The Wallich is a Wales-based charity which works with homeless and by Y8AeAhA8


									The Wallich is a Wales-based charity which works with homeless and vulnerably housed people
to find the accommodation and support which will help them to live safer, happier and more
independent lives.

Cleaner (part-time) – Llanelli                                      Ref: CCSP
We are looking for a reliable and friendly person with the experience or ability to provide a
professional cleaning service at two closely located sites in Llanelli (residential and office setting).
An understanding of or commitment to health and safety issues and good cleaning practice is

Hours:           4 hours per week, working times flexible
Salary:          £6.15 per hour

Closing date: 12 noon Monday 23rd March 2009.

                                Generous terms and conditions apply

For details about our current vacancies including relief work and volunteering opportunities
visit us at: or phone 02920 345324.

                                        The Wallich is an
                                  Equal Opportunities Employer
                                           The Wallich
                                         Job Description

Accountable to: Clos Sant Paul Management Team


1.       To keep The Wallich properties in a good state of cleanliness.

2.       To carry out minor repairs or report as necessary.


1.       To work to further the overall vision, mission, values and operational principles of The

2.       To work within The Wallich Equal Opportunity Policy as all times.

3.       To work within all The Wallich operational procedures.

4.       To work in a manner that lessens dependency, reverses institutionalisation and increases
         clients self reliance responsibility and self-esteem.

5.       To foster and preserve good professional relationships with other individuals and


1.       To clean the project as directed by the project management.

3.       To be aware of The Wallich Health and Safety policy, COSHH regulations and any other
         health and safety issues that may affect the work.

5.       To report any necessary repairs to the handyman/manager.

7.       Be responsible for any cleaning machinery and report any defect.

8.       Ensure there are adequate stocks of cleaning material and order the same through your
         line manager.

9.       To undertake any reasonable duties as required by the line manager.
                                    The Wallich
                              Cleaner – Clos Sant Paul
                                Person Specification
                                 Essential                            Desirable
                                                       Working   in    a   support   services
Experience      Cleaning (preferably professionally)

Knowledge       Basic hygiene
                Teamwork                               Health & Safety (eg. correct use and
of              Homelessness and related issues        storage of hazardous chemicals)

                Equal Opportunities

Skills          Communication skills

                Basic literacy

Aptitude        Reliability


                Flexible approach to work
The Wallich was established in 1978 to provide support and services to homeless
and vulnerable people. We now operate around 30 projects across Wales and
continually seek to expand our portfolio according to levels and types of need.

 ·      Direct Access Hostels : Immediate accommodation and help for homeless
        people without a referral from another agency

 ·      Shoreline Housing : Accommodation for long term street drinkers

 ·      Tenancy Support : Support for vulnerable people in their own tenancies

 ·      Rough Sleepers Intervention : Providing a route off the streets for rough
        sleepers through access to health services, drug and alcohol support and
        housing advice

 ·      Mediation : Mediation services to young people in danger of becoming
        homeless through dispute with their parents or carers

 ·      Education Projects : Accommodation for people committed to training and

 ·      Community Housing : Supported shared houses and self contained flats for
        people with dual diagnosis (mental health problem AND substance misuse)

 ·      Nightshelter : Short term accommodation (on a nightly basis) for rough

 ·      Bond Boards : Provision of a guarantee in place of a cash bond to private
        landlords enabling people on a low income to access private rented
 ·      Solutions Workers : Working with homeless or vulnerable people to address
        any personal problem that may affect their housing situation

 ·      Youth Projects : Providing supported accommodation for young people
Active Counties

        Cardiff ● Swansea ● Bridgend ● Newport ● Ceredigion

   Carmarthenshire ● Monmouthshire ● Blaenau Gwent ● Powys ●

Neath Port-Talbot ● Merthyr ● The Vale of Glamorgan ● Wrexham ●

                         Denbighshire ● Flintshire

Company                                                        Information

The Wallich is a Registered Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee Company
No : 2642780 ● Charity No : 10041

Vision Statement:
“To end the experience of homelessness”

Mission Statement:
“To deal with the causes, existence and consequences of homelessness and to
inspire people to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals”

Values Statement:
In The Wallich, individually and collectively, we are committed to:
   1. Treating all people with dignity, tolerance and respect
   2. Providing a service that is responsive, reliable, approachable and
   3. Building on what is already working and being trusting, empowering,
      positive and supportive
Working Method
Solution Focused
The Wallich is committed to a Solution Focused method of working, both operationally
and with our clients. This means that as an organisation, we focus on individuals’
strengths and positive ways of working rather than the negative, or their ‘problem’.

