VETERANS SERVICE BUILDING – 20 WEST 12 STREET
                                       ST. PAUL, MN 55155-2098
                               TELEPHONE: (651) 282-4155 DSN: 825-4155

                                  ANG 09-446
OPENING DATE:           15 September 2009                                       CLOSING DATE:           29 September 2009
POSITION TITLE:         Airplane Flight Instructor                              POSITION DESCRIPTION:          80817
DUTY LOCATION:          148th Operations Group, Duluth IAP, MN                  AFSC:       K11F3H
SELECTIVE PLACEMENT FACTOR: Officer O-5 (Lt Col) (TRP 303 AND AFI 36-101, grade inversion within the full-
time workforce is not permitted. Military grade of the supervisor must equal/exceed grade of personnel supervised).
SELECTING OFFICIAL: Col Howard Hayes, Commercial: 218-788-7250 DSN: 825-7250
REMARKS: PCS Athorized.
LENGTH OF TOUR: 6 YEARS - Subject to program continuance; members successfully completing initial tour will be
afforded priority for tour extension, after completing initial tour. Member’s must remain in the position to which initially
assigned for a minimum of 12 months. Waivers may be approved by TAG.
WHO MAY APPLY: Personnel who are members, or are eligible to become members of the Minnesota Air National
Guard In Accordance With (IAW) ANGI 36-101. Male applicants born after 1 December 1959 must be registered with the
Selective Service prior to becoming a Federal employee.
BENEFITS: Salary is determined by military grade and time in service. Member is authorized Subsistence allowance,
Housing (BAH) allowance, thirty (30) days annual leave; medical and dental care. TRICARE standard coverage for
dependents. Military Exchange and Commissary privileges.
HOW TO APPLY: Applicants must forward the forms listed below to arrive in the Human Resource Office no later than
the Closing Date indicated above. E-mail applications to assets-hro@mn.ngb.army.mil subject line must read (AGR
application 09-446 last name). Hard copy applications such as faxed applications, hand carried applications, and
mailed applications will no longer be accepted. If the application packet is too large to be sent in one email, break the
packet into two separate attachments and send it in two separate emails. If sending multiple emails, subject line must end
in 1 of 2, 2 of 2 (example- AGR application 09-446 Smith, 1 of 2). For questions, please contact SGT Hansey @ 651-
282-4127 or email Assets-HRO@mn.ngb.army.mil.

REQUIRED:       NGB Form 34-1
                SF 600, SF 507, and AF 422 (Physical Exam Forms)
                AF Form 526 (Point Credit Summary)
                DD 214(s)

The Minnesota Department of Military Affairs is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive
consideration for the position without discrimination for any non-merit reason(s) such as age, race, religion, gender, ethnic
origin or non-disqualifying disability. Pre-selection is not only counter-productive to effective recruitment and placement,
but also violates Minnesota National Guard Merit Placement principles and will not be tolerated. If you have information
or questions regarding this issue, please contact the Equal Employment Manager at 651-282-4472 or 651-282-4078.
Application forms may be obtained at most Minnesota Army or Air National Guard Facilities or from our website at
http://www.minnesotanationalguard.org/careers. You may request a copy of the Selecting Official Evaluation /
Recommendation Form AGO 157 after your interview and notification of selection/non-selection by emailing assets-
                                                                                 ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER: ANG 09-446
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: This position is located at the unit level in the Air Operations program at selected Air
Combat Command (ACC) gained flying units in the Air National Guard (ANG). Its paramount purpose is to provide ground
and flight instruction to upgrade pilot skills to obtain maximum performance in the unit-equipped airplane (F16 C+). In
addition to training responsibilities, flight instructors perform assignments related to the operational readiness of their unit
and administrative tasks in support of the Air Operations program.
1. Must be a member or eligible to become a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard. Selected individual must
reenlist for a period equal to the AGR tour.
2.   Members must not have been previously separated for cause from active duty or a previous AGR tour.
3. Member must meet the Fitness Program qualifications IAW ANGI 10-248. Individual must have a current physical
examination within 12 months before the date of entry on AGR tour.
4. Any member in the Fitness Improvement Program (FIP) is ineligible for entry into any type of AGR Tour, IAW ANGI
10-248. Members must meet the ANGI 10-248 passing composite score of 75 or higher at the time they are placed in the
AGR program.
5. Enlisted member’s military grade cannot exceed the maximum military grade authorized. Overgrade member must
indicate in writing, willingness to be administratively reduced in grade when assigned to the position.
6. Enlisted applicant must have been awarded the appropriate skill level and possess the announced AFSC upon
selection for AGR duty. If no qualified applicants are identified, then selection may be made based on the experience and
potential of those applying. In this situation, the applicant must agree to retrain following the procedures outlined in ANGI
36-101, para 3.6.

7. Tour lengths may be from 1 to 6 years. Tours may not extend beyond an enlisted member’s ETS or an officer’s
Mandatory Separation Date (MSD).
8. Should be able to complete 20 years of active federal service prior to MSD for officer and age 60 for enlisted
members (can be waived).
9. Applicant receiving, or eligible to immediately receive, a federal retirement annuity and a state annuity for service as
National Guard technicians are not eligible for entry on an AGR tour.

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