Yoga Life Hr Ashtanga Power Vinyasa Flow Residential by alicejenny


									  2009 Yoga Life 250 Hr. Ashtanga/Power Vinyasa
        Flow Residential Teacher Training
                                    Program Overview
                             Registered Yoga School, RYS 200.

           "Life is a pilgrimage. The wise man does not rest by the roadside inns.
      He marches direct to the illimitable domain of eternal bliss, his ultimate destination."
                                        -Swami Sivananda

                                    Program Format:
4-Week Residential Intensive Program: 4 - week on-site residential program with several
                        months of pre-residency homework.

                                2009 Residential Program:
                               August 9 - September 6, 2009
                                 Location: Prama Institute
                     (situated just outside Asheville, North Carolina)

                      Deepen Your Yoga Practice Here…
                                         Program Overview/Mission:
                                          The Yoga Life 250 Hr. Ashtanga/Power Vinyasa
                                          Flow Teacher Training Program is a
                                          comprehensive, in-depth exploration of yoga’s
                                          practical, spiritual, theoretical and historical
                                          methods. While delving into the whole of yogic
                                          science, this program will focus on the Ashtanga
                                          Yoga in the tradition of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois and
the lineage of T. Krishnamacharaya. The program will explore how the Ashtanga tradition
has affected the invention of vinyasa flow or “vinyasa karma”.

Teaching Focus:
This is a dual certification program meaning a student can choose their teaching focus to
be in either Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow Yoga methods (as stated on each student’s
graduation certificate). Both aspects will be covered in great detail during the training and
the student can choose their teaching focus. Ashtanga focused students will start to learn
how to teach led primary series and vinyasa flow students will learn how to develop mature
asana sequencing as well as how to construct a full spectrum teaching approach that
combines asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting. However, students will only teach
classes up to their own level of proficiency! For example, a student who is proficient in only
½ of the Ashtanga primary series sequence will teach only ½ in their practice classes.

Asana Vocabulary & Classes:
The asana vocabulary that is covered is the entire Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga and
additional a selection of Power Vinyasa variations as a supplemental focus. Daily morning
classes will primarily be Mysore Style Ashtanga with led primary and power vinyasa classes
offered once a week. Students will be required to assist the instructors with some classes
during the training.

Please note that there is a thorough focus on yoga history and philosophy in this program
in conjunction with the practical applications of yoga practice. Pre-residential work is
focused in this realm and includes several 2-page essays along with the pre-residency
reading assignments. Several written and verbal exams will be given during the course of
this training.

Pre-Residency and 4-Week Residential Class Structure:
The pre-residency course work will primarily be based in philosophy and history topics and
will require the student to critically think about the philosophical basis of some of
traditional texts and the science of yoga as a whole. Once the student arrives to the
residential center, the program will dive deep into practical application of philosophical
foundations of yoga as well as discussions groups investigating required reading material.
Generally, mornings will be more focused on asana, pranayama, chanting, and meditation
practice. Afternoons will be focused on anatomy, philosophy, history and teaching
methodology. Through this rigorous course of study we hope to offer you the tools to teach
this dynamic spiritual tradition in a mature, educated, inspired, and passionate light.

Sample Weekday Schedule *Schedule is subject to change.

7:30am-8:00am Meditation
8:00am-9:30am Mysore Style Ashtanga or Led Practice
9:30am-11:30am Breakfast
11:30am-2:30pm Chanting, Sanskrit and/or Pranayama
2:30-3:30pm Lunch
3:30pm-6:30pm Philosophy, Anatomy, Teaching Methodology and/or Practicum
6:30pm-7:30pm Dinner
7:30pm-10:30pm Open (required homework, Check-In, Q&A, yoga movies or kirtan may
be scheduled
10:30pm Lights Out

                                    Sara Torbett and Sati Chmelar

                                    Yoga Alliance:
                                    Students who complete the program, are eligible to
                                    apply for RYT status from Yoga Alliance.