Cycle of Change
The Cycle of Change identifies six stages that people go through when changing
processes in their lives and the different emotions or needs that they may be
experiencing. The nature of many of our clients means that they are undergoing, or
planning to make, some difficult decisions and life changes. By identifying the point on
the Cycle of Change that an individual has reached, we are able to better support and
assist them.
                                Solution Focused Development

The majority of people accessing services from The Wallich face a variety of
difficulties impinging on their ability to manage their lives and accommodation.
We take a pro active approach in helping them resolve these difficulties and are
able to address their particular housing need.

Attending to clients welfare needs and providing appropriate practical support is
coupled with an approach to resolving problems called Solution Focused

This approach is based on the principles of Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
Whilst essentially this is an approach developed in a clinical setting many of the
techniques are applicable in our support work.

                    A Solution Focused approach in essence aims:

To work with the person not the problem                    To look for strengths rather than weaknesses
To explore how clients would like their lives to be        To explore what is already contributing to those
                                                           possible futures
To treat clients as the experts in all aspects of their lives

These principles give us a value base informing our interactions with our clients,
encouraging us to be responsive to their needs and focusing on their

Our assessment processes are based on these principles and provide us with a
very tangible Solution Focused framework for our interventions. We help clients
establish clear and realistic goals; highlighting the progress they have made and
considering what they see as the next step towards these goals. The support we
offer aims to build on he client’s efforts in a way that is empowering and allows
them to take charge of the change process.

                             The Solution Focused Organisation

In addition to informing the work undertaken with clients the principles of the
approach underpin a number of other activities within the organisation. These
Supervision of direct client work   Staff Appraisals   Team development programmes   Coaching and

The Wallich is continually developing these activities. We train and support staff
at all levels in the approach, with the expectation that the inherent values are
incorporated into their skills and working practices. In doing so we operate as a
‘solution focused organisation’
                                                                                                                                                                                                    05 February 2008
                                                                                          THE WALLICH

                                                                                        Organisational Structure

                                  Chief Executive                                                                                                                 Board of Trustees

Central Services
  Finance and
 Administration                                                                         Regional                                                                 Regional
Development and                                                                         Manager                                                                  Manager
    Learning Blaenau Gwent                        Newport          East Cardiff              West Cardiff         Bridgend                         Ceredigion                  Carmarthenshire         Swansea

                     Tenancy Support              Rough Sleepers   Community                Nightshelte           Rough Sleepers                   Outreach Solutions          Clos Sant Paul         Rough      Sleepers
                     Service                      Intervention     Houses                   r                     Intervention                     Worker                                             Intervention (RSI)
                                                  (RSI)                                                           (RSI)
                                                                                            Rough      Sleepers                                                                Tenancy Support
                     Tenancy Support                               CHT Tenancy              Intervention (RSI)    Tenancy                          Tenancy Support             Service                 Shoreline
                     Scheme                                        Support                                        Support                          Scheme
                                                                   Service and Scheme
                                                                   Service                                        Scheme
                                                                                            Riverside                                                                          Street Soccer          Tenancy Support
                                                                                            Project                                                Cilmeri                                            Service
                     Bond Board        Monmouth                    Sir Julian Hodge
                                                                   Centre                                         Bond Board      SmartSkills                                Conflict Resolution
                                                                                                                                                                             Service                  Alternatives to Bed and
                                                                                            Shoreline                                                                                                 Breakfast
                                       Youth Solutions
                                                                                                                                       Bardsey                                                        Accommodation (ABBA)
                                                                   Tenant Support                                 Solutions            Project
                                                                   Scheme                   Croes Ffin            Worker
                                                                                                                  VEST                                                                                Accommodation Scheme
                                                                                                                  A                                                                                   (DIP)
                                                                               Vale of Glamorgan
                                                                                                                  Regional Women’s Substance                                                         Dinas Fechan
    Merthyr Tydfil                                                                                                Misuse Support Project
                                                                              Croes Ffin
                                                                              Project                                                                                                                St Leonards
                                                                                                                                                                   Neath Port Talbot
                                                                                                                  Lettings           Powys                                                            Bond Board
                     Bond Board                                                                                   Agency
                                                                                                                                    Temporary                     y
                                                                                                                                                                  Support              Lettings                     SmartSkills
                                                                                                                                    Accommodation Project                              Agency

                                                                                                                   Floating         Support                  Regional Women’s Substance            Regional Women’s Substance
                                                                                                                   Substance Mis-use Project                 Misuse Support Project                Misuse Support Project
Welcome to

                                                               ……………..        your     information
                                                               around the benefits that are
                                                               currently available to employees.

 The Wallich is committed to providing a wide range of benefits for you to take advantage of,
 these include

 Generous Annual Leave entitlement
 25 days annual leave which increases the longer you are with us, to a maximum of 30 days.

 Maternity and Paternity Leave
 Our schemes both provide pay well in excess of statutory amounts.

 Flexible working, Career Breaks
 Applications can be made for flexible working for adult/children care. Sabbaticals and career
 breaks can also be requested for travel etc, all requests are actively considered.

