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									                   Garage Floor Coating of Southwest Ohio
We spend THOUSANDS of dollars fixing up our motorcycle. We put chrome on it to
make it look awesome then we take it out to show it off because we are so proud of it.

Afterwards we bring it home and park it in some lousy, stained, cracked, gray concrete
structure we call a garage. How can we feel good about that?

Sick! I know because I “was” one of them. We have lived in our home long enough to
have fixed up many parts to our liking. We had even TRIED (and failed) to fix the
garage. We had concrete repair done and it chipped and cracked again, we had it painted
with some “high quality concrete epoxy” and it chipped, flaked and got stained too.
Polyaspartic/polyurea? Forget it if you have any moisture, (all concrete does)!

Well now I have the answer! Garage Floor Coating of Southwest Ohio has MAGIC
STUFF! Ok it isn’t magic, but it is the best floor coating I have EVER seen!

   1. I knew it when I watched them prepare the surface! They were very thorough and
      although this is a basic step, it’s very important. The machines and techniques are
      above and beyond what any home-kit or “Joe with a truck” can accomplish. This
      is paramount to achieving a porous and contaminant-free surface. The process is
      continued by performing any crack and divot repair, and the expansion joints (if
      present) are partially filled with a special elastomeric sealer. Each of these
      products used are unique to Garage Floor Coating of Southwest Ohio.
   2.    I knew it when they applied the first coat of a poly-hybrid bonding (primer) that
        has built in expansion and contraction abilities. Yes I said BONDS, not sticks!
        This product bonds permanently to the concrete! Then they did it again with
        another body coat! These coats have a “rubberized membrane” injected into them
        to allow concrete movement as well!

   3. I knew it when they spread what looked like paint flakes all over the floor.
      Coating the floor with a solid layer of flakes. I examined the flakes and could see
      and feel that they were NOT PAINT chips. They felt a little like rubber. They
      were pliable and soft. These flakes are UV resistant so they won’t fade, have
      built in expansion and contraction properties, and add another layer of protection
      to the concrete!

   4. I knew it when they applied the final TWO poly-hybrid UV resistant clear-coat
      barriers that it would be impermeable to spills, stains, and fading. These two
      clear-coats give a “showroom finish” as well as protect against scratching! Oh,
      and don’t forget it expands and contracts too!
Why do I keep talking about expansion and contraction? Simple. Winter and summer…
Cold and hot… it really does a number on our concrete! This system allows for natural
movement without all the damaging effects like cracking or pitting from nasty salt!

Now, do you ever get down on the floor to work on your bike or even clean it? Garage
Floor Coating of Southwest Ohio can put in an insulating barrier that keeps the floor 30%
warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer! That same insulator that maintains a
more even temperature also eliminates floor sweat that can condensate on those precious
chrome and stainless parts! That means no more rust or constantly wiping them off!

Well what if you own an older HD that leaks oil? Your garage floor can be protected
from that as well! This floor is “impermeable” which means nothing penetrates the
surface. All that salt and those nasty oil drips, gas spots, transmission fluid marks, etc. all
sit on the surface and don’t stain! Grab a rag and wipe ‘em right off…but only after
you’ve finished working and taken a rest or a ride!

I can tell you it is not only beautiful … almost as incredible as your bike… but it is
WARRANTED for LIFE!!! LIFE?? How can that be? Nothing is warranted for life!
But listen to this, it is warranted not to crack, peal, or chip as long as you own it! You
also can’t scratch it or stain it. This is NOT EPOXY or polyaspartic/polyrea! It’s
MAGIC! Well ok, it’s a poly-hybrid system that makes
themselves and is a proprietary secret, but let’s just call it Magic!

What a way to pamper your bike, keep it cleaner, protect it from moisture, provide an
absolutely beautiful surrounding, AND improve the value of your home!

It isn’t just for garages either! They do basements, steps, driveways, patios, laundry
rooms, sidewalks, and anything else that is concrete, wood, tile, or even glass!

This is really amazing stuff and you can get your quote by calling Ryan at 937-499-4977
or BJ at 937-479-0690. The Dayton Office: 937-228-COAT or Cincinnati Office: 513-
385-COAT. Find them on Facebook @ Southwest
Ohio. You can also find them at Powder Keg every Friday night with the vendors at Bike

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