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Google WebMaster Overview presentation Crush Marketing


									WebMaster Tools Series

Overview & Case Studies
       Presentation to

         7 May, 2012
Webmaster Tools Series
May 7 Session 1:    Overview & Case Studies

May 14 Session 2:   Tools for SEO

May 28 Session 3:   Tools for Launching
                    Website Optimizer
Who uses Webmaster Tools?

Who manages websites for yourself ?

Who manages websites for clients?
Session 1 - Overview & Case Studies
Objectives for today
   Show the tools
   Explain benefits
   Inspire you to use it
   Show how to verify your site and submit a sitemap

                           Presented by:
                 Frank Leffelaar of Crush Marketing
               Bernie Glemas of Varize Marketing Inc.
Bernie – VARiZE
  Develop internet properties, developing revenue and
  value of the assets
  Recently started using Webmaster Tools
         Indexing - pages, specially of deeper pages, i.e. job pages on a job site

         Errors - possible hindrances to site performance and SEO

         Links - Confirm retention of inbound linking after website updates

         Keywords - keywords my sites are communicating to google

  Suggested this topic because of it's importance and my
  need to learn more about it
Frank – Crush Marketing
Help Businesses Grow
   Online & offline strategies to achieve business goals
   Lead generation, social, campaigns, content, website
   Work with clients in Food Retail & Manufact. & Software

Find Webmaster tools helpful to:
   Audit website effectiveness, technology, SEO
   Gain Marketing & SEO insights and ideas
   Monitor website migration
   Monitor impact of campaigns on search
What is Webmaster Tools?
30 Tools to help you help Google index your site
Shows how Google sees your website
The Tools
Search Queries
Improve visibility for your target keywords
See the impact of SEO, campaigns, and fresh content
Content keywords
Does Google see what is important to you ?
Pages most relevant to keywords
HTML Suggestions
Check pages are indexed with effective meta tags
Missing, duplicate short, long meta tags
Links to your site
Plan and track growth of inbound links
Who links most to you and linked # of pages
Most linked content
Anchor text used to link
Internal links
Shows pages with most internal links
What pages links are coming from
Identify site & content issues
Review and optimize your Google listing

                                          Traffic flow in Analytics
Case – HTML Suggestions + Sitelinks
Site Links Showed non- informative descriptions
Optimized descriptions for display in search
Increased Cheesecake page visits by 300%
Increased overall site visits by 15% in 1 month
Case - Site Performance & Page Speed
Time to load page impacts clicks & stickiness (goal = 1.5 sec)
Tackle the problem pages with page speed tools
Optimize Website, page content, application, server, host
Crawl Errors
Identify issues and tell Google you fixed them
Site access, DNS or Server errors
Crawl Stats
Crawl rate for site or sub-domain
Important for new sites and pages
How To - Site Verification
Set-up WebMaster Tools by verifying site ownership

You Need:
C-panel or ftp access
Place a code on your server in website folder
Set up Webmaster messages
Have Google send messages to your email
  Warns you of malware
  Recommends software updates e.g. WP releases
  May advise you of issues (and penalties)
How To – Sitemap Creation
Sitemap creation and submission
Conclusions on Webmaster Tools
Important tool for monitoring:
          −   Website appearance to Google
          −   Website's performance / SEO
          −   Errors, crawling issues and malware
          −   Launch of site, new design, new host

Verify and set up sitemap before next sessions
If no time or desire we can do it for you for $50
(Internet MasterMinds special offer)
Webmaster Tools Series
May 14 Session 2:   Tools for SEO

May 21              Long Weekend

May 28 Session 3:   Tools for Launching
                    Website Optimizer

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