Kundalini Yoga Meditation by alicejenny


									          Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
                             By Isabelle Picard
      Ten Body Kundalini is a dynamic,                    Isabelle discovered Yoga at the age
    body-building and character-building                     of 18 and was fascinated by the
                  Yoga style.                             wealth of knowledge it had to offer.
          Also known as the Yoga of                      She soon found herself in Toronto at
    awareness, it places much importance                    the School of Yoga Therapy and
       on the conscious shifting of one’s                 Natural Medicine to pursue further
     perspective. Rhythmic breath, rapid                   personal studies and professional
      movement, concentration, mantra                                    training.
     and meditation are all characteristic               Now a certified Yoga teacher trained
      of Kundalini Yoga practice. While                     in Classical Hatha and Ten Body
       most techniques are aimed at the                    Kundalini, Isabelle is able to share
        endocrine and nervous systems                     her passion for health and personal
      within the physical body, they also                well-being with her students and help
       address all ten aspects of the self                 guide them in their own journeys.
         through which humans exist,
            experience and create.
    Kundalini tradition teaches that It is              “Everyone has the right to be happy.
         through the development and
      integration of the Ten Bodies and                All we need to do is open our hearts to
     their Chakras that one may awaken                       the potential that lies dormant
        his or her innate potential and                                 within.”
            achieve true happiness.                •


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