Topics to be Covered:

   •   Asana: Asana vocabulary is focused on Ashtanga Primary Series with additional
       asana from Intermediate Series and Power Vinyasa Flow variations)

   •   Pranayama: Pranayama taught in the Kaivalyadhama tradition of India. Go to

   •   Meditation: Methods taught and practiced include vipassana, japa, mala japa, and
       walking meditation.
   •   Physical Anatomy: Principles of alignment, skeletal and muscular system,
       movments of the body, and applied anatomy for asana.

   •   Subtle Body Energetics: Overview of entire subtle body system including pranic
       currents, koshas, nadis, granthis and the chakras systems.

   •   Chanting and Sanskrit: memorization of traditional vedic chants as well as basic
       Sanskrit terminology of all asanas covered in the program and Sanskrit numbers.

   •   Diet: Sattvic diet

   •   Teaching Methodology and Practicum: verbalization, physical assisting, class and
       flow layout, developing a teaching philosophy and overview of the Ashtanga

   •   Kriyas: historic overview of traditional purification exercises

   •   Yoga Philosophy: Exploration of dual and non-dual philosophies and how they are
       explored and expounded upon in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Bhagavad-
       Gita. Additional specific exploration of the various philosophies of yoga practice
       that have evolved from the tradition of Krishnamacharya.

   •   Yoga History: Overview of the origins of Yoga, its evolution and eventual migration
       to the west. There will be extensive study of the various gurus and disciples directly
       related to the lineage of Krishnamacharya. Additional study of various gurus from
       other traditions that have made a strong impact on yoga practice.

   •   Business of Yoga: Overview on sound business practices in accordance with yogic

   •   Yoga Teaching Ethics/Role (yoga in the modern world): Exploration of the
       underlying principles of what it means to be a yoga teacher and student of yoga and
       how to implement ethical behavior in a western cultural framework.

*Possible focus areas taught by adjunct faculty

   •   Ayurveda and Yoga: General exploration of Ayurveda and its application to the
       science of Yoga.

   •   Vibration and the healing power of sound in yoga.

   •   Kirtan and the art of developing a devotional vocal practice.

   •   Advanced Ashtanga Methodology
Applicants should have a dedicated yoga practice and be familiar with and committed to
Ashtanga and/or Vinyasa Flow methods as well as have a serious interest in meditation
and pranayama. Students must show a strong desire to deepen their knowledge of yogic
practice in its complete dimension as a spiritual practice. Students should fully complete
the application process and attest to being in good physical and mental health. Students
should fully be in compliance with residency rules.

Required Texts for Program:
All books can be purchased at and some books can be found on or

The * indicates which books must be read before the start of the program.

1. Yoga Life Manual (included)
2. *Yoga Masters by Mark Forstater
3. *The Bhagavad-Gita (Stephen Mitchell translation)
4. *Shambhala Guide to Yoga by Georg Feuerstein
5. *A selected portion of Ashtanga Yoga Practice and Philosophy by Gregor Maehle
6. The Language of Yoga (book and cd set) by Nicolai Bachman

Required Additional Text for Students earning Ashtanga Certification:
6. *Yoga Mala by Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois (to be used for reference during residential training)

Recommended Textbook purchase:
2. The Anatomy of Hatha Yoga by David Coulter
3. The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga by Ray Long at

                                                    This training is located just outside
                                                    Asheville, North Carolina at the Prama
                                                    Institute, a holistic seminar and
                                                    conference center in the beautiful Blue
                                                    Ridge Mountains. The institute is green-
                                                    built center with two geodesic domes,
                                                    several large meeting rooms, kitchen and
                                                    dorms that can house up to 40 people.
                                                    This modern center also features radiant
                                                    floor heating with passive solar panels
                                                    and WiFi internet access. The center sits
on 150 acres of land with panoramic views and beautiful nature trails where students can
walk, hike, meditate and study during the training. There are nearby swimming holes and
hot springs available for students to visit on weekends during rest periods.

The center is a short 20 minute drive outside of Asheville, North Carolina and a 40
minute drive from the Asheville/Hendersonville Regional Airport. To learn more about
the location and for detailed directions go to To learn about the
progressive town of Asheville go to

                                   The Prama Institute
                         310 Panhandle Road, Marshall, NC 28753.
                                     (828) 649-9408

                                      Residential Living Details:

                                      There are laundry facilities at the retreat center for
                                      your use. You can bring your own pillows, sheets and
                                      bedding OR for a one -time charge of $10.00 you can
                                      use the linens and pillows provided by Prama

                                      You will be served 3 fresh, vegetarian meals a day.
                                      Well-water is available to fill your water bottles
                                      throughout the day. Coffee and tea is also available to
                                      drink with meals.