 Childcare Vouchers
 We run a childcare voucher scheme in association with Accor. This scheme also offers
 Familylife Solutions specifically designed to help you cope with caring for every member of
 your family.

 Extensive training and development opportunities
 Our in house training programme offers a wide range of courses and we also offer an external
 training scheme when applicable.

 Company Sick Pay Scheme
 The organisation has a scheme that is more generous than Statutory Sick pay.

 Counselling service
 Access to a confidential 24hr free counselling service for any issues that employees or any
 family member need to discuss.

 Occupational Health service
 This is a supportive service to any employee who has ongoing illnesses and needs a
 professional nurse/doctor to give advice and recommendations to help aid recovery.

 Comprehensive Healthcare cash benefit plan
 We offer healthcare cash benefit plan with a wide range of benefits from dental and optical
 charges to specialist consultation and professional therapy and personal accident cover.

 Christmas Shopping Day
 We give all our employees an extra days annual leave in December to help with all that

 Our benefits will be reviewed periodically and some are available with certain terms and

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                                          Application form
                               Please complete every section of this form

        Job:            Cleaner
        Project:        Llanelli
        Deadline:       12noon, Monday 23rd March 2009

 Name                  Mr/ Mrs/ Miss/ Ms

                                                               Post code:
 Home      phone                                        Mobile    phone
 number                                                 number
 Insurance No.
                       (N.B. – This information is requested as NI number indicates eligibility for working
                       in the UK.)

Please tell us about all your previous employment, either paid or voluntary.

    Dates            Job Title                Employer                     Duties                   Reason for
 From    To                               (include address)                                          leaving

                                                                               Continue on a separate sheet if necessary

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Since age 11
  From                          School/ College                               Qualifications

     Date                                    Training Course Attended

Please give us details of two people who can give you a reference. One should be your current or
previous employer. We may also ask any of your previous employers for a reference.
 Name:                                               Name:

 Address:                                            Address:

 Post code:                                          Post code:

 Previous or current employer? Yes No                Previous or current employer? Yes No

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This is the most important part of the application form. We want you to tell us why you think
you would be good at this job.

Please try to tell us something about you under each heading. Give real examples of things you
have done that demonstrate the skills and experience you have.


Using cleaning machines eg. floor buffer

Basic Hygiene


Health and Safety eg. storing chemicals

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Flexible approach to work

Please tell us anything else that you feel supports your application:

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Data Protection and Declaration of Authenticity

Data Protection
This application form will be kept securely, in a paper based filing system and used only for
shortlisting purposes by the recruitment panel. They will be kept for a limited period of time
and information from them may be used to produce statistical reports on computerised

I accept that the information contained in this application form will be kept by The Wallich as
described and I confirm that as far as I know all the information I have given here is
accurate. I understand that if it is found to be false I could be disqualified, or if appointed,
disciplined or dismissed as appropriate.



Return your completed application form to:
- HR Department, The Wallich Centre, Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9JF. Please
ensure that the correct postage is paid. Applications received with insufficient
postage will not be accepted.

                                  Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

Due to the nature of its work, The Wallich requires all candidates to provide details of prior convictions at
interview stage. This will be followed up by a request to undertake a police check if the position is offered.
No offer will be confirmed until a completed police check request form is received.

However, it is the position of the organisation that having a criminal conviction and/or record will not
automatically be a bar to employment. Each case will be assessed on an individual basis.

This post is not covered by any exemptions to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and
therefore we will not require any details of spent convictions.

(A copy of the Criminal Record Bureau Code of Practice, and The Wallich policy on the recruitment of ex-
offenders can be made available upon request).

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                               EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT

The Wallich aims to ensure that all people have equal access to, and benefit from, its housing
and resettlement opportunities and employment practices and that therefore, no person
receives less favourable treatment on grounds that cannot be justified, including, but not
exclusively those of ethnic origin, colour, gender, religion, sexual preference and disability.

You do not have to give any of the following information but, if you do, it will help us with
future recruitment.

The information will not be used as part of the selection process itself and is held confidential
and anonymous, separately from the application forms until after the appointment has been

1. Are you                                Male            Female 

2. Do you have a disability?              Yes                     No 

3. What is your age? ____________________

4. How would you describe your ethnic origin?
        Black African            
        Black Caribbean          
        Black British            
        Black other              
        White                    
        Indian                   
        Pakistani                
        Bangladeshi              
        Chinese                  

        Other (please specify)    _______________________________________________

5. Post applied for:      Cleaner, Llanelli

6. Where did you see this job advertised?
        South Wales ECHO                          The Wallich Website              
        Western Mail                              Big Issue               
        Wales on Sunday                   
        Job Centre                        
        Internet                  (If so, which website _______________________)

        Other (please specify) ____________________________________

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