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					                         EDMONDS SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 15
                                         Career and Technical Education

                          (To be Completed and Returned Electronically to
                 Diane Grossenbacher at grossenbacherd@edmonds.wednet.edu ASAP)

ADVISORY COMMITTEE:                     Carpentry
MEETING DATE:             March 18, 2011               TIME:    7:00am LOCATION:         Shari’s
NAME OF CHAIRPERSON:                    Jim Stark
NAME OF RECORDER/SECRETARY:                         Scott Hammond
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MEMBERS PRESENT:                                 REPRESENTING:
Tim Blevins                                      City Of Seattle Building Department
Rob Bright                                       Edmonds School District, Mountlake Terrace High
Monty Chaussee                                   Rotary
Ralph Pehrson                                    Rotary/Pehrson and Associates
Jim Stark                                        Rotary/Plywood Supply
INSTRUCTORS PRESENT:                             SCHOOL:
Scott Hammond                                    ESD Carpentry / LHS
Micah Burlingame                                 ESD Carpentry / LHS

1. TOPIC:          Review/Accept Minutes of Previous Meeting

     X    Minutes approved without modifications
         Minutes approved with modifications (summarize modifications below)

2. TOPIC:           House Update:

       Micah Burlingame, long awaited and very welcomed new Carpentry Assistant, was introduced
        to and welcomed by the committee.

       Last Year’s House: The house was sold and closed the first of February and the new owner
        moved in. He’s absolutely thrilled with the house and has nothing but praise for the quality of
        the house. He said his home inspector gave praises too and said he wasn’t able to find
        anything that needed to be corrected. I told the students and they were really excited to hear
        about it.

       This year’s house: We are still working on framing the roof and setting the trusses and plan to
        have it finished by the end of the month so that we can have it roofed before Spring Break.
        The roofing contractor is new to us this year but his bid came in over a thousand dollars less
        than the next bidder. The owner says he will be there when they start so he can go review the
        process with the students.

       There are a total of 26 students, 13 students in the morning class and 13 in the afternoon class.
        This includes 7 seniors and the rest are juniors. Of the 26 students there are 12 signed up for
        Tech Prep through EdCC.

       Monty shared that Connie is hoping to put the house on the market at $379,000.


3. TOPIC:           Program Presentation to the Rotary Club

       The presentation went very well. Jim set up the introduction, Ralph talked about the history,
        Mark Madison talked about the value of the program and the connection with the community
        college, Scott talked about the curriculum, students and current house. Then former student
        Denis Vakulchik and current student Dakota Farmer gave their perspective on what the
        program is to them. It was so well received that members stayed and talked after the meeting
        where normally when 1:30pm hits they are out of there.


4. TOPIC:        CTE Carpentry Leadership and Achievement Recognition Award

       The student this year is most likely going to be Dakota Farmer from Lynnwood High School.
        Dakota not only represented the program at the Rotary Presentation but has been a student of
        the month for the class and was also awarded the Alderwood Rotary CTE Student of the
        month for Carpentry in December. There are a couple of other students that are right up there
        with their performance who could qualify so it isn’t totally decided quite yet. I should know
        within a couple of weeks and will notify the CTE Department of who it is. The members
        agreed with my recommendation.

ACTION NEEDED: Scott will be choosing the recipient in the near future and will inform the CTE

5. TOPIC:         Program Review/Evaluation and Goal Setting Worksheet

        Reviewed and attached with comments

        Highlights of Needs and Goals:

              o Program Assistant is Absolutely Needed

              o Yearly Meeting with the Counselor

              o Educate School to Work Coordinators

              o More Participation from Contractors

              o Establish status with the Union

ACTION NEEDED: Refer to above and Worksheet

6. TOPIC:            Board Meeting Report

        Board does not want to lose the house Project and is doing their due diligence to keep it going.

        $200,000 has been lost in the last 5 years.

        The School District needs to know by May 1st what the Rotary is going to do.

        The board is looking at 4 – 5 models
         1.    Continue with what we’ve been doing: Buy a lot finish one house.
         2.    Work with a Savings and Loan to provide a lot & be a titled sponsor & be paid when
         the   house sells.
         3.    The Tiny House Model as a presale not a spec
         4.    Partner with Housing for Humanity


7. TOPIC:            From the Floor:

        Rotary Member Ken Pierce wrote up a submittal for consideration for the Club to receive an
         endowment from the Hazel Miller Foundation, and $15,000 was awarded. Part of this will go
         into the house program possibly in the form of money for landscaping and helping to pay for
         an assistant.

        Ralph brought up landscaping for the house and the need for curb appeal. He mentioned the
         possibility of getting the Garden Club to help with the landscaping.

        The meeting was unable to be held at Patty’s Egg Nest due to its being closed, so the meeting
         was moved down the hill to the Shari’s Restaurant.


NEXT MEETING DATE:                May 20, 2011   TIME:   7:00am   LOCATION:   Shari’s

AGENDA ITEMS FOR NEXT MEETING (numbers will be added automatically with each
additional agenda item):

   1. Review/Accept Minutes of Previous Meeting (March 18, 2011)

   2. House update

   3. Program Status

   4. Barbecue – June 9

   5. Leadership Award – June 6, EW, 6:00PM, dessert


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