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									Flexible Working Implementation Strategy                               April 08

The Work Life Balance pilot studies have provided a useful and workable
template for flexible working which can be applied to all staff. In this way the
outcome of the pilots fulfils the terms of reference for the review of flexible
working following the pay and grading review.

However there are a number of flexible working arrangements in operation
across UNISON and there are two schemes which are currently part of the
conditions of service.

The objective is to get the mode of flexible working developed in the pilot
studies adopted as the sole form of flexible working in UNISON. In view of
the fact that it will take some time for the new arrangements to become
embedded there will need to be an overlap period. It is therefore proposed to
give two years notice of discontinuation of the old flexible working schemes
whilst the new one is set up and people try it out.

Old schemes to be discontinued in         New Scheme introduced 2008 -
2010. Notice given in 2008                2010
Flexitime scheme for staff up to old      New UNISON flexible working
grade U36 (up to new grade 5)             arrangements introduced in
                                          accordance with Flexible Working
Flexible Working Scheme for staff on      Protocols which describe the
old grades E – B (new grades 5 – 2)       arrangements and how they will work.

Ad hoc arrangements for individuals       Flexible Working Guidelines used to
and some groups e.g. South East           assist implementation of new ways of
Region                                    working.

The new arrangements consist of a menu of options as contained within the
appendix. During the notice period of the phasing out of Flexitime, flexible
working and other ad hoc arrangements, staff who are currently working to
those previous arrangements will cease to do so if it is agreed by
Management that they will work in accordance with the Work Life Balance

Staff working under the previous flexible arrangements can only choose to
retain this option (until 2010) if they do not move to the new arrangements.

From 2010 the previous flexible working arrangements referred to above will
cease. After the end of the notice period, the only flexible arrangements
available will be those set up under the new flexible working arrangements.

However if at any time staff are found to be abusing the arrangements they
could be required to work a rigid 9 – 5 working day, or in the case of
organising staff to a rigid pattern prescribed by their manager.

Roll out of new arrangements
The new arrangements represent a substantially different way of working and
will rely heavily on line managers for successful implementation. It will
therefore be necessary to ensure there is a good communications strategy
and that all concerned have been properly trained/briefed. Roll out will
therefore be on a region by region basis with briefings for managers and for
all staff. This will be backed up by Flexible Working Guidelines and other
strong documentation e.g. faq’s, leaflets, InsideOut articles etc. Similar
arrangements using suitable groupings will also be made for Mabledon Place

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