                                   Sleeping & Bathing
                                   There are 6-8 bunk beds in each room with shelves for
                                   personal belongings. There are privacy curtains on
                                   lower bunks and all beds are large and comfortable.
The bedrooms are new and have tiled floors. Male and female sleeping quarters and
bathrooms are separated. Each bathroom has several private showers and toilets for use.

Required Items to bring for residency program:
All required textbooks (unless noted), yoga mat, yoga rug, sweat towels, bath towels, mala
beads, notebook and writing utensils. Bring all needed toiletries, water bottle, ear plugs,
battery powered night light and alarm clock, natural bug repellent, sunglasses, comfortable
slip-on shoes, bathing suit, lots of yoga clothes and snacks. Feel free to bring a laptop or i-
pod with earphones (WiFi is available onsite at the retreat center). Though not required,
you may want to bring a meditation cushion and shawl for sitting.
Residential Rules:
This residential training seeks to create a safe space for spiritual training and exploration.
The residential center is a smoke, alcohol and drug free location. All students must not
under any circumstances use any banned substances during this training on or off the
retreat location. Any harassment; sexual or aggressive in nature will not be tolerated.
Students who do not complete coursework, adhere to retreat schedule or follow retreat
center rules may be immediately expelled from this program with no refund.

4-Week Residential Program
Tuition includes: full program instruction, comprehensive instruction manual,
accommodation at the Prama Institute and 3 fresh vegetarian meals a day.

Program Discounts!
*Please note that program discounts cannot be combined.
    • 10% off tuition if registered by May 9th!
    • 10% off tuition for Yoga Life Studio teachers and other yoga teachers who have
        already completed a 200 Hr. Teacher Training Program.

                        Application and Deposit and Refund Policy:
                        Students must submit a $700.00 deposit and fill out an application
                        with essays for review. If the student is accepted into the program,
                        the deposit will be non-refundable. The remaining balance due is
                        August 1st 2009 to be paid to Yoga Life. We do not accept payment
                        at the retreat center. Additional balance is refundable until the
                        start date of the program. After the program commences, no
                        remaining balance refunds will be issued. All payments made in
                        cash, credit, or personal check go to Yoga Life.

Deadline to register for the August program is July 12th 2009. Download Application Form
and Apply Today on the Downloads Page on this site. IMPORTANT APPLICATION

1. There is significant reading and essay homework due to be completed before the
residency, so apply as soon as possible!

2. Please email two copies of your completed application to BOTH:
Sara Torbett & Sati Chmelar
3. Students may also drop off two copies of their application at Yoga Life Studio, 9948
Old Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32257                 Phone: 904.564.1660

4. Once a student is accepted into the program they will be notified immediately and be
emailed a file with all pre-residency reading and homework assignments with due dates.


Sati Chmelar (see full bio on

                                          A spiritual seeker since childhood, Sati discovered
                                          a profound resonance when using the body as a
                                          communicative vessel and tool for healing,
                                          exploration, and transcendent awareness. After
                                          pursuing contemporary dance and experimental
                                          performance for 10 years in Japan and the U.S.,
                                          she discovered yoga in 2001. Sati fell in love with
                                          vinyasa-based practice and eventually devoted
                                          herself to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga system
after studying under Manju Jois. Sati has been teaching since 2004 having completed over
680 hours of yoga teacher training with such esteemed teachers as David Swenson and Paul
Dallaghan and has studied under various Ashtanga master teachers in the U.S. and abroad
including, Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, Saraswathi Rangaswamy, Tim Feldmann, Greg Nardi, Jeff
and Harmony Lichty, David Ingalls and continues to study with Manju Jois. She has
explored other lineages and teachings under Professor Nagaraja Rao, Beryl Bender-Birch,
Duncan Wong, Dharma Mittra, Ana Forrest, Gary Kraftsow, Doug Keller and Gurmukh
Kaur Khalsa. Her studies also extend into the wisdom traditions of Vedanta and
Buddhism. Sati maintains a Vipassana meditation practice. Sati was elected to be an
Amabassador for the lululemon athletica clothing company in 2008 and was featured in
their national ad campaign.

