Application for a
                                                  Fiona McKay Flying Bursary

The aims of the de Havilland Educational Trust (deHET) are:

1) To encourage and promote the continued operation of historic aeroplanes by:
     a) facilitating flying training through the award of bursaries,
     b) facilitating training of aircraft engineers through the award of bursaries.

2) To enable people of all backgrounds and ages to experience flights in historic
   de Havilland aeroplanes.

Each year deHET will award a maximum of two bursaries to fund ten hours flying on
de Havilland Tiger Moth aircraft at the Cambridge Flying Group (CFG) or at an
alternative establishment/location subject to agreement. The bursaries are to enable
licensed pilots to convert onto the de Havilland Tiger Moth, with the aim of providing
a new and continuing stream of experience for the operation of vintage aeroplanes.

Applicant Criteria for a Flying Bursary 2010

1.    A current UK licence holder (any class) for a powered fixed-wing aeroplane
(single engine piston including touring motorgliders, self-launching motorgliders and
three-axis microlight.)

2.    A minimum of 75 hours pilot in command at the time of the application.

Selection Process

A maximum of eight candidates will be selected for interview at Cambridge on a
date in April, each also to receive an assessment flight in a Tiger Moth, subject to
weather and other operational considerations. As a result a maximum of two bursary
awards will be made, subject to confirmation by the Board of Trustees.
       Please complete the form using black ink that can be photocopied.
          Spoilt or unreadable application forms will not be considered.
 Forms received after the closing date of 28 February 2010 will not be considered.

                  The de Havilland Educational Trust is a Registered Charity
                                        No 1117043
                     de HAVILLAND EDUCATIONAL TRUST
               Application for a Fiona McKay Flying Bursary 2010
Title:             Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms / Other:
First Name(s):


Telephone:                                 Telephone:
Home                                       Work
Mobile:                                    Facsimile:
Date of Birth:     DD / MM / YYYY          Nationality:
de Havilland Moth Club Membership No:
Full Time Occupation:

A brief outline
of what your job entails:

Date of Commencement:                                 DD / MM / YYYY
Have you applied to DHET before?                          YES   /   NO
If yes, in which year(s):
Current Flying Club / School / Base
Previous (If changed in last year)
                                                     Hours Flown During        Aircraft
                              Total Flying Hours       Last 24 Months        Types Flown
                                                                            (during the last
                               Dual        PIC          Dual        PIC       24 months)


Fixed Wing         SLMG
                  3 Axis


    Other Aircraft:
     Not listed above:
Glider, Helicopter, Balloon

Licence(s) Currently Valid:           Date Obtained:                 Medical Expiry:
                                   DD /   MM     / YYYY            DD /   MM   / YYYY
                                   DD /   MM     / YYYY            DD /   MM   / YYYY
                                   DD /   MM     / YYYY            DD /   MM   / YYYY
                                   DD /   MM     / YYYY            DD /   MM   / YYYY
 Ratings Currently Valid:             Date Obtained:                  Expiry Date:
                                   DD /   MM     / YYYY            DD /   MM   / YYYY
                                   DD /   MM     / YYYY            DD /   MM   / YYYY
                                   DD /   MM     / YYYY            DD /   MM   / YYYY
                                   DD /   MM     / YYYY            DD /   MM   / YYYY
                                   DD /   MM     / YYYY            DD /   MM   / YYYY
                                   DD /   MM     / YYYY            DD /   MM   / YYYY
                              How did you learn of this Bursary?
           What is your motivation in applying for this Bursary?

           What is your specific interest in vintage aeroplanes?

             What is your experience of Tiger Moths to date?

      What is your experience of tail-skid/tail-wheel aircraft to date?

                         If awarded the Bursary,
how would you expect to continue your flying association with Tiger Moths?
Please complete in your own handwriting, in no more than 250 words, why you should be
                     considered for a Fiona McKay Flying Bursary

I confirm that all the information I have supplied is correct and that I will accept the final
decision of the assessment boards. I also give my permission for the de Havilland
Educational Trust to use the data herewith in any media releases should my application be

Signed:     …………………………………………...…                          Date:        ………………………
Please send the completed forms to be received not later than 28 February 2010 to:
                                  Stuart McKay MBE
                        de Havilland Educational Trust (deHET)
                              Staggers, 23 Hall Park Hill
                                Hertfordshire HP4 2NH

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