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									How to achieve patient involvement is difficult in clinical practice. Many studies show that patients are infrequently
involved in decisions. Although there is agreement that decision making with patients should be ‘shared’, the exact
nature of that process is as yet unclear. OPTION is a tool that enables progress in this field and measures the extent to
which clinicians involve patients in decision making.

For informal enquiries, please contact Professor Glyn Elwyn elwyng@cardiff.ac.uk

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  Training Pack:                                                                                       Postage

  Training Pack: OPTION                                                                    Spain: £30         Australia: £52
                                                                                     Switzerland: £30              USA: £57
  The ‘Training Pack’ consists of:
                                                                                         Finland: £32                 UK: £5
      1. Introduction to the scale;                                                     Sweden: £32          Germany: £27
      2. How to use the OPTION instrument;                                              Norway: £32            France: £27
      3. CD of seven test consultations                                                Slovenia: £35       Netherlands: £25
      4. Using the test consultations;                                                   Poland: £35               Italy: £30
      5. Checking your scores;
      6. Selected References.
      7. Complimentary copy of the book:
           ‘Shared Decision Making Measurement using
           the OPTION instrument’                                         £50.00
           ISBN: 0-9550975-0-9
           This book co-written by Glyn Elwyn, Adrian
           Edwards, Michel Wensing and Richard Grol,
           describes a new validated instrument which
           assesses the extent to which shared decision
           making in health care consultations occur.
           The OPTION instrument is designed for
           research as well as for education, evaluation
           and quality improvement.

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           To place an order, please complete the form above, and return with payment by cheque
                               made payable to Cardiff University and send to:

                               Angela Watkins, Institute of Primary Care & Public Health,
              Cardiff University,2nd Floor Neuadd Meirionnydd, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4YS
                  T: 0044 (0)29 2068 7195 F: 0044 (0)29 2068 7219 E: WatkinsA6@cf.ac.uk

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