Sati is dedicated to facilitating the transmission of ancient teachings with humility and
ever-evolving awareness. She encourages her students to cultivate a deep, unconditional
love for yogic practice to be nourished over a lifetime. Her teachings examine the power of
committing to a tradition while attempting to reconcile ancient yogic wisdom in
contemporary society. Sati leads classes, workshops and teacher trainings and strives to
educate her students on all the dimensions of yogic practice including asana, meditation,
pranayama, chanting, philosophy and history. Her passionate interest in spiritual practice
and communicating her own journey with others continues to fuel her self-exploration as a
yogini, massage therapist and performer.
In addition to her studies in yoga, Sati has also completed extensive study of Thai Massage
in Chiang Mai, Thailand graduating from ITM School and The Sunshine School. To
further expand her knowledge in healing and bodywork, she attended the renowned
Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, Florida graduating and became nationally
certified and licensed in the state of Florida in 2008.

 "In a time when Yoga has become almost mainstream there is a great importance in finding a teacher who
embodies authenticity. Sati is a pure representation of the path of Yoga. Devoted and fiercely dedicated to the
ancient system, a seeker in search of the truth. Humbled by her own practice and divinely gifted in the role of
 "teacher", Sati awakens others to their path of self-knowledge. I have been blessed and honored to be in her
                 presence, her classroom and her life. As a result, my own being has expanded.
                                    -Caroline McMahon San Francisco, CA

                                 Sara Torbett OTR/L, CHT, RYT

                            Sara Torbett created and established Yoga Life Studio in
                            February 2004. She has been practicing yoga for 7 years and
                            has trained with some of the world’s most renowned teachers
                            including: Tim Feldmann, Shiva Rea, David Swenson, Baron
                            Baptiste, Anna Forrest, and Seane Corn. Sara is a Certified
                            Hand Therapist which is the highest specialty for upper
                            extremity rehabilitation and an expertise in Occupational
                            Therapy. She has been practicing since 1996 and became a
                            Certified Hand Therapist in 2001 with only 12 active CHT’s
                            in her local city of Jacksonville, Florida. Her extensive
knowledge in anatomy and physiology has helped her create powerful dynamic yogic flows
which balance strength with flexibility. Yoga helps Sara find balance in her life and gives
her a deeper connection with God. Sara is committed to bringing her students excellent
teaching, innovative trainings, supportive learning environment and high quality yoga
products/resources. All teaching staff at Yoga Life Studio are 200 hr. min. yoga instructors
with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Sara recently resigned her position as an
outpatient hand therapist to pursue her yoga career full time.
Adjunct Faculty for the 2009 Asheville Teacher Training is still being finalized and will
be announced soon. Here is a list of our previous adjunct faculty:

Ashtanga Yoga and Physical Assisting
Tim Feldmann

Tim Feldmann is co-founder of the Miami Life He is
directly authorized to teach by the founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Method, Sri K. Pattabhi
Jois and his grandson, Sharath Rangaswamy. A practitioner of the third series, he is
dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga’s traditional style. Tim’s teaching integrates his extensive study
of Alexander technique and sitting meditation with 20 years of experience as a professional
dancer and acclaimed choreographer His in-depth knowledge of
functional anatomy, alignment as well as idiosyncratic understanding of body and mind
creates a solid understanding of the Ashtanga method. Tim is a cherished teacher giving
workshops throughout Europe, India and the Americas. Read more about Tim at

