL.
An Auction Sale will be held at the close of the Show to          C15   An Item of Craft Work
augment Society Funds, any Donations of Exhibits will be          C16   Home grown vegetables, max 3.
most gratefully accepted.                                         C17   Painting on a ‘Garden Theme’, max 40x40cms.
Exhibits remaining after prize giving will be deemed to have
                                                                  C18   Bake and Decorate ‘Diamond Jubilee Cake’,
been donated for the Auction, unless marked NOT FOR
SALE                                                                    16/20cm tin.
                    FLOWERS                                          VEGETABLES AND FRUIT
F1.    Three colours Sweet Peas, 3 stems of each.        V1.    One Cabbage with 3” stalk.
                                                         V2.    *Three Turnips.
F2.    Three Phloxes, perennial.
                                                         V3.    *Three Carrots, long.
F3.    Three African Marigolds.                          V4.    *Three Carrots, stump rooted.
F4.    Three Calendula Marigolds.                        V5.    Three Onions, one variety, under 8ozs.
F5.    Three French Marigolds.                           V6.    Three Onions, one variety, over 8ozs.
                                                         V7.    Three Leeks.
F6.    Three Pansies, various colours.                   V8.    Nine pods of Peas.
F7.    Three Single Rose Blooms.                         V9.    Three Potatoes, White, one variety, any shape.
F8.    One Spray of Floribunda Roses.                    V10.   Three Potatoes, Other than white, one variety, any shape.
                                                         V11.   *Three Beetroots, one variety.
F9.    Three Dahlias, Decorative.                        V12.   One Lettuce, any cultivars, roots may be wrapped in plastic
F10.   Three Dahlias, Cactus.                                   and/or mounted in a pot.
                                                         V13.   Six Runner Beans.
F11.   Three Gladioli Spikes.
                                                         V14.   Six Broad Beans.
F12.   One Vase of Mixed Perennials.                     V15.   Four Red Tomatoes, one variety.
F13.   One Vase of Mixed Annuals.                        V16.   Four Tomatoes other than Red, one variety.
                                                         V17.   One Cucumber.
F14.   One Vase of Mixed Flowers.
                                                         V18.   One Marrow.
F15.   Fuchsia in a Pot.                                 V19.   Three Courgettes, 4” to 8” long.
F16.   Pelargonium in a Pot.                             V20.   Pot of Parsley, one plant.
F17.   Begonia in a Pot.                                 V21.   Collection of 5 vegetables in a tray or box not exceeding 24”
                                                                by 18” (for the Quaich).
F18.   Outdoor Container, plant/plants grown in the      V22.   Five kinds of culinary herbs, not more than 2 stems of each
       container.                                               kind.
F19.   One Pot Plant, Foliage.                           V23.   One Bunch of Radishes.
                                                         V24.   Two Peppers, one variety.
F20.   Any other Pot Plant in Flower, not previously     V25.   Most naturally Misshaped Vegetable.
       classified.                                       V26.   Any other kind of Vegetable.
F21.   Any other Entry of choice, not shown above, and   V27.   Collection of Fruit, 3 kinds.
       named.                                                   *Root Vegetables to have 3” minimum top on.
                          FLORAL ART.                           J1. “Teddy Bear’s Picnic.” A flower arrangement with
                                                                accessories. Max 50cms high, 50cms wide.
A1. “Come for Coffee”, A Table Arrangement, accessories
    allowed. Max 30cms high, 40cms wide.                                        ARTS AND CRAFTS.
A2. “Diamond Jubilee”, A flower arrangement incorporating
    Gold & Purple, accessories allowed. Max 60cms high,         H1. A Photograph of a “Local Sporting Event, 2012”
    60cms wide.                                                      Photo size 18x13cms/7x5”.
A3. “Autumn Glory”, An arrangement of flowers & foliage in      H2. An Item of Jewellery.
    Autumn colours. Max 60cms high, 60cms wide.                 H3. One Piece of Needlework.
A4. A Miniature arrangement, fresh or artificial material.      H4. One Piece of Knitting or Crochet work.
     Max10cms high, 10cms wide.                                 H5. Creative writing, ‘Friendship’, not more than 1000 words.
                                                                H6. Any other Craft work ie. Woodwork, Pottery, Ironwork etc,
                                                                    Max. Size, 40x40cms.
F.A.S. “Olympic Games”, accessories allowed.
        Max 60cms, high, 60cms wide.

   JUNIOR CLASS, (under 14 on day of show) PRIZE

We award £1 for a 1st, 75p for a 2nd, and 50p for a3rd. Place
in all classes, in all sections.
                                                    B11.   Four Florentine Biscuits.
                                                    B12.   Filled Chocolate Sponge.
                                                    B13    Banana Cake, 900g/2lb Tin, (no dried fruit).
                 Baking and Jams.                   B14.   Whisky Cake, 18/20cm Tin, Baked by a Male.
                                                    B15.   Best Decorated Cake, 18/20 cm Tin.
                                                    B16.   One Jar of Marmalade.
B1.    One Savoury Flan/Quiche.                     B17.   One Jar Raspberry Jam.
B2.    One Jar Chutney, any variety. To be named.   B18.   One Jar of Lemon Curd.
B3.    One Loaf of Bread.                           B19.   One Jar Strawberry Jam.
B4.    Four Fruit Scones.                           B20.   One Jar of Rhubarb Jam (Ginger optional).
B5.    Four Pancakes.                               B21.   One Jar of Single Fruit Jelly. To be named.
B6.    Four Fingers of Shortbread.
B7.    Eight Squares of Tablet.                     All Baking to be covered with Cling Film Please.
B9.    Four Cup Cakes, Decorated.
B10.   Four Pieces of Tiffin.

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