Sun Flow - Kripalu Yoga by fACTm6


									                                   Kripalu Center Thursday June 12, 2009 6:30 – 8:00 am

        Thursday Morning Sadhana with Duane Hendricks

   1. Entry Music – Enchanted by Robert Gass                            6:00 am
   2. Centering, Dirgha, Ujjayi, OM, Inspirational Reading              6:30 am
       High Dive from Limitless by Danna Faulds pg 18
   3. Pranayama Kapalabhati 3 rounds
   4. Pratapana (Warm-Ups)                                              6:40 am
       a. Half Wind Relieving Ardha Pavana Muktasana
       b. Dashrath’s Twist
       c. Side Leg Lifts – one, both, big toe
       d. Plank – front, one side, front, other side
       e. Cobra, suspension bridge, Upward Facing Dog
       f. Down Dog Adho Mukha Svanasana
   5. Asana Music Yoga on Sacred Ground by Chinmaya Dunster
   6. Standing Postures                                                  6:50 pm
       a. Warrior 1 Virabhadrasana I with Kapalabhati breath
       b. Half Moon Series – Ardha Chandra Vinyasa backbend hands clasped
       c. Warrior 2 - Virabhadrasana II / Extended Angle Parsvakonasana /
           Warrior III Virabhadrasana III with block
       d. Standing Wide Angle/ Prasarita Padottanasana partner and belt assist
       e. Crane Balakikasana / Tree Vrikshasana
   7. Floor Postures
       a. Spinal Twist – Matsyendrasana
       b. Hovering Pigeon - Kapotasana three times then land
       c. Half Shoulderstand – Ardha Sarvangasana Plough option
       d. Meditation in Motion
   8. Savasana Ultimate OM by Joseph Goldman                               7:50 am
   9. Inspirational Reading Silent Celebration from Limitless by Danna Faulds pg 76
   10. OM and Closing and Class Ends                                       8:00 am

                                   Music and Readings
The CDs played in this class and Danna Faulds’ recently released book of poems entitled
“Limitless” can be purchased in the Kripalu Shop.

                                 Duane’s Website
Visit my website for write ups of this class and all the classes I have taught in this YTT.
The classes can be read online or downloaded.

The website contains an extensive list of Kripalu resources along with a list of the
Kripalu postures, their Sanskrit names and the Sanskrit pronunciation. These lists can be
read online or saved to your computer.

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