Dr. Aparna Bapat

Dr. Aparna Bapat is an experienced Ayurvedic physician who graduated from the
renowned Pune University Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery in India. During her
15 years of practice, she has worked in India, Europe and America gathering expertise in
Ayurvedic Pulse diagnosis, phytotherapy/ herbal remedies, nutrition, lifestyle guidance and
Pancha-karma therapy and mastered the Ayurvedic healing modalities. She has traveled,
practiced and taught in many countries including Belgium, Holland, Austria, England,
Germany, Canada and all over US, giving lectures, workshops and consultations on
Ayurveda and its practical values. Dr. Bapat is a visiting lecturer at the College of Ayurveda
in London Director and Principal Instructor at Starseed's New Jersey Institute of Ayurveda,
and on faculty of Ayu Academy teaching in New York, and Florida. She has treated
thousands of patients suffering from digestive, liver and pancreatic problems,
cardiovascular disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS and many other chronic physical,
degerative, neuromuscular and psychological diseases. She is on the Board of Directors for
NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association), editor for NAMA newsletter, regular
writer/contributor to the health columns and professional medical publications in Europe
and the United States. She has been on television and radio health programs in US and
UK. Dr. Bapat lives in Jacksonville and is available for consultations in Yogalife Yoga
studio by appointments. You can also visit her website (temporarily


Voice, Vinyasa Flow, Kirtan, Mysore
Caroline McMahon
Vibration and Sound Study, Song Healing
John Shannon

Questions and Contact:
If you have any questions or concerns regarding accommodation, tuition and payment,
directions, and anatomy studies please contact Sara at Yoga Life at 904.564.1660 or via
email at If you have any questions or concerns regarding general
program syllabus and philosophy, prerequisites, and application process please Contact
Sati at
                     250 Hr. Ashtanga/Power Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Program

Name:                                                                                             Age:


City:                                        State:                        Zip:

Contact Phone:                               Add. Phone:

Email:                                       Website:

How did you find out about our program?

Emergency Contact Name:                                          Relationship:


Phone:                                                  Email:

Which program are you applying for? (Please check one)

    9 Month Program May 2009 (Jacksonville, FL)

    4-Week Residential Program August 2009 (Asheville, NC)

Which teaching focus for your certification are you interested in pursuing within this program?
(please check one)


    Power Vinyasa Flow

Please answer the questions below in brief.

How long have you been practicing Yoga? ( please note years and months)

What methods of yoga have you practiced and for how long in each method?

At what studios and/or schools have you studied any yogic practices?

With what teachers have you studied under and for how long with each?

Please list any other teacher trainings, workshops or retreats you have taken (if there are too many to list here,
mention the most recent and/or valuable:
If there is any additional information (including health issues) that you feel we should know please tell us

Please answer the below questions in an essay format on additional pages. Please try to be
honest and clear. We admire sincere passion and commitment. Please keep each response
no longer then one page.

              1. In general, why do you want attend the Yoga Life Teacher Training? What
                 about this training attracted your attention?

              2. Describe your path to yoga (how you found yoga and how your relationship
                 to it changed and/or grew).

              3. Describe your current yoga practice. What style of asana do you practice?
                 Do you practice meditation, chanting, and pranayama regularly?

              4. Describe a pivotal moment and/or yoga instructor that deepened your
                 practice to yoga.

              5. If you are taking this training to become a yoga teacher, describe what kind
                 of yoga teacher you want to be. What qualities would you like to embody,
                 what tools would you like to offer and what energy would you like your
                 classes to emanate?

              6. If you are taking this training to deepen your personal practice and not
                 teach yoga, describe what kind of yoga student you would like to become,
                 and how you would like to see yourself grow in the practice?
Deposit/Application Policy and Procedure:
Students must submit a $550.00 deposit and fill out an application with essays for review.
If the student is accepted into the program, the deposit will be non-refundable.
Additional balance is refundable until the start date of the program. After the program
commences, no remaining balance refunds will be issued. In case of severe illness a credit
for a future training may be allowed upon consultation with training directors. All
payments made in cash, credit, or personal check go to Yoga Life.

1. Please email copies of your completed application to BOTH:
Sara Torbett & Sati Chmelar


2. Students may drop two copies of their application off at Yoga Life Studio, 9948 Old
Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32257                   Phone: 904.564.1660

We are deeply grateful for the time you have spent on the above questions. Just committing
 to completing this application shows us that you have put much effort and thought into
   attending our program. We wish you grace, wisdom, and inspiration on your path to

                                 Namaste and Blessings

                                       Yoga Life
                              9948 Old Baymeadows Road
                               Jacksonville, Florida 